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Welcome back to another drugstore post in this weeks drugstore week. I hope you have enjoyed it all so far. Today I am talking all about skincare, and I wanted to merge today's post with an announcement of a new feature I will be doing on It's a Beauty Thing which I hope you will enjoy and learn a lot from. But first, my Spring Skincare Essentials...

Makeup isn't the only thing that can make you look and feel better with your appearance, it's all in the preparation. Skincare is a major step in getting your skin looking and feeling it's best, with or without makeup. So I wanted to share with you my essentials in the Spring when it comes to my skin. With these products, my skin would be happy with just this basic routine. I often get asked how how to start a skincare routine, what products to splurge on and what products to save your money on and get from the drugstore that will still work will with your skin. These are my recommendations to you, but just be aware, what works for my skin, may not work for yours, but most if not all of these products are for all skin types and target hydration, gentle cleansing and exfoliating without the use of harsh or drying products.

Okay so first is makeup removal and cleansing. I skip traditional makeup removers and wipes and go straight in on dry skin with makeup on with a cleansing oil and my current favourite that I've been using since it launched is the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil. It removes makeup, it leaves my skin feeling comfortable and not dry or stripped, but still feels clean.
I always go in with a cleanser now to ensure all makeup is removed and to actual cleanse my skin. I have been loving the No7 Melting Gel Cleanser which is very similar to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which is a majorly popular cult product right now. I like this cleanser though because it's obviously more affordable, it's gentle on my skin and again, it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or tight. Plus it does also double as a great makeup remover so if you're travelling and don't want to take an oil cleanser, this is a great 2-in-1 product.

On to my toning step and I actually joined my toner and exfoliating step together as I didn't want to throw too many products on to my skin. So the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix range is one of my all time favourites from the drugstore. They've recently released some new additions to it too which I am trying out and will review soon. But my favourite products from the range are the Daily Cleansing Pads, and I use these every night and just sweep it all over the face and neck, then I go in with my serums and I also use a Nip + Fab product for this step too and the Glycolic Fix Serum is a light weight gel that when on the skin feels quite sticky, but once you apply your moisturiser the tacky-ness goes away. I love that this serum has the Glycolic Acid that my skin needs to smooth and balance my skin but my skin also looks healthy and makeup applies so well over the top. This serum is gentle enough to use every day, I only apply in the evening. They have brought out a Radiance Shot and a Moisturiser with SPF30 specifically to be used after Glycolic Acid products so I am really excited to try these properly and see if they're as good as the original line. Nip + Fab do have other ranges like the Dragons Blood Range which is for dry or dehydrated skin, along with Teen Skin Fix for problematic teen skin (as the name would suggest), also Kale Fix for adding moisture and protecting skin from free radicals and No Needle Fix for anti-ageing. They've also got body products too which I wasn't aware of and I don't know if this is new but hey, I'm up for trying it. So there is something for everyone.

Next is moisturiser and the Soap & Glory moisturisers are some of my favourites from the drugstore. The make Yourself Youthful SPF50 is my everyday all year round no matter what SPF because I have freckles and scars and I don't want them to get any darker (although in the summer it does happen much to my dismay). I love this SPF because it's light, it's non offensive and it doesn't do any of the traditional SPF things like leaving a white cast so you don't have to apply makeup over the top, feeling tacky or sticky, smelling like SPF or feeling heavy on the skin.
As for moisturiser, the Night & Flight Beauty Accelerator is a great night time one and you can apply a thin layer for the morning too. It gives a great moisture boost and my skin always feels so soft and smooth the next day. I love this moisturiser and although I'm trying out others at the moment, I always come back to this one.
However I do have a lightweight moisturiser for the day time which is also great for under makeup, and that is the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, this formula doesn't have SPF but they do have one which contains SPF 15 which still isn't enough but it's another layer of protection against the sun so if this is your jam then by all means get that one instead of this one. I love this moisturiser because like it says it's light yet hydrating so I still get the moisture my skin needs but it's not heavy or overpowering and my makeup applies really nicely over the top. Great skincare brand in general but it's super affordable price is a massive plus.

As for treatments, the only one I religiously use is the Avene Cleanance EXPERT which I use as a spot treatment. The Cleanance range is great for spot prone skin but it is on the higher price spectrum at the drugstore. I have since learned that applying this before my serums and not after my moisturiser and all my skincare products is the best way to get it's maximum efficacy. Because otherwise it has to fight it's way through those layers of products to get to where it needs to be. Since doing this my blemishes have taken a quarter of the time to heal and I am so surprised/embarrassed that I hadn't thought of this sooner.

Finally is lip balm and I have mentioned this quite a few times but my all time favourite lip balm is the Carmex Original Lip Treatment, it smooths out my lips no matter how dry and chapped they are, my lips don't feel dry and cracked in the morning and I have gone through so many of these and have them in almost every coat pocket, handbag and makeup bag I own. Amazing.

Tips when starting a skincare routine:
 - You may be tempted to get all the acne fighting, drying, oil controlling products you can find and throw them all on your face at once, but this will have an adverse effect and will freak your skin out, especially if you are sensitive. The acne fighting products have mainly two ingredients in them which are Salycilic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, these can be very harsh and drying to your skin and applying too much will not be good for your skin and you will have more issues than you started with. Start out with gentle products that are hydrating (even with oily skin - see next tip) and gradually integrate acne products in and see what works for your skin and what doesn't. Don't do it all straight away.

 - Using drying products will strip your skin of it's natural oils, which then causes your skin to over produce oil to make up for what you have removed, this causes oily skin. So just trust me, try using gentle hydrating products at first to balance your skin, by all means use mattifying products or moisturisers, but with your cleansers, toners and treatments, don't go too harsh with too much alcohol and too much acne medicated products. You can even use oils to combat your skin over producing. But we won't get into that now.

 - If you have sensitive skin, go for products which are aimed for sensitive skin. Simple is a great brand (although their parent company Unilever isn't Cruelty free, if that's a concern) because they target sensitive skin, they don't have fragrance or alcohol or nasty chemicals and they are very transparent when it comes to their ingredients. Avene and La Roche Posay are available from Boots although slightly higher price than Simple but these have sensitive skin ranges within their brand which you may benefit from. Stay clear from alcohol, harsh chemicals and acne medications until you know your skin and can really establish what your skin is sensitive to and then you can patch test a spot treatment for example.

That's it, I hope you have enjoyed today's post and have maybe got some ideas for products to try from the drugstore if you're looking at starting your very own skincare routine. If you have any questions then please let me know and I will try my best to answer them.
Thanks for joining me for Skincare Week, I hope you enjoyed it. I have so much more content for you coming up so be sure to follow me on my social media to be notified when I post. I want to increase the number of posts I upload on a week but I shall see what's workable and what's not. 

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