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BRAND NEW Zoeva The Basic Moment Palettes


Here is my warning. This is a rave review, including swatches, lots of gushing about how amazing these palettes are, a lot of "they're just so beautiful"'s and well, some details about them at the end maybe. If that sounds like your kind of thing then keep reading, if not, I have other posts which may be more suited to what you`re looking for.

I wanted to get this post up the day I got these palettes but looking after a one year old means sacrifices have to be made. But it's here now and I'm so excited to share with you these amazing new palettes. I've been hoping Zoeva came out with another of these cheek trios for a while as the Rose Golden one is beautiful.

Okay, let's tell you what I'm talking about shall we? The Zoeva The Basic Moment Palettes were released this Monday 15th May, I got my mitts on them as soon as possible and they only took 3 days to get from Germany to my doorstep. I really do rate their delivery system, I've never had an issue with their standard postage.

So on to the actual palettes. Here, take a look at the beauty and we'll talk details after...

Top to Bottom - Make It Last // Here To Stay // Never Ending // New Era // Ever //

Top to Bottom - Yet To Come // Liquid Clock // Unfinished // Waiting // Nostalgic // 

Yet To Come (Blush) // Liquid Clock (Highlight) // Unfinished (Bronze/Contour)

Like with all their palettes, they're sleek, perfect to travel with and have everything you need. They are cardboard, but have a magnetic closure which is great and means you won't have any accidents if you keep it in your makeup bag or travel bag. 
In terms of sizes, the eyeshadows are their standard size of 1.5g/0.05oz. The Cheek products are 3.8g/0.13oz. pretty decent sizes but I don't think these palettes can do anything wrong in my eyes so yes, I'm bias but I'm honest. In comparison to some other products. MAC, Morphe and Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans are all 1.5g. 
As for the cheek powders, yes they are on the small size, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are 5.6g, TheBalm Mary-LouManizer is 8.5g, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors are 8g. So they're small but they're not as expensive so buying a backup is within my power if I notice I'm getting through them particularly fast. 

The price for the Eyeshadow Palette is £17.50 and the Cheek Palette is £12.50. For the quality and everything that makes me love this brand and their products, these palettes are 100% worth it and I would pay twice that for these products.

The quality of Zoeva palettes are amazing anyway, but in these two, they're just amazing, so soft and buttery but pigmented, blendable and long lasting. I can't even explain how much I love these shadows. The cheek products look smooth and natural on the skin, they don't look like powders sitting on top of the skin which make me love them even more which I didn't think was possible. 
Zoeva products are one of the only products that lasts all day on my face and eyes and these do not disappoint. No creasing with the eyeshadow, they fade slightly but in a way that doesn't ruin my entire makeup look. The cheek products fade in a natural way, they're pigmented but not too much to the point where you get a streak of colour on your cheek.

The shade selection is perfect, as the name would suggest, it's all the basic shades everyone needs in their collection. I really like how they've set up this Eyeshadow palette, 5 mattes and 5 shimmers ranging from light neutral tones to some beautiful shimmery shades that would look stunning in a day or night time look. Everything you need to create a beautiful look, from a vanilla base shade to a transition, to deepening up the crease and outer corner. They're all consistent, no patchy-ness, no discrepancies between the mattes and the shimmers.

The shades selected in the cheek palette really surprised me as I didn't think all of them would work for my skin tone and personal preferences, but they exceeded my expectations. They look amazing on the skin and I just cannot believe that these are affordable products. It's just crazy to me.
The bronzer/contour is exactly that. The first time I used it I contoured with it and it looked so pretty on my skin tone even though I'm as pale as snow white. 
The highlight looks way to gold but in fact it's a beautiful highlight, it's pigmented and has such a pretty sheen to the skin. It's not subtle and it's not the most blinding highlight I've used but it can be built up and also sheered out for a natural glow. Definitely something I was lacking from my collection - In the eyes of a beauty lover that really means I have others similar (that look identical) but aren't exactly like this one.
As for the blush, upon first glance it looks way to pink and coral for my skin tone but I actually really love how it brightens up my complexion, gives me a healthy look to my cheeks and is just a beautiful matte but creamy texture. 

In case you haven't​ already gathered, I absolutely love these palettes. They're my new favourites, I've not picked up other palettes since receiving them and I don't think I will any time soon. I highly recommend picking these up if you can get your hands on them. You won't regret it.

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