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30 Days of Magnitone Cleansing Brush


First impressions of some new products and how my skin changed when using a Cleansing Brush. For my full thoughts check out my other posts.

Day 1 - 15/03 - No Makeup Day. Used with No7 Melting Gel Cleanser after shower. Skin felt nice and soft, nothing special. Skincare went on nicely after and makeup went on very smooth and flawless the following day. Blemishes on chin no major change. 

Day 2 - 16.03 - Wore Makeup today. Removed Makeup as normal with Simple Cleansing Oil and second with No7 Melting Gel Cleanser. Then went in with brush and cleanser. I thought I got all my makeup as I never have anything come off on my Glycolic Fix Daily Pads but this brush still got a teeny tiny bit out which must have been from my pores or whatever. My skin felt clean, it was super soft and my skincare seemed to apply and sink in so much better. I didn't think I would see much difference already but I really did. 

Day 3 - 17.03 - No Makeup Day. Only moisturiser worn today. Cleansed skin with No7 Melting Gel Cleanser and the brush and my skin felt so clean and soft after use. Doesn't feel Dry or tight. I did have a spot pop up on my left temple today, so not sure if that's a "purging" stage or just a random breakout. So far loving the brush and how soft my skin feels. 

Day 4 - 18.03 - No Makeup Day. The blemish on my temple has practically disappeared, it's reduced a lot in size, it's not as red and I believe that's because my skin has been able to really absorb the skincare products and they've worked so much better. I have some small red bumps on my skin in random places but I think that's just the brush getting all the impurities out. My skin feels so soft and smooth. I love it. Used the new Deep Cleansing Fix from N+P with the brush and it was so nice and my skin felt so clean and soft afterwards. Really digging this whole face cleansing brush thing and would love to get a body brush head for it too.

Day 5 - 19.03 - Makeup Day. Had a bad foundation day, tried using the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation but it looked dry and just no good so I wiped it off and just didn't wear any foundation only Concealer and the rest of my normal makeup. I don't think the N+F Glycolic Fix SPF30 Moisturiser is moisturising enough as my skin just looked dry, the smoothing effect was nice though. 

Day 6 - 20.03 - No Makeup Day. Noticed a new under the skin red bump after Cleansing. Skin feels so incredible, can't stop touching it. My skincare is absorbing so much faster and I'm really seeing the true benefits of the products I'm using. Still using the Deep Cleansing Fix Cleanser and loving it ,although I wish it was in a squeezy tube rather than a tub just for hygiene purposes.

Day 7 - 21.03 - No Makeup Day. Big red bump has practically gone this morning. I have been using this cleansing brush for a week and so far I am so impressed with how my skin looks that I can't stop touching it and I'm not bothered about a flawless coverage or even putting on foundation. I still have a long way to go in terms of getting rid of blemishes but so far my skincare routine has been working amazingly. 

Day 8 - 22.03 - Wore some makeup. Removed with N+P cleanser about 4 hours before using brush. Have really noticed that my spots are going and scars are much better. My skin feels soft although having issues with my foundation and Concealer not going on nice so need to look into it and try some more things out to establish why. 

Day 9 - 23.03 - No makeup Day. still using brush and N+P Cleanser. Really like how my skin feels. Soft and smooth. Skin looks glowing and fresh and healthy. Now sun is coming out need to find ways to fade my freckles. Looked into whitening treatments for skin but sounds too harsh and abrasive for my skin. 

Day 10 - 24.03 - Wore some makeup. Went to Addenbrookes. Removed when got home after lunch and then used Cleansing brush about 7pm with N+P Cleanser. Not much change in texture of skin, still very soft and smooth. Spots have practically gone apart from one small one on my chin. One on my neck has gone down a lot thanks to my skincare routine. Got new eye creams to help with Concealer around my eyes. 

Day 11 - 25.03 - Wore makeup. Not happy when applied as dry looking skin. Need to up the anti on my moisturising masks and products. Spots still improving. Scars are still there but skin still feels smooth and soft. 

Day 12 - 26.03 - Wore makeup but no foundation. Went shopping. Not happy with how Concealer is looking around my eyes and nose. Where spots are skin looks dry when apply Concealer to cover them. Have brought Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder to see if this helps with under eyes. And repurchased NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer to see how that applies again. Maybe need to do Eye and face masks more. 

Day 13 - 27.03 - No makeup day. Have a couple teeny tiny spots around my chin. But the ones I had before I started using the brush have pretty much all gone. Some still have scars some are just gone. The one under my right ear has reduced dramatically and can barely see it, it's practically gone. Still loving the brush. Cleanser is still amazing. So much in this tub and I'm being super hygienic and using a little spatula so I don't contaminate the product with my hands.

Day 14 - 28.03 - No makeup Day. Two weeks in and not noticing much difference now, although my breakouts have subsided, however I have two new ones just under my lip on the left side but they're just red bumps which although are quite sore, they shouldn't take too long to dissipate 👍🏻

Day 15 - 29.03 - Wore makeup today. Removed initially with Cleansing Oil from Simple then went in and used Cleansing brush and N+P cleanser. Soft skin. Spots under lip are still there but should be gone soon. 

