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#LFBEAUTYBOX - The Natural Beauty Edition


Why hello, and welcome to today's post, which is all about this months Look Fantastic Box. This month's theme is Natural Beauty and surprisingly there's 7 products included to give you a natural, barefaced look starting right from the skincare to the makeup. 

LAURE GELLAR Balance & Brighten in Fair 
Laura Gellar is a brand I've not tried much from, an eyeliner, mascara and maybe a blush or something, but this is one of their classic products and it has an extended range from foundation to blush and bronzer and even highlighter, so it's a great concept and I love that there's no chemicals or mineral oil in their products. So if this works well I may give more of their products a try.
I have to say though, when I swatched this it's definitely not my shade, it's way too dark for my very fair complexion and although it is the shade Fair, it's just not going to work as a foundation. So maybe I can find another way to use it. Any ideas?

ALTERNA Caviar CC Cream 
This is a multi-tasking product to perfect, polish and protect hair, with a blend of (literally what they put in the little booklet it comes with) "good-for-you" ingredients. No nasties. No chemicals. No Mineral Oil or Parabens. There are 10 hair care benefits such as protecting your hair against heat or UV damage, improving strength and manageability, adds moisture, shine, smooths and softens hair. It's also anti-breakage and has a light hold. There, 10 benefits for your hair. Sounds great, I shall give this a go and if it's really good or completely terrible, I shall report back.

** Side Note: Do you want me to do a quick update/review on the products in the box from the previous month? Let me know. ** 

OMOROVICZA Cleansing Foam 
Since trying the Thermal Cleansing Balm and Deep Cleansing Mask from the brand I've been keen to try other bits from them so I'm keen to see how this works with my skin. I don't tend to go with "foaming" cleansers but this supposed to be super gentle yet removes dirt, oils and impurities. Plus it's sulphate-free just in case that's something you're in to. 

MADARA Mini Smart Day Cream
I'm quite fickle with my moisturiser as I haven't found one I'm madly in love with (although I have repurchased a few that have worked nicely). So this "Smart" Day Cream may be the next one I try. It's Natural and Organic which is great, and it's enriched with botanical greens (whatever they are, oh if I read the book it tells me) such as Fern, Moss and Lichen (that I definitely don't know what it is) that are rich in antioxidants to to smooth fine lines, plump up the skin and even out it's tone.  

VITAMASQUES Pomegranate Sheet Mask
I've had a Honey Mask from this brand and also one of their HydroGel Masks, but I've not tried either yet and I really should. The Pomegranate Mask is supposed to plump, firm and hydrate the skin which sounds right up my street So I am keen to give this a try and they are pretty affordable (£3.99 for the Pomegranate and Honey Masks and £7.99 for the HydroGel Masks) so if it agrees with my skin I think I will check out some of the other options. 

MERCI Handy Hand Cleansing Gel
I've tried one of these before and it smells delicious and is currently in my handbag so this one will probably go on my bedside table or dressing table, or even in my car, the possibilities are endless. Spoiler alert, this exact same scent/flavour is in my Glossybox this month too which I was kind of annoyed about kind of not too fussed as it's only hand gel, but I would have preferred to get something else or at least another flavour.

THIS WORKS Perfect Legs Skin Miracle
I have to admit, the products I've tried from this brand don't really excite me or end up in my routines, so I don't even know if I will be using this, but I may give it a go if I need to even out my skin on my legs, add a glow and generally perfect the look of my legs then I may give this a go. 

I hope you liked today's post. Again, let me know if you want to see a little update/mini review on products I tried in the last months box. Could be helpful? Could be boring? Who knows until we try right?

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