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Best & Worst of Drugstore


To mark the start of Spring 2017, I thought I would do a theme week where I post every other day this week, and my theme for this week is all about drugstore products. Today's post in particular is the best and worst of drugstore makeup. 


Let's get started with some of my favourite base products from the drugstore. If you've been a reader of mine for a while this one comes as no surprise to you, the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer is one of my all time favourite primers ever but particularly from the drugstore as it preps the skin, hydrates, smooths, blurs and keeps things comfortable all day. If you want a smoothing, pore filling, mattifying primer then the L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream is the one I would recommend. The L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer is a great illuminating base from the drugstore (I just don't currently have one to include in the photos).

Finding a good foundation that matches my complexion from the drugstore is a bit of a hassle, but I have a select few that are close or that I can customise to match my fair skin. A reformulated foundation that I have recently discovered is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. They recently added some extra vitamins and revamped the formula and I personally think it's a great drugstore offering. It's definitely preferable over the serum/gel version which I just can't get on with. One that I always recommend if you struggle with finding your right shade is the L'Oreal True Match Foundation as it has 23 shades of this re-formulated and re-packaged foundation and I for one am a fan of it's new re-jig. It's a light weight medium coverage base that is great for everyday wear. However if you're looking for a more full coverage, long wearing foundation, the Revlon Colorstay is definitely the one I would chose. This has also recently had a revamp of it's packaging and I believe it's formula was adjusted slightly also but I really love that it has a pump and it's longevity and coverage never disappoints.

Color Correcting is a huge trend right now and brands are bringing out lot's of options which can be overwhelming. The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Colour Correcting Sticks are my favourites and although they have been out for quite a while now (see my original post on them here), I don't hear many people talking about them. I particularly like the Fake Away Dark-Circles to correct the darkness under my eyes, the All Is Calm Anti-Redness is what I use to cancel out redness from blemishes, and the Just Bright Tired-Skin is there for when my skin needs a pick me up after a late night or sleepless night. They're creamy, have the perfect amount of colour pay off and aren't chalky or drying at all. Another colour corrector/brightener that I use every day I wear makeup is the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer I use the Brightening shade which unfortunately can't be found in UK stores as far as I know but if you can get your hands on it, it's worth the extra few pounds to brighten your complexion.
For an actual concealer, my favourite from the drugstore is the NYX HD Concealer the shade Porcelain is great for my skin and covers even the worst of dark circles, blemishes and redness. Plus it lasts all day and doesn't crease (providing it's set properly).

To set it all in place, the L'Oreal Infalliable Setting Spray is my favourite setting spray that I have tried so far. I've repurchased it more than 3 times and I just love how it settles any excess powder, blends everything in and just melts makeup into the skin so it doesn't look like it's just sitting on top of your face as a mask, plus it increases the longevity of my makeup which is what you want in a setting spray most of the time so this gets a huge thumbs up.

On to the cheeks now and I thought I would start with contouring as that has been a massive trend and an everyday occurrence in my daily makeup routine and I've tried both drugstore and high end offerings alike. First is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette, this comes with 8 shades and you can get either the cream contour palette or the powder one, both of which I absolutely love (it's just the powder one looks a bit nicer in photos as the cream one is looking a bit worse for wear). Super pigmented, blendable, looks great on the cheeks. I love the cool taupey shade for contouring my cheeks and it looks natural on my skin.
If you're looking for something a bit more compact, the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Kits which are like their powder compacts, and it comes with a contour side and a highlight side. The shade Light/Medium has a really nice warm bronze powder which is great as a bronzer particularly for light skin tones, and Medium.Dark has a really pretty cool taupe brown perfect for creating a natural shadow under the cheekbones and to sculpt the face. The highlights in both are great for fair and dark skin tones so although they don't look like much, they're actually very versatile little kits.
For a cream contour I love the Collection Precise Contour Stick in Light which is literally a chubby crayon type product with a very pretty and natural contour shade that you can just draw on to your skin and blend out with a sponge or brush. Easy, fast and simple and is great for travelling.
As for blush, I haven't had an extensive look at the blushes, I know Sleek and NYX have some great ones but I really like the Maxfactor Creme Puff Blushes, I've compared these to the Hourglass Ambient Blushes and they really are very pigmented, blendable and look beautiful on the skin. There are 6 n the range I believe and I wish they would bring more out.

Now for the eye products and although not many, there are a few I wanted to mention.
The NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Brunette is the brow pencil I use everyday, I have repurchased it already and I love this brow pencil. Soap & Glory have amazing brow products, but I have recently been using this NYX one and have been really loving how it makes my brows look.
You are probably sick of me mentioning these but if you haven't tried them already then you definitely should. The Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palettes are some of the best I have tried. They're pigmented, easy to blend, they last all day, better than high end shadows I've tried, and although only 4 in each palette, they're £6 each which is amazing value for money and they have 6 or 8 palettes available now. I hope they continue to extend the range as I just love these shadows and cannot get enough of them. See my review and swatches post here.
I've not mentioned these little guys in a while but I do always have them in my everyday makeup bag. The L'Oreal Color Riche Eyeshadows are some of the most amazingly pigmented, shimmery, intense eyeshadows ever. My favourite is Cafe Saint Germain which is the most beautiful shimmery taupe purpley shade and I just cannot get enough of it.

