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May Faves


Although I am away in a little cottage in the countryside enjoying sunsets, archers and lemonade and taking lot's of photos, I still wanted to get my May Faves up promptly as I have loads of amazing things to share with you. The place I am staying in had so many amazing photo-ready shots that I just couldn't pass it up, now could I? So I'm working with what I got. Here's my favourites from this month.

Starting off with makeup and the complexion. I've been using the Smashbox PhotoFinish Pore Minimizing Primer which has been around for a long time in the beauty world, but in my makeup stash, it's been a new addition and I am loving it. I'll be honest, it doesn't do amazing things for my pores, it definitely smoothes them over and I have no issues with makeup clinging to dry patches around my nose any more which is amazing. I also love how it feels and how makeup applies over the top of it. The other primer I have been obsessed with this month is the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer which is an old fave that I have rediscovered this month. If you want glow, this is the primer for you. I like to use it on the high points of my face and it keeps my glow on all day. It's been super hot in the UK this month so I've not been putting this all over my face, but on the bits that I want to glow, it's a godsend.

I've not been wearing much foundation recently, but I did discover that a cult drugstore foundation had a light enough shade to match my fair skin, that is the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation and so I just had to pick it up and I have chosen to wear it a few times a week to get my skin used to foundation again and it's a great foundation. It's a great shade, I love that they have a lot more shades, this is the lightest yellow toned, but they have pink toned one too. I can see why so many people love it, but I definitely think it's worth you picking up if you can get your hands on it. The packaging is different to the US version but I think the squeezy tube is a lot better personally. 

If you've seen my Is It Worth It? post on the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer then you will know I don't understand the hype and wasn't massively impressed with it, however I have been using it in other areas in my face, and using a tiny bit on my Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush to add coverage right on the inner corner where my dark circles are their darkest and it's been working beautifully. Although I stick by the post I did, it's growing on me and it's still a good concealer.

Isn't she just beautiful? This little beauty from Mellow was in this months Look Fantastic Box and I have to say it's just stunning. The highlight power is amazing, the finish, texture and how it wears and lasts on the skin is beautiful. I've been using the real Techniques Setting Brush as it gives the perfect amount of pigment with a precise application. It's also beautiful if you spray the brush with a setting spray and then apply the highlight. Blinding highlight every time. It's great as an eyeshadow, inner corner highlight, brow bone highlight. If you can get your hands on this, it's worth it.

Just in case this is the first post of mine you have found, I am a huge fan of the Zoeva Palettes. HUGE. But I have been using some new ones this month and I am totally obsessed and cannot stop raving about them and recommending them to everyone. 
The first one is the new-ish Matte Palette which has some beautiful matte (obviously) shades with a mix of cool and warm tones. Zoeva do eyeshadow​ very well and their mattes are no exception. They're pigmented, super easy to blend, and last all day. But the palettes that have got me all excited this month are the brand new The Basic Moment Palettes. The eyeshadow palette has 10 beautiful matte and shimmery shades. I really like how it's set up as the mattes are on the left, and the shimmers are on the right, similar to how the Lorac Pro Palettes

They also brought out a Cheek palette which has a bronzer, blush and highlight, all absolutely stunning and wear really well on the cheeks. I love the bronzer shade to add a sun-kissed look to my skin. I have been using the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush to apply as it's big but it applies product just where I want it. The highlight is a beautiful gold which I've been using as an eyeshadow as well and it's just stunning. The blush isn't a shade I would normally wear but it really brightens up my complexion and is a great peachy pink tone that looks amazing in the Spring and Summer. The brush I have been enjoying to apply my blush with is the ELF Blush Brush, which is a great shape and applies it right on the apples of the cheeks and blends backwards with just one motion. I love that about this and although it's not the softest, until I find one of similar shape and does what I need, this is what I am going for right now. 
I've also dug back in to the Rose Golden Cheek Palette which has a perfect contour shade for my fair skin. I've been using the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush to apply the contour which gets right into the hollows of my cheeks and blends it out perfectly because of it's tapered point. 

As for skincare and my other favourites, first off I have really enjoyed the The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel this month. The range itself has great benefits, some of which are that it helps protect your skin against external aggressors like pollutants, great if you live in a city. But this liquid peel doesn't have exfoliating beads or particles in it, but it does a very strange thing in that as you rub in the gel into your skin, it creates solids which is your dead skin cells coming off your skin. A gentle way to exfoliate and better for the environment. Although seeing your dead skin in the sink isn't too pleasant, but it's worth it as my skin feels so soft and smooth after using it. 

Another skincare product that smooths my skin is the Oskia Renaissance Mask. I've been very selective about the skincare products I use recently, especially masks, but this always makes the cut as it's such a great mask. My skin glows after using it, it's smooth and soft and it only takes like 10 minutes. This is a sample size which I bought away with me but I have the full size as well.

Now that more skin is on show, I've upped my lotion game and I've gone back to an old fave, the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion but for those super lazy days, the Spray & Go Spray is also an essential. 

As for nails, the only polish that's been on my nails is the Rimmel Gel Nail Polish in Flamenco Beach topped off with the Seche Vite which is an amazing fast drying topcoat that keeps my nails shiny and looking awesome. I love this bright red colour especially for Spring and Summer and I've not been bothered about any other nail colours.

As for the other bits and pieces, I've got a few of my birthday gifts that I've obviously been using and loving. First off is the Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume which I have already uploaded a review on. This is a stunning fragrance and I highly recommend to those of you, like myself that doesn't really like too heavily floral scents. It's amazing and definitely worth the slightly hefty price tag that comes with it. 

I have also been loving some of the jewellery pieces I received too. First are the beautiful Pandora Earrings which I got from my brother and sister in law. They're the perfect everyday earring but also great with a simple more dressy occasion. 
Then the long necklace which has a crystal on the end I received from my amazing Nephew Zackary. It's great again with a simple casual outfit but also more of a dressy one too. I have worn it just as it is but I've also doubled it over and wear it as a layered effect that hits just below my collar bones. A great versatile piece. 
The other jewellery piece isn't actually from this Birthday but last year I think, and it's this beautiful Rose Gold Wing & Heart Charm from Pandora. I really like how the mixed metals looks with such a simple piece. It's definitely a fave in my jewellery collection right now. 

The final birthday gift I received is from my parents and that is the tablet. I used to have an iPad which I used to watch Netflix and due to circumstances out of my control I had to get rid, but I didn't realise how much I missed having a tablet until I got this one. It's an Acer Iconic I think, and it does great for what I need.

Alright now for some movies and the first one was the Beauty & The Beast Movie with Emma Watson and I have to say it's an amazing movie, exceeded my expectations and they just did an amazing job on it. What I was really surprised about is  my local cinema has had a revamp (it had been a long time since I've been to this one in particular) but they have reclining leather chairs and tonnes of leg room. Definitely a much more pleasant experience and much more comfy. 
I also went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 as it was such a great experience the first time and this and this was a great movie. I had only watched the first one a week prior to seeing this one but I think they're both great movies and I really hope they do another one. 
I did go to see the new Alien: The Covenant movie but it wasn't as good as I was hoping. But it's definitely worth having a look for a Showcase Cinema De Lux near you, you won't be disappointed.

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