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NEW Makeup From Nip + Fab - First Impressions


When skincare brands try and do makeup products, it can either go horribly wrong, or amazingly right. When I saw they were doing a primer water, foundations  and concealers, I was slightly concerned but mainly intrigued as they only have one formula, and hopefully they have incorporated their skincare knowledge to create great base products. So let's see what I thought.

Primer Water

First Impressions:
So I started off with my normal skincare routine, and then went in and used the Primer Water to prime my skin. It's very refreshing but I don't like that it doesn't have a fine mist so I ended up with large drops of water all over my face so I had to go in and blend with my Beauty Blender. Not too much of a problem before you've applied your makeup, but I wouldn't use it afterwards or through the day as it would ruin it. If you put it in another spray bottle it may be much more worth while. I think I may try this actually. 

So the Primer Water is nice, I've only ever used one from Makeup Revolution and I loved that one. I think if I use a better spray bottle I will like it a lot more. I like the refreshing feel it has to the skin and it's an extra layer of moisture that I most certainly need right now, whether it's enough moisture is another matter.
It sinks into the skin fast but I do find that the scent of this primer water is a little off,-putting, although it does dissipate after a while, but it may still deter others away from it.
It does contain Glycerin which allows makeup to stick to your skin which is important if you want your makeup to last longer. But you can also spray it over makeup and throughout the day (as long as it sprays a fine mist - I'm going to keep mentioning this because it really let the product down for me). For £9.95 it's a good option for a beginner.
I've never tried the more popular ones like Skindinavia and Smashbox but maybe in the future I will broaden my primer water stash. I'll keep you posted on any extra thoughts I have on this.


First Impressions:
After the Primer Water I went in with the Foundation mixed with a little of the Lightening Drops. The foundation applied better with a Beauty Blender than with my regular foundation Brush as it just left streaks and sat on the skin but with the BB it looked nice upon first application. Unfortunately I found it accentuated dry patches and clung on for dear life, it didn't look flawless, more like making my skin look worse than it actually is. It really disappointed me and I don't know if it's the moisturiser I used, or maybe it needs a different primer - although you would expect the primer water to work with the foundation from the same brand but there you go.


It applied nicely but when it came to the wear and how it looked on my skin after I had applied the rest of my makeup, it wasn't so good. I did find that my cheek products did apply patchy too although I made them work, they could have looked better.
The Foundations are £12.95 and you get 30ml although it looks like you get a lot less. It's a plastic squeezy bottle with a small applicator so it doesn't just all pour out and make a mess. That I like about it even though it looks quite cheap, it reminds me of Mac Face & Body and a lot of people love that. In terms of the formula, they say it's a medium coverage which I would say more light but buildable if you have the right skin type. Mixing it with an illuminating primer would be amazing, but I don't know whether the clinging to dry patches issue would still be apparent.
I have fairly combination skin, but I prefer to keep things very hydrated and glowy, this had a nice natural matte finish but if set with powder I guess it would be suitable for oily skin too, but definitely not for dry skin. It clings to dry patches and just doesn't look nice.
There are 10 shades in this foundation, I have shade #05, the lightest, obvs. It is the only formula at the moment, whether they bring out more formulas is something they may do in the future but for now it is just this one foundation and unfortunately it's not for me.

Foundation Mixer

First Impressions:
So the foundation mixer in white is the same consistency as the Foundation, it's pretty pigmented too which I obviously wanted them to be as I prefer to keep the amount of product to a minimum so the foundation doesn't get changed at all. It definitely lightens the shade of my foundation and I really like it. The scent is a little off putting but nothing I can't handle.

As you probably all know, I love the TBS Lightening Drops, but recently I have found that my makeup tends to separate and I'm not sure if it's because of adding these drops in. So I thought I would try this foundation mixer and see if it works any better. One thing I do want to mention about these and the foundation is that both have Mineral Oil in and so if this is an ingredient you avoid, then these won't be good for you. These kinds of products can change the finish or consistency of your foundation which isn't what I want, and these are great for keeping your foundation just how it is, but lightening the shade. Another important thing is that you have to ensure if you are using a Silicone based foundation, the primer and mixing drops you use must also be silicone based, if you're using a water based primer, foundation or mixing drops, then they all need to be water based. If you want some examples of this please click HERE.
But these foundation drops didn't alter the foundation from what I could tell, I did try it with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and found it lightened that perfectly and didn't leave a grey tint or an off white shade which was good. 

Highlight Palette Stroboscopic

First Impressions:
I was more drawn to this than the actual Contour Palettes because I love highlighter and I really wanted to find an alternative to the higher end highlighters that are so popular. This was the first thing I swatched and they were instantly shimmery and wet looking almost. When it came to applying them to my face, they weren't chalky or glittery or anything bad, they looked stunning, gave a beautiful glow that could be natural and subtle but also could be built up to be an intense highlight - my kind of highlight.