When it came to lip products, most of the ones I own and wear are from the drugstore and with all the products I had in this post already, I had to slim line, so I wanted to share with you my favourite ranges of lip products. You know I love the Soap & Glory Matte Lipsticks and the Rimmel The Only One Mat Factor Lipstick, but here's the other lip products I love from the drugstore.
First the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets particularly the shades Plum Plum Girl which is the most beautiful plum raspberry shade ever and is my favourite berry tone I've found so far. Don't Pink of It a great light pink nude shade.
Possibly my favourite lip products ever from the drugstore and highend are the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Crayons, these are super incredibly pigmented and creamy, yet long lasting and so comfortable on the lips. They've been compared to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Crayons but I haven't tried those so I can't really comment, but I do really love these Maybelline ones and I really hope that they are going to release more shades.
When the liquid lipstick trend first came about, every brand jumped on it. But the formulas that I prefer are the moussey ones, hence the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets, but Revlon brought out their HD Lip Colours and although the shade range is very limited, they are a great thin and comfortable formula which dries matte but are still very easy to wear. They're not the most long lasting but they are still pretty decent and don't require much maintenance which is another thing I look for in a matte lip colour.
If you're more of a gloss gal, then the NYX Butter Glosses are my top picks. It took me a while before I actually tried these but when they became available in my local Boots I picked up 3 shades and I love them all. Great pigmentation, easy and comfortable to wear and smell delicious.
Lip liners are another massive trend that has come about in the last couple years and really the only one I have used continuously is the Rimmel Exaggerate East End Snob Lip Liner, it's the perfect everyday lip colour which you can either wear on it's own or with a lipstick and/or lip gloss over the top. I love that you can use it for matte formulas and creamier ones. It's supposedly a dupe for Pillow Talk Lip Cheat from Charlotte Tilbury which I haven't been able to try yet but I do intend on picking it up with the matching lipstick they have just released, so I will definitely do a post on these dupes if I feel they are.


Now on to the makeup products from the drugstore that didn't work for me. As with all these kinds of posts, I am not bashing the brand or the product, they just unfortunately didn't work for me. If they work for you then that's great and I am really pleased that they do.

First for the skin is the Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer and I really loved that this one has SPF 25 in it, it also says it is anti-pollution, anti-stress and leaves skin moisturised for up to 8 hours. The scent of this really put me off applying this to my face as I am sensitive to fragrance in products. But I did try it a couple times and found my makeup didn't go on very well over the top and it slipped and slid around my skin throughout the day. It's just not for me but I love that it has SPF in it which not many primers especially from the drugstore have.

On to base products now and first I wanted to mention the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Cushion Foundation which isn't included in the photo as I couldn't find the damn thing anywhere. There are so many amazing reviews on this product from both UK and US bloggers and YouTubers, but unfortunately the coverage was non-existent and it made my skin look so greasy which  I don't normally have a problem with as I like the glowy skin look, but this was just greasy and considering there's no coverage, it was a pointless product for me. I've seen that the new Maybelline Dream Cushion has a lot more coverage and is more of a natural matte finish so I may try it.
Speaking of Maybelline I have two foundations that just aren't my cup of tea and both for the same reason, the shade. I have the lightest shade in both the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in 115 (whilst researching I actually don't have the lightest shade, there is 105 so I may swatch that in stores and see if it's a closer match) and the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation in 01 Natural and neither of them are anywhere close to my actual skin tone. The ads on the TV are that you can find the right foundation for you with Maybelline, but no matter which formula I try, the shade is just way too dark, as in 5-6 shades too dark. The Matte + Poreless is a major hit with many bloggers and YouTubers which is why I wanted to try it out, and I love that it's a natural matte finish and blurs pores, mainly for normal to oily but it's not a drying formula so dry skins may be able to get away with it if the moisturise well. There are 19 shades and it's only £5.99 so it's not a major frustration like a high end foundation would be but I just wish I could wear it but it's just too dark.
As for the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation I purchased this with the Blender Sponge thing which was a massive flop. Absolutely pointless and I just didn't see how it could work as it's too hard and doesn't blend in anything. I do have the lightest shade in this foundation which is 01 Natural but it's still way too dark. I actually really like the feel of this on the skin as it's a soft matte finish but is still supposed to be hydrating so I really wanted the shade to work but it just doesn't. For £7.99 the price point is great but the shades need to be extended to go a few shades lighter than their current shades.
A foundation from L'Oreal now and the Infalliable Sculpt Foundation came out with the other Infalliable Sculpt Range and this is supposed to be the perfect contouring base to provide an even canvas for contouring. There are only two shades and this is because there are said to be smart pigments to match the skin tone and has a buildable coverage designed specifically as a base for contouring. I found this was a very pointless product, most liquid foundations will work as a base, I just didn't think this was a necessity and I didn't like the shade or the coverage or how it blended and wore on the skin.

