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I've not worn much makeup this month after having my operation. But there are a few things I have loved that has made my recovery and time at home bearable and not too boring.

Ed Sheeran's New Album Divide hit the public on the 2nd March and ever since I have been listening to it non stop. I love how each album he creates is a little bit different and a little bit the same. I love every single song on this one though. I put it on shuffle and listen/sing outrageously whilst in the shower, whilst doing my physio exercises, whilst on the odd occassion I do my hair and makeup, easier to say "all the normal times I listen to music" really isn't it? I love it and if you've not listened to it, then you should download it right now and listen to the entire album a few times, then come back and tell me how I just made your life complete. You're welcome (in advance).

Okay one thing I thought I would never need and when I saw them thought they were ridiculous are the iPhone Finger Strap. Designed to stop you from dropping your phone and getting pinky-finger-dismorphia, something any iPhone user knows about and probably has. But the amount of times I've dropped my phone on my face whilst laying in bed has drastically reduced to almost zero, almost. The pinky-finger-dismorphia is no longer a problem in my life and I haven't dropped my phone on the floor half as many times as I usually do. Plus my nephew is more interested in the little piece of elastic than he is trying to unlock my phone and end up blocking it - a serious concern for many with children I'm sure. 

So I have two makeup products that I wanted to include in here as they have made my makeup life slightly easier and a whole lot better since receiving.
First is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Wheel Blush Palette, in particular the shade that has been completing me this month is Icon which is just the perfect mauve tone for me and I love that there are so many colours that I can mix and match and even two highlights which are epic.
Then the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Chantilly was a new release for the end of February and I got my little mitts on the lightest shade (although you do need to go a shade lighter than your Radiant Creamy Concealer shade in my opinion - any many others), I love how creamy and pigmented this is yet long lasting and perfect for under the eyes, redness and blemishes. I love this stuff and this shade does work for me as it doesn't highlight it's just my perfect skin tone shade. It's great for just popping on my dark circles and any blemishes and that's pretty much all I have been doing. Obviously when I go back to work I will be wearing more makeup but this will still be an essential for me.

Okay on to skincare now and this is the section that I have really revamped and have some amazing new products to share with you.
The first major change is that I now have incorporated a Cleansing Brush into my skincare routine, a Bare Faced Sonic Cleansing Brush from Magnitone to be exact. I've not been happy with my skin condition and so I made a few changes that have really been working for me. I am doing a 30 days of Magnitone which will be up about the middle of April where I will share with you what I think, if it's helped me, you will also be able to see a day by day recount of what I thought and how my skin did or didn't change. But SPOILER ALERT!! I fricking love it.
Especially because I have discovered a new cleanser from Nip + Fab you are probably going to get fed up of me talking about this range but I love it so I don't care (too much). The Deep Cleansing Fix is a huge tub of creamy cleanser that deep cleans, removes dirt and impurities, it nourishes and purifies and I love using it with the Cleansing Brush as my skin just feels so darn soft and clean. It means my skincare products are getting into my skin more so they're working better. My skin has never felt this amazing before. And it's so glowy and healthy looking. Plus any spots that I had have now gone and I've not had any issues with them coming back up or being sore or red or anything.

Also from Nip + Fab are some new products in their Glycolic Fix line. First the Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot which is one of 5 new Skin Shots from the brand. This is a radiance boosting concentrate that I apply with or in place of my serum and it just makes my skin look and feel amazing. Also the Post-Glycolic Fix Moisturiser  is a moisturiser designed specifically for using after Glycolic treatments, as it has SPF 30 in, it also has Witch Hazel to calm the skin and Silica Microspheres to make the skin super smooth and silky with a matte finish. I love this stuff, it's great to put on before makeup instead of a primer. I'm obsessed.

The Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray has been a huge help in keeping my skin nourished through the day, as well as a makeup primer and setting spray. I use it as a toner, after my serum, after my moisturiser, when I wake up, after my day time moisturiser, it's awesome and in about 7 days I finished up the mini I had which was 29ml (what a strange amount), so I picked up the full size 236ml (even stranger) and I've been obsessed.

Finally for my skincare faves is Rosehip Oil, Good ol' Rosehip Oil. I've been using one from Trilogy which I bought from my local Holland & Barrett but it was pretty expensive so any organic pure Rosehip Oil will do. I bought it specifically to help with scars and dark spots and even after a week I saw a huge improvement. I apply this after serum but before moisturiser and my skin looks glowing and it feels so soft and nourished. I have also been applying it in the morning too as I've not had to worry about makeup application. It feels amazing, my skin looks healthy and glowing and thanks to the combination of the skincare products I have mentioned today my skin has never looked and felt so good. If you don't use Rosehip Oil and you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin, acne/spot scars, dark spots, sun spots, stubborn blemishes, you need this in your routine. A post will be coming up on the benefits of what Rosehip Oil can do for your skin so be sure to check that out.

Melissa Alatorre is a YouTuber I discovered this month and I have binge watched her videos for hours. Along with Carrie RadBria & ChrissyHannah WittonCaraLeag (her makeup declutters are a particular guilty pleasure of mine), Rose & Rosie and Brianna White. A wide variety of channels and topics in there but I have really enjoyed watching their videos, browsing their Instagrams and appreciating some good content.

That's it for this months favourites. Not as much as normal but these are the products and things I have been reaching for that have truly stood out and made a difference to me. 

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