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Magnitone Bare Faced Cleansing Brush + 30 Days


Cleansing Brushes like the Clarisonic and the Vanity Planet Spa System have become essentials in many peoples skincare routines whether it's a daily or weekly step. I never had any urge to try one until last year and I purchased a cheap one from Amazon used it for a week or so, found it irritated my skin, threw it out and never looked back. Until now. Recently I've not been happy with the texture and condition of my skin. I had bumps, breakouts, my makeup wasn't looking it's best and I just couldn't figure out what to do. 
As any person would I checked YouTube and watched goodness knows how many skincare routines and one thing kept popping up, Cleansing Brushes. I did some more research, checked out lot's of reviews and made the decision that I wanted to get one. I found some online and decided on the Magnitone Bare Faced Cleansing Brush, I found a great deal, £47.50 on CurrentBody.com which is a Beauty Electronics website. I ordered it from this website on Sunday and received it first thing Thursday morning which I was super excited about.
I decided I wanted to give it a fair test before I gave you my thoughts, and so I tested it out for 30 days and now feel confident in the review I am writing. If you would like to see my day to day "Skin Diary" if you will, then CLICK HERE. It's here that I talk about my first impressions, the products I try with it, the condition of my skin and how my skin reacts to it. I've been using it ever since and don't regret the decision to try it out. 

Is It Gentle Enough For Everyday Use?
For my skin, yes. This brush is a Sonic Cleansing Brush, so the brush head doesn't spin, it vibrates and oscillates. It has a regular mode to deep cleanse and a Pulsating mode to tone and lift. An automatic timer tells you when to switch areas of your face, and it turns off after one minute - this is plenty of time for me to do my entire face and neck and still have time left over. It is gentle enough for everyday use, which frankly I didn't think my skin would work well with, but it definitely has reacted much better than I anticipated.
There are different heads that you can purchase if you need a different level of exfoliation or a softer brush. So the ones included are the Active Clean, you can also buy Pore Perfection, Silk Bliss, Soft & Sensitive and The Stimulator, all pretty self explanatory, and you can also get a Body Brush attachment I believe too which I am keen on. But I am happy with the Active Clean one for now, although I may get a different one when the head needs replacing. In case you are wondering you can use this brush in the shower or bath as it is 100% waterproof so it's not adding an extra step or time to your normal routine, you can do it whilst your laying in the bath or when you would normally clean your skin. I find that it takes less time using this than it does without or just using my hands or a cloth. 

What About Keeping It Hygienic?
This was a question I was concerned about as bristles and brush heads are prone to bacteria and I don't want to be spreading bacteria all over my face. Well, it comes with a pouch that you can put it in to travel with so it doesn't just flail around with your shoes and underwear, along with a plastic protector that goes over the brush head, which has holes in to protect it from external aggressors like dust and bugs, but also so that it can dry without needing to be just laid there on the side of the bath.  DON'T LEAVE IT IN THE SHOWER! Just don't. It won't be able to dry properly, which means it will harbor bacteria, start to smell and you just don't want to be rubbing that all over your face. You do have to change the brush head, I haven't had to yet obviously but I would probably play it by ear, wouldn't leave it longer than 3 months and when you by the heads, you normally get two in a pack (from what I've seen) so they will last you 6 months in total. 
I clean my brush after every time I use it, but a good deep clean is a good idea once or twice a week. I use hot water, and a gentle soap or cleanser to get rid of any residue, makeup, bacteria or build up. Remove the head and ensure it's clean behind and around the whole brush. 

How Long Does It Last?
Well you charge it up via a USB port so either from your computer or I guess you can plus it in to your iPhone adapter. It's a magnetic charging system so you have a USB lead, a little magnetic stone type shape thing and you just attach it to the bottom of the brush, plus it in and away it goes. I charged mine for about 15 minutes when I got it (although it came already charged) and I haven't had to do it since. 

What Did It Do For My Skin?
Ahh, the results. My skin has never looked so healthy and glowing. Even after the first use, my skin felt so clean and so soft and so smooth that I couldn't believe it. I continued to use it everyday whether I wore makeup or not, and my skin just felt amazing. After a week I couldn't believe the change in my skin. My skincare was able to work better, it looked radiant and healthy, my makeup applied and wore better than ever before, and it cleared up breakouts and blackheads that I had been suffering with for a while. After the first week, I was hooked and couldn't wait to use it every night, as I craved my skin feeling so smooth and clean.
Although I didn't use it to primarily remove makeup, after I had taken off all my makeup (or so I thought) I would use this and there was still remnants of makeup left on my skin. Now don't get me wrong it wasn't a lot of makeup left over, but in areas I had missed or what my hands couldn't get from in my pores, this was the source of my breakouts, and deep cleansing was what my skin needed. Even now as I write, I love the results, my skin has never looked clearer and on a day to day basis, I go foundation free. Foundation free? I've never done that before, it's always been a key step in my makeup to even everything out, but now, my skin just doesn't need it. To find out what I learnt from going foundation free, check back next week. 