I have to say, £15 for 6 amazing highlighters is a steal. I love the wet look they give the skin and they weren't powdery either which really surprised me. There are 6 shades, the 3 on the top are obviously lighter and great for fair to light skin tones, and the 3 on the bottom are more suited to medium/darker skin tones. I apply them like my other highlighters, with the Real Techniques Contour Brush and it looks amazing, blends into the skin and doesn't look like it's just sat on top of the skin.
The one thing that I don't like and it a continuing theme about all the products I've tried is the scent. It's chemically and synthetic and I just don't like it and although I hope it doesn't deter people away from them because they are lovely highlights, it unfortunately may and so I hope with feedback N+P maybe alter this in the future.
I have been really liking using these as eyeshadows, because I'm not going to be able to use the darker tones on my skin (unless I want a glowy, metallic, tin man kind of situation, I really like using them on my eyes because they are beautiful shades and I don't want them to go to waste.
The packaging is very nice, simple, sleek, and you can see the powders through the front so you don't have to open it to see if you have picked up the contour palette or the highlight palette etc. I also really appreciate that they have the shade names on the back of the palette.
But the question that has been in my mind since I got this is, Is there going to be another highlight palette released, s this one is called 01 Stroboscopic are they leaving room to maybe create others? I hope so.

Travel Palette

First Impressions:
My first thoughts when I saw this palette is that it's great for travel (as the name suggests), and I really like how slim and compact it is so you can plop it into your makeup bag and it's handy whenever you need it. I got the light/medium palette but there is a medium/deep one too. When I swatched these they looked really great and I love that both the blush and bronzer are matte. They're pigmented so you need to go in with a light hand and then build up where needed, I found this out the hard way, loaded my contour brush up, Real Techniques Setting Brush and then realised what a mistake that was. It took a lot of blending but they do blend out really well so although it was intense, it worked for the photo.

I have a lot of contouring palettes so I decided to pick this little trio up to see what the cheek products are like without committing to either the contour palettes or blush palette.
I really like that this has a mirror in it, convenient for travel and everyday use. For £9.95 it's a great product and will definitely be using this in my everyday makeup routine. I really love the contour powder Latte in here, it's the perfect tone, not too cool and grey but also not too warm, it's completely matte, very pigmented so you need a light hand with these, but if use right it looks natural. The blush in Satin is a bit bright for my taste but it's another matte one that is very pigmented and smooth to apply. The highlight is a neutral champagne shade with a hint of gold, hence the name Champagne. I really like this, it can be sheered out for a natural glow or built up for a more intense see your highlight from space kind of deal. This highlight shade is also in the Highlight Palette (the top middle shade). But the same as the other products, the scent is too chemically and may deter people from using. Maybe?

My Favourites? The Highlighter Palette and the Foundation Mixer. I also love the Travel Palette and I think the Contour Palette is the next on my list. But those brow pencils look amazing too. Ahh too much to choose from.
The packaging all looks nice and sleek, nothing too fancy but nothing to cheap either. They're easy to travel with, no big bulky palettes. I really hope they release some more products soon, maybe another Eyeshadow Palette? I would like to try the Eyeshadows and the Liquid Lipsticks and see what they're like. The Concealers and Colour Correctors look like a good'uns too so that will be on my next order also. So basically I wanna try the whole makeup line. Would have been much quicker and easier to say that that little ramble.

I like the products overall, I think they're good for the price. not the best quality but better than other drugstore brands and they've really put thought into their products and packaging. The scent is just not for me. I will continue to use these products (maybe not the foundation but I'll keep trying it and see if I can find a way that works for me) and I hope I will become accustomed to the scent and not notice it in the future. But Side Note, if you are sensitive to scents, especially quite chemically and synthetic ones, I suggest you give the products a whiff first and see what you think and if it will be too much for you.

I will keep you updated on my thoughts as and when I try more of their makeup products out. I do have a new skincare products from Nip + Fab coming up soon so be sure to check that out if you're in the market for some new quality skincare products that actually do what they say.

Here's the list and links of the new makeup they've released:
Primer - Oil Free £9.95
Primer Water £9.95
Foundation - 10 shades £12.95
Foundation Mixers - Light & Dark £12.95
Concealer - 6 Shades £8.95
Colour Correctors - 4 Shades £8.95
Contour Palettes - Light, Medium & Dark £15.00
Blush Palette - Blushed £8.95
Highlight Palette - 01 Stroboscopic 1 shade £15.00
Travel Palette - Light/Medium & Medium/Dark £9.95
Eyeshadow Palette - Sculpted £10.95
Mascara - £9.95
Eyebrow Pencils - 4 Shades £6.95
Liquid lipsticks - 10 shades £7.95

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