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My Favourite Ways To Store My Everyday Makeup - On A Budget


I've got something a bit different for you on this lovely Sunday and that is how I store my everyday makeup. With all the makeup collections on YouTube and Ikea Alex 9 units I wanted to share with you some purse friendly ways to store your makeup that you use every day. 

First off is the Acrylic Storage from Muji, and although you may think these are quite pricey, this Two Drawer Flip Top Wide unit is only £14.95, which is a great price for such a chic and simple way to organize and store your makeup. I love that the lid on this flips up so if you want to stand things up like setting spray, foundation or want to put your brush cup in there then you can also do this. 
Muji has other storage options, lot's actually. If you want more drawers, just one big acrylic drawer, or little organizers for a larger storage space like a dressing table/vanity etc., they have travel storage options, organizing jewellery. Definitely a site I recommend you checking out.
But in case you don't have access to Muji, you can also get similar acrylic drawers from eBayAmazonTK Maxx and other places. 

I love how these look, that you can see my makeup through it, I can swap the products up easily on a regular basis, and the drawers are a really great size so it fits the NARS Foundations, as well as Benefits Box Blushes and Bronzers, and even the Hourglass Palettes and Powders

The next idea to store your everyday makeup is a Clear Pouch like this one which I got in a set of 3 from Boots I think. A clear pouch allows you to see what you want, and this one is compact and small so it's also great to take travelling and just throw in your bag and take with you. When I have stored my makeup this way, I have tipped it out onto a towel whilst applying my makeup, and then just pack it all away and sit it on my Dressing Table until the next morning. 

The only issue I find with this is brushes and palettes have to be separate, particularly if they are bigger palettes. You can also get a bigger clear bag, but I really like how compact this is and how it can get my everyday makeup essentials in, the things I tend to swap the most are my palettes and brushes so it gives me the chance to grab which ever palettes I want to use that day before settling down and throwing it all on ma face.

These days I tend to sit on my bed and apply my makeup in the morning, but those days that I sat at my Dressing Table every morning I loved just being able to pull the drawer out and have it all there in my lap ready to pull out and use. Palettes, brushes, compacts, foundations, they all fit in this drawer. 

This dressing table I purchased online which I can't find any more, but Ikea have one very similar to this - it normally has a mirror and two small drawers on the top but I prefer to just have a clear and minimal look to it (even though I had to clear the whole thing and make it look this tidy and clean because I'm a savage and just throw stuff on it and hope for the best). 

 - You don't need fancy acrylic organizers from By Alegory to have a tidy collection - Side Note: did you know they now do a Beauty Blender/Beauty Sponge holder too, check it out HERE a bit OTT in my opinion but the things that are now available that weren't when I started wearing makeup is just extraordinary. 
 - The main pieces I use are Birchbox lids which store the majority of my makeup in this drawer. 
 - I have a Ferrero Rocher tub to store my compacts which is the perfect size and shape for this drawer and they come in different sizes, plus you get chocolate to eat whilst you organize your makeup - Bonus! 
 - You don't have to break the bank and have the same as the YouTubers have. You can get baskets and tubs from a pound shop which are great. 
 - Muji do have some storage options but it soon adds up if you have a large collection. Re-cycle things you have in your home already. 
 - If you want it to all match and look uniform then you can always cover or paint the Birchbox lids if you want them white or gold or whatever. But even that doesn't cost much. 
 - My everyday brushes live in this cute little mug with dogs on, because it's super easy to just pick it up off my dressing table and how it next to me whilst doing my makeup. I don't like to store my brushes in a bag as I just don't find them as easily accessible and although there is space in the back of this drawer to store them which may be more hygienic and keep them away from external aggressors but I just prefer them to be in a cup with a handle. 

My current storage for my everyday makeup is this not-so-sexy-looking Double-Sided Makeup Bag which I picked up from Boots for just a tenner but you can get other options from Amazon, again Muji have one for £12.95 which is pretty much identical. I love that it has two sides so I tend to put my face stuff in one side and my eyes and palettes stuff in the other side. It does sometimes get a little over-loaded but I love that I can get so much in here, but then can streamline it when I need to take it travelling or whatever.

I saw a post similar to this on The Anna Edit and was inspired to share my thoughts on how I store my everyday makeup, but with a twist of doing it on a budget. If you want to see how I store my whole makeup collection then please let me know and I can do that. 

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