As for cheeks, there are a few products that I just couldn't get on with. First is the L'Oreal Glam Bronze Cushion Soleil Bronzer, I picked this up the same time as the Cushion Foundation and I just found this way too orange, it only comes in one shade and it's just not a good match for my skin, the consensus for most of the products in this disappointing section. The cushion makeup turned has kicked off the last few months and even highlighters and blush are on the market in this form of packaging which I am keen to try, but this particular product is just way too orange and although I like how it applies, the wear time isn't anything to write home about and I just look like I've had a fight with the fake tan and lost majorly.
Another liquid/cream bronzing product is the Maybelline Dream Bronze BB Cream, and this one comes in two different shades which is great because you can't possibly think that one shade will work for every skin tone no matter how amazing you think the product is. This comes in a tube which does make more of a mess than the cushion packaging and you have to put it on the back of your hand or on a surface first which may not be suitable if you're in a hurry (but then again who wastes time putting liquid bronzer on when they're in a hurry). This product just didn't work for me mainly the shade but I also found it was patchy on the skin and although you can use it in foundations to warm them up a little, it's just not a suitable product for my skin tone.
Whilst I'm on the Maybelline train - and please don't think that I don't like anything from Maybelline because I really do it's just their base products don't tend to work for me - This is a powder Bricks Bronzer for Blondes and this is another bronzer that is just way too orange and I don't think whether you have blonde, brunette or red hair that this shade would work for any one. I really liked the idea that it has a shimmer brick style highlight in the corner, but unfortunately it's too dark to be a highlighter, for medium skin tones it might be okay but for fair and light, it's just not going to be suitable. Really disappointing because I love the Maybelline Master Sculpt Palettes which have beautiful bronzer/contour and highlighters in, but this guy just didn't do it for me.

This next one pains me to include in this part because I was so excited when these came out I ordered them immediately. The Soap & Glory Highlight & Sculpt Sticks, and if you're a regular reader then you will know how much I love most Soap & Glory products, but these were just a fail. There are 3 sticks, no other shades for each, these are the only ones they have. First there is the WonderBronze in SunDaze which is a cream bronzer, and this is just way too orange and shimmery, I tried it different times of the year, using different methods of applications and unfortunately it just wasn't a success. The next one is the cream blush Love At First Blush in Pink, Pop & Pearl and this is a very pretty pinky peach shade which looks beautiful when swatched, but on the cheeks it's just not a flattering shade for me and I was really disappointed because it's beautiful for the Spring/Summer months and the shimmer is just a tad too intense. Finally for these is the Glow All Out Highlighter in Ice Shimmer and at first I loved this and thought it was a beautiful shade, but after a few times using it, I realised it was just shimmer, there wasn't any colour pay off really and it's a beautiful icy shade with cooler undertones which is very unusual. These cream cheek sticks are £8 each so it's very disappointing that they just don't work for my skin tone.

On to the eyes now and I only have one product that is a standout fail and that is the Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette and they have brought out different versions of this palette like The Blushed Nudes and The Rock Nudes which again look pretty but after trying this palette I didn't want to waste the £9.99 when I could find something in the drugstore which is much better like the Collection Palettes or the extensive range from Makeup Revolution. Now this palette has a mix of very pretty shimmery and matte shades which makes a really pretty 12 shadow palette, but to my dismay when first trying this palette I found it didn't blend very well, the shadows crease regardless of whether I use a primer or not and they just don't look good on the eyes. The shades are beautiful but the pigment and quality is lacking.

On to lips now and only 3 products for this section that are stand outs.
First is a very popular collection from the drugstore and one I wish I could love, but the L'Oreal Collection Privee Lipsticks have such a bad overpowering scent that as soon as I put them on my lips I have to remove them immediately. I have tried other lipsticks from L'Oreal from different collections but this one was just not my favourite and although the shades are beautiful, the scent is just a no go.
I've included this next one in a Products Not Worth The Hype already which you can see here. But the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks were just incredibly disappointing, the shades were off they didn't look nice on the lips and they're very streaky when applying them.
Finally for today's post is the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks & Matte Lips, and now I have to admit the original ones before they re-packaged them were really nice and I loved how glossy and sheer they were, just a great product for everyday wear to just throw on. But they released new formulas and new shades of them and I just don't get on very well with these ones at all. The shades are very strange, they're not very wearable and especially for a glossy or matte lip they just don't look good. They're very drying on the lips and although they still smell the same, they're just not like the originals. I can't wear either the glossy ones or the matte ones and although the shades look nice in the tube, when applied they don't go well with my skin tone no matter how hard I try.

That's it for today's instalment of Drugstore Week. I hope you have enjoyed this Best & Worst of Drugstore. Be sure to come back on Wednesday to see my Drugstore Hair Care Routine.

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