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NEW: ZOEVA Spectrum Strobe Palettes


Happy Sunday and welcome to today's post. I am talking all about these brand new Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes. If you have been around these parts for a while, you may remember that I am a massive fan of all the Zoeva Palettes I have tried. They're my favourite eyeshadow palettes in my collection and I use at least once every time I do my makeup. Here's what I have already...

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So a little about Zoeva? They're a German brand that specialize in incredible, high quality and affordable brushes that look and feel better than some more expensive ones I've tried. But, what I really love from them is their eyeshadow palettes. Now they have just released quite a few new products including some brow and lip products, but what really caught my eye was the 5 new additions to the already amazing Spectrum Collection. A Cream Contour Spectrum Palette, an all Matte Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette, and the three Strobe Spectrum Palettes that I am going to show you in today's post. But I am pretty sure I will be picking up more of their new stuff as and when I feel I need it *goes onto website and places order immediately*. You can check out more info and Zoeva's other products on their website here, or you can purchase Zoeva from Beauty Bay here

But let's get into these new palettes from Zoeva I really like how they have assigned seasons to these palettes (although don't know where the Autumn one went) and all the palettes I have tried before have all been very versatile and wearable for the average everyday person. Unfortunately these guys don't fit that bill for me. 
Up first is the Spring Strobe Spectrum Palette. The website describes these as follows:

 - "Like rays of sunlight shimmering through delicate dewdrops on a Spring day, the Zoeva Spring Strobe Spectrum Palette envelopes the skin in a vivid burst of sparkling colors. Easy to blend the pearlescent highlighting shades, with an eye-catching chrome finish in fresh green, bright blue, vigorous pink and sunny yellow, illuminate the face with a highly pigmented, velvety texture - for a crisp, mesmerizing glow as pure as morning dew." - 

I have to agree with a lot of the claims, although I do find them to be a lot more powdery that other Zoeva cheek products, but whether that's down to the pearlescent finish I don't know. 

This looks like all the powders are white, but they have a very unique reflect to them that gives them a different colour shift. They don't have shade names just numbers. So Top Left: SP010 has a green duo-chrome finish. Top Right: SP020 has a blue iridescence to it. Bottom Left: SP030 has a beautiful pink shift to it. Bottom Right SP040 has a slight yellowish base with a golden/yellow reflect.

As I am sure you are all thinking, a green or blue shift to a highlighter isn't an everyday kind of thing, and at first I was slightly confused as to how this would be a wearable product, and the easy answer is, it's not. If you are a highlighter fanatic, that likes to try lot's of different formulas, shades and just experiment with them, then these palettes are definitely for you. 

Next is the Summer Strobe Spectrum Palette and this looks very similar to the Anastasia 'That Glow' Glow Kit and may be more appealing to the average makeup wearer. 

The description on the website for this guy is:

 - "Sparkled by the glorious, golden warmth of the summer sun, the Zoeva Summer Strobe Spectrum Palette delivers a flattering, sun-kissed radiance with a selection of luminous highlighting shades. From light champagne, glowing rose gold to warm copper and golden bronze, the ultra pigmented, silky formula ignites the complexion with a beaming ray of light - for an ethereal, bronzed summer glow." - 

These highlighters have more of a pearl finish to them so there is no underlying duo-chrome but they are just a more traditional highlighter. The shades in this palette are more wearable depending on your skin tone. For my fair skin I can only use the lightest shade Top Left SU010 to highlight my face, but I will definitely use the others for eyeshadow which I think would make a very beautiful sun kissed look. Shade Top Right SU020 is more of a Rose Gold which would look beautiful on light to medium skin tones, along with Bottom Left SU030 which is a beautiful Copper that would look stunning on medium to darker skin tones, and then the golden bronze Bottom Right SU040 would look amazing as a bronzer topper for lighter skin tones for a really glowy bronze look, but on darker skin tones, ooh-wee it would look amazing. 

I find these powders are a lot more soft and buttery which is what I expected them to be like so I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of these. 

Last but not least is this beautiful piece of just amazing-ness. The Winter Strobe Spectrum Palette. I know many would look at this and think "well I can't wear anything from that on ma face why do I need it?" Well I'll let the Zoeva website explain why...

 - " As water turns to ice in the sky and falls to the earth as glistening snow crystals, the Zoeva Winter Strobe Spectrum Palette wafts an iridescent, cool breeze on the face, leaving the skin with a translucent frosted finish. With shades ranging from a glacial nacre, pale rose and icy lilac to polar blue, the velvety soft and remarkably pigmented formula provides a brilliant luminosity with an incredible shimmer effect - for a fascinating, frosted glow, as if lit from within." - 

Polar Blue you ask? Icy Lilac? What am I going to do with them? Well I have to agree they are very scary and intimidating. But the pearl finish to these highlighters doesn't leave you with just a purple streak of shimmer on your skin. If blended in and applied lightly at first and layered to your desired intensity, they can look very pretty and depending on your skin tone you may like them, you may not. But makeup isn't about sticking within the boundaries and following strict rules. Experiment, play around with them, see what you think. if you don't like them, no biggy, the other two shades in the palette are beautiful and give a beautiful glow to your complexion.

Shade run down? So Top Left WI010 is like an icy white, then Top Right WI020 is the beautiful pale rose. Then the more "ahhh" shades, Bottom Left WI030 is the beautiful lilac, and Bottom Right WI040 is the Polar Blue. 

So what are my thoughts? Well when I first opened them and tried the shades, I dismissed them and put them to the side and didn't touch them for a few days, because they really didn't meet my expectation in terms of the shades and how I thought they were going to perform. But after doing the swatches and testing them out some more, I do like the majority of the shades for different reasons. 

The Spring and Winter palettes are a little out there yes, but there are wearable and beautiful shades within these palettes that I feel make up for the not so easy to wear blues and greens. However, would I pay the £19.50 for these palettes knowing what I know about the shades? Probably not. But makeup as I said before is about experimenting and finding different things that work for you. These highlighters although are quite powdery and kick up a lot of powder when dipping your brush into the pans, they don't appear chalky on the skin which was my main concern. I would say go in with a light hand and build up the intensity depending on how you like the look of that particular colour. 

As I mentioned these palettes are £19.50 each, you get 4 strobing powders in each palette, which are 4.2cm pan size and it's a great slim palette (11.5 x 11.6 x 1.0 cm) which you could easily travel with. I have a lot of the Zoeva palettes in my everyday makeup bag and they are easy to store and are fairly compact - there's no extra, unnecessary packaging - just enough for the pans and to keep them protected and I've not had any problems with crumbling, breaking or shattering even though some of their products are quite soft and buttery. 

If you wanted to you can depot the pans and put them in a bigger z palette if you didn't want to carry around multiple palettes, or if you prefer two shades from one palette and two from another you can depot them and put them into a z palette as the pans are magnetic and you can have all your favourites in one place. I did this with my favourite blush shades and I use them a lot more now that I don't have multiple palettes with an overwhelming amount of shades. 

Just thought I would note that these powders are enriched with Vitamin E and are 100% Paraben, Mineral Oil, Perfume and Phthalates free. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review and swatches on these brand new Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes. If you have tried them or have a favourite highlighter then please let me know I would love to check them out. 

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