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Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - Is It Worth It?


I know, I know, you're probably sick of seeing this concealer but I wanted to put in my two cents on the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer as I've had a decent time to test it out, test it's longevity, different ways to apply it and I wanted to give you my opinions on whether I think it's worth the hype and worth your pennies.

Fun fact, Tarte state that one shape tape is sold every 26 seconds. How crazy is that?

Shade Range?
So a bit about it first. There are 14 shades available, with different undertones which is amazing as not everyone has the same undertones. So I have the lightest shade, obvs, and that is Fair Neutral - as the name suggests it has neutral undertones, so not too yellow and not too pink. I think the shade is great for my skin tone which is normally NARS Siberia (lightest shade in Sheer Glow), and NARS Chantilly Radiant Creamy Concealer, so if you're uber pale, then this one should be okay for you.

The main selling point on this and throughout their whole marketing spiel, they've focused on the high coverage without being heavy, so I was really keen to try this out and see if my dry under-eyes would be a good candidate for this full coverage concealer. Now, the concealer is very pigmented, so those people you see on YouTube applying a tonne of it, it's just unnecessary and you run the risk of looking cakey and just not nice. So less is more with this little guy. It definitely is full coverage. They certainly nailed that, and it is pretty lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin, unless you apply a excessive amounts, then it's never going to look natural or be wearable.
Tarte have made very clear that this product is vegan friendly whatever that means, but if you're looking for cruelty free makeup, there's a grey area. Although Tarte are cruelty free (last time I checked) their parent company is not. If you don't want to be supporting any brands, parent or not, that test on animals then Tarte unfortunately is not the brand for you. But if you want to see some brands that are Cruelty Free then check out my post here

The packaging is nice, nothing super fancy but I do like the lid. The actual applicator is a large doe-foot, larger than the regular applicators in concealers, pros and cons to that but it doesn't really bother me as I don't like too much product under my eyes anyway so I go in very lightly.

In terms of price and availability, if you're in the UK you can buy from the Tarte website and it's £19 but you do have P&P on that which can be about £15 to the UK if I remember rightly. You can get it from QVCUK and at the moment they have a deal where you can get the Concealer and their Blending Sponge for £28 + P&P. So it's not too expensive, although NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is £23 so although if living in the UK you're limited to where you can purchase the Tarte Concealer with P&P it's a bit more expensive in total. 

My Thoughts?
I like this concealer. It covers well under the eyes and on blemishes and redness although it can be a bit thick and cakey if you apply too much. It doesn't crease although I have issues with my makeup not looking good under my eyes regardless of what I use, but I don't think it's this concealer I think it's my under-eyes and my eye cream causing the issue so I'm trying some different things
Personally, although I like it, it's nothing life changing. I don't think it's worth the hype. Maybe that will change if I find something that helps smooth and hydrate my under-eyes better than my current products and if so I will admit I was wrong. But for now, I'll use it, but would I repurchase? To be honest, yes I probably would, because it is full coverage and it's great for covering blemishes and stubborn dark circles. Is it a holy grail? No, not yet. 
Just to clarify. I love most of the products I've tried from Tarte and as I keep mentioning I do really like this Concealer, I just don't think it's worth the hype. 

I hope you liked this post. I have lot's of ideas for other products and whether they're worth the hype. If you have anything you want me to review/put in the spotlight then let me know. 

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