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Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder - Is It Worth It??


It's won multiple major awards and is a cult-favourite best seller. If that's not proof enough that this powder is amazing, then you should keep reading.

So I have tried quite a few different powders, some loose, some pressed, and to be honest I never really liked using powder because it made my skin look cakey and often my makeup separated throughout the day. I tried the NARS Loose Powder and although it's good, it's not the best. So I put off trying this Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder for a long time as I found it to be pretty expensive, however after the first use, I was hooked and knew I would never use another Loose Powder again. Here's why...

So what makes this powder better than others?
First of all it's super lightweight, which loose powders are anyway, but this doesn't feel like anything on my skin. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or cakey, my makeup looks great and although I like to spray a setting spray or something after my makeup has been applied, that's only because I like to look dewy and this powder can look quite matte on the skin depending on how you apply it.
But anyway, this is said to be non-comedogenic which is great for skin that can get quite congested when wearing makeup or if you are spot prone. What I love most about this powder though, is the soft focus effect it gives to my skin. It blurs out my imperfections, whether that's fine lines under my eyes or pores around my nose. Even over spots and scars it looks great.

How do I like to apply it?
So my preferred way of applying powder under my eyes is with a damp Beauty Blender as I find it melts into the skin more, it removes any excess product and I've noticed that my concealer doesn't crease when I use this method of application. I am a huge advocate of the Beauty Blender and think everyone should have one. I also use this same method over any concealer I've applied to the rest of my face. Then, when I am done with my entire makeup, whether I'm wearing foundation or not, I apply a light dusting using the Look Good Feel Better Powder Brush mainly on my t-zone and any areas makeup tends to wear away first. 
Side Note: This powder is oil-free so although it is marketed for users with normal to oily skin, I find using a Beauty Blender makes it work perfectly even for dryer skin types or areas, especially under the eyes or over the top of any blemishes. But bear that in mind if you have any dry skin. 

How does it wear on the skin?
As I've mentioned before on my blog, I have issues with my makeup looking cakey and separating throughout the day even after an hour of wearing my makeup. Now I cannot put this down to a makeup product in particular, it could just have been the texture or condition of my skin, however since using this powder, my makeup looks practically perfect all day until I take it off. Although there's some that's worn off or just faded, that's nothing to do with the powders performance, if anything it's helped dramatically with keeping my makeup looking it's best. My concealer under my eyes stays in place, no creases, no sliding around, no dry cakey look, this is amazing and makes me very happy as I have had troubles with my concealer under my eyes for a long time and no matter what I tried, nothing was working, but this powder makes it look smooth and keeps it in place all day.

What don't I like about this powder?
The price is pretty steep at £29, but Laura Mercier is quite a pricey brand anyway, I just feel it's a bit much for a loose powder as the NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder in Snow is £27 and the Makeup Forever Ultra HD is £24.50, so I guess it's not massively different from other high end powders, but I still feel like for a powder, just under £30 is a lot. I believe you can get a travel size version of this powder which is great if you want to try it out. I personally didn't look for this when making my purchase but I have seen from other people you can get a smaller pot of this which is great for travel as well. But anyway, it is a loose powder so 1. It lasts for ages and you can certainly get your moneys worth. 2. It's translucent so you don't have to get a different shade for the Summer and Winter. 3. It works well, exceeded my expectations and it's a cult favourite for a reason.

I have to go there I'm afraid, the packaging. Loose powders are difficult to get right when it comes to packaging. You see a lot now with a sifter, some you can open and close, others you can't. But you can also get ones with like a mesh bit so you just put your brush on the mesh, it picks up product and you use it that way. If I travel with this and it tips upside down in my makeup bag, well boy is it a mess and tends to fly everywhere when I open it. It does give a bit of a dust cloud when opening, and I have found I should never open it over my legs when I am wearing jeans or tights as it makes a mess. It does get onto my other makeup and so I find myself cleaning it a lot more. I normally have a towel over my legs now and another one on my dressing table or wherever I am getting ready so I don't make too much of a mess with any of my makeup, but in particular, my loose powder.
It is quite a large tub so when travelling I will probably put it into a smaller container, this is where that travel size version would be useful, but I think I will just put it in a little pot and see how that works. Granted there won't be a sifter but I am sure I can manage for a week or so. 

To be honest, those are the two things I don't particularly like about this product. But the performance, longevity and everything else is perfect and I love this powder a lot. 

Is It Worth The Hype? 
Yes. 100% Yes.
This powder has been hyped up a lot over the last few years, from Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers, that's probably how you've heard about it and why you're interested in it. Sometimes products that are hyped up online and work great for others, unfortunately don't always work for you when you purchase them yourself, but hopefully if you do purchase this you will love it as much as I do along with many others. If you don't, I would love to hear why it didn't work for you. This product, for me, is definitely worth it. 

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  1. I agree - this setting powder is one of my faves!

    xo, Liz


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