What Do I Use With The Brush?
Many people think that you need to use a cleanser that foams or lathers up, but this isn't the case. I find that these kinds of cleansers dry my skin out whether I'm using a cleansing brush or not and as I have sensitive skin (although not as sensitive as I once thought) I wanted to keep it as gentle yet effective as possible. 
So initially I used it with my regular No7 Melting Gel Cleanser that I have used for about a year, but I switched to the Deep Cleansing Fix from Nip + Fab which is a cream texture that really deep cleans and removes makeup (smells and acts similar to Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish) and it comes in a great big pot that's going to last ages. The No7 Cleanser is still a great one to use, it's gentle, it's not abrasive and it cleans the skin which is what is important. But I felt I needed something that would do that little bit more for my skin, and I saw the Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix on their website and was immediately intrigued I love their products already and hadn't seen this before - you can see my review on this HERE. But the short version is that it deep cleans, melts away makeup, lifts dirt and impurities, nourishes and revives the skin but also banishes blemishes. Amazing right?
I have seen others use this brush with the Philosophy Purity Cleanser, La Roche Posay Cleansers, there is also some great ones from the drugstore like the Soap & Glory Facial Wash, Sanctuary Spa Moisture Burst Facial Wash, and a new Gel Wash from Garnier. So there are lot's of options, but I am really happy with the one I'm currently using.

What Tips Would I Recommend To Others Adding This Into Their Routine?
 - The main thing I would say if you are looking into adding a cleansing brush into your routine is to get one designed to be used everyday so it's gentle, especially if you have sensitive skin. But even if you don't, you don't want to get something too harsh that you can only use once a week (unless that's what you want from your brush then that's fine).
 - Ensure you can get different brush heads so that if the original one is too harsh you can swap it for a sensitive skin appropriate option. 
 - You don't have to get a super expensive Clarisonic or something to get a good quality brush. Once you find one you like, look for discount codes so you can save a bit of money.
 - Although I saw results straight away (the condition of my skin must have been as rough as an alligator or something), you may have different experiences and you may not see results straight away. Everyone's skin is different, but that doesn't mean you've wasted your money, continue to use it as many times as you see fit, maybe every other day, once or twice a week, it's up to you.
 - Do a 30 day test diary type situation like I did and you can look back over what you noticed in your skin since using it, i.e. texture, softness, how your skincare works, your makeup application and wear time. Log everything you feel is worth noting.
 - There is such a thing as over exfoliating. I wouldn't recommend using it twice a day, only once. Whether that's in the morning - let's say you go to the gym or workout in the morning and want to get off any sweat or dirt for the rest of the day, then using it in the morning is a great idea. If you wear makeup on a daily basis and feel your skin gets congested or needs a deep clean then using it at night once you've removed your makeup is the best option. Using it twice a day may be too harsh for your skin, but only you can determine this. 
 - Some people prefer manual brushes over sonic or spin brushes. If you find that bacteria build up is a major issue for you and you just don't want to risk it and have the responsibility of cleaning it thoroughly, a silicone cleansing system is a good option for you as the silicone is not something bacteria likes to breed on and the bristles are a lot shorter, a lot more gentle and again you can get different options like sensitive, deep cleansing etc.

What Are My Final Thoughts?
I LOVE IT. Yes I would recommend it to everyone, I already have multiple times, and I will 100% continue using it. I love how it makes my skin look and feel. I am really happy with my skincare routine and how my skin looks and feels and I definitely want to keep up with it. 
A lot of common feedback when reading reviews on Cleansing brushes is the purge stage, but I have to be honest I didn't have any issues with this. It did the opposite and got rid of my blemishes and did a damn good job at improving the overall texture of my skin and gave me a healthy glowing complexion. Which of course gets a thumbs up from me. 
Final answer? YES! 100% I think it's worth every penny and I can see why people say they love the Clarisonic, I just think this is a much more affordable option that works (I can't say for definite as I've not tried the more expensive ones) but yes it's worth it for me.

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