Day 16 - 30.03 - Wore a tiny bit of makeup today like Concealer and Bronzer so used Cleansing brush & N+P deep Cleansing Fix to remove. Woke up with a cold today and a cough so not feeling too great. 

Day 17 - 31.03 - No makeup day - nothing much to report. I didn't actually use the brush today because I wanted to test how my skin would react to not using it for a day and the outcome was surprising.

Day 18 - 01.04 - No makeup day again - because I didn't use the brush yesterday, I actually find I had dry, rough texture in the creases of my nose, but after using the brush today and moisturising with the N+P Kale Fix Moisturiser which is very nourishing, it seems to be much better. I am still poorly so my skin looks a little pale (didn't think that was possible), but it still looks glowy and healthy which is strange considering how shitty I feel.

Day 19 - 02.04 - Wore Makeup Today - Went on really nicely, skin looked Radiant and glowing even through the makeup. Removed with N+P Cleanser and then used cleansing brush with cleanser to remove majority and although I love the cleanser there was still a fair bit of makeup on the brush. My spots are practically gone. I have remnants of one under my lip still but otherwise my skin is pretty much clear and I really put that down to this brush. Skin around my nose was a bit dry today so I had to ensure I moisturised well and I've been good about putting moisturiser on over top of the Rosehip Oil to lock in that moisture, whereas some days I've just stopped with the oil as my last step. 

Day 20 - 03.04 - Wore makeup all day today. Skin was comfortable after removing and felt very clean after using brush

Day 21 - 04.04 - wore makeup all day again today. Got a bit sweaty this morning when at Rutland Water but makeup stayed on and looked the same all day. Removed with Cleansing Oil first then Cleansing brush and skin feels soft and smooth. Breakouts have pretty much all gone although a few bumps on my chin that are skin toned. 

Day 22 - 05.04 - No makeup day. The spots I had have completely gone. I'm very happy with my skincare routine and how my skin has been looking with and without makeup. 

Day 23 - 06.04 - Wore makeup. First day back at work.  It went on so smooth and nice, no frustrating moments with dry skin or separating. Really happy with my skin so far. I've noticed some bumps and spots on my chest and back, I think it's because my hairs got longer so conditioner is irritating my skin. Will definitely be looking at getting a body brush, even if it's not for this particular brush and just a cheaper one, that I can use in the shower to clean my skin a bit better as it's not nice right when spring is showing it's head that I have red marks on my skin. 

Day 24 - 07.04 - Wore Makeup Today. Removed with Cleansing oil and then went in with N+P cleanser and brush. There's still residue on the brush so I am definitely glad I double cleanse to get it all off. 

Day 25 - 08.04 - Wore Makeup Today. I'm so happy with how my skin looks with and without makeup. There's still some scars but they're fading fast. I look forward to applying my makeup because it goes on and looks so much better thanks to my skincare routine. I don't know whether I will use this brush daily once this 30 days is over. But I definitely like how my skin looks so it may be an every other day thing. 

Day 26 - 09.04 - Wore Makeup - Removed as always when I got home. My makeup is lasting a lot longer. I'm enjoying experimenting with different primers, foundations, Concealers and powders etc. My skin hasn't changed much. I've noticed dry skin around my nose even if I've used the brush the night before. Maybe that's just my skin, maybe I need a heavier moisturiser there. 

Day 27 - 10.04 - Wore makeup. I've noticed a very small red bump on my chin which is kind of like a spot kind of not. It's easy to cover, it doesn't hurt or bother me so I'm just leaving it to do its thing. 

Day 28 - 11.04 - Wore Makeup. Removed as normal. My skin is still smooth and soft and even after taking off my makeup or Cleansing my skin using the brush my skin feels comfortable and content, not dry or tight or irritated. The brush is still very gentle, doesn't tug or pull at my skin and I love how clean my skin feels. 

Day 29 - 12.04 - Wore Makeup. The bump is still on my chin but it's not bothering me as it's very small. I've mmmm still self conscious about the bumps on my chest and shoulders but hopefully they'll be gone soon if I treat them right. 
Because I use the built in timer, I forget that there's another setting which I tried today specifically around my nose and afterwards my skin felt so smooth and there was no dry skin, I didn't think it was possible for my skin to be any softer and smoother. It this pulsating setting really upped the game again. So hopefully my makeup will look better in that area tomorrow.
The blemish I have on my skin is starting to come out so hopefully that'll pass soon. Would the pulsating setting do that good too?? 

Day 30 - 13.04 -  Wore Makeup. I've used this brush for 30 days and I'm in love with it. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels, how glowy and healthy it looks, and my makeup application is so much easier and smoother. The other skincare products I've incorporated have worked wonders too, but this brush is what I've seen the most difference and I really believe my good skin days are because of this product. Amazing! 

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