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YouTube Made Me Buy It - A Trip Down YouTube Memory Lane


I am a massive YouTube watcher, and so you won't be too surprised to find that the products I purchase are mainly influenced by my favourite channels, and as I was writing up my haul from last week and looking through my collection, I realised just how much of my products were influenced by YouTubers, so I thought I would gather them together and show you them. This is only makeup, but if you would like to see skincare or hair care or anything else, then let me know.

BASE: First up is the base products and there's a few new faves and a few old faves.
1. First is the Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer now I have heard so many people go on about this, but I only purchased it recently after my new favourite-est YouTuber Coffee Break With Dani featured it in numerous of her GRWM's and so I just had to try it out. I picked up the sample size but I will definitely be purchasing the full size when I run out as I really do love it.

2. The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a long standing favourite amongst many a YouTuber, from Jaclyn Hill to Teni Panosian a.k.a. Miss Maven Dot Com to Samantha Reilly, they all love it and rave about it in multiple videos and so it was definitely a widely influenced purchased. I haven't used mine in a while and when I did I think it was drying out so I will pick this up when I finish my current concealer which I'll talk about next. But it's great coverage, feels nice under the eyes and doesn't get too cakey or gross under the eyes.

3. Similarly is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, oh boy when this came out I swear YouTube had a few heart attacks. Everyone and their Mum was trying it, most loving it, some of the most successful channels with millions of followers like Zoella and Nikkie Tutorials mentioned it numerous times. What I love about this is that the shade (yes it's the lightest shade they have) but it actually is light enough for me to the point where it almost highlights my under eyes (it's basically the same shade as my skin but brightens up my complexion slightly) why I really do appreciate. I've repurchased this and I love it.

4. For a more drugstore friendly concealer, there is at least one in every beauty blogger/youtubers collection I can guarantee it, is the Maybelline Anti-Age Rewind Concealer, I have the Brightening one as this is the only one light enough for my skin tone, however I have to purchase it online as it's not sold in the UK from what I have found. It's an amazing super light but really great coverage concealer, and it has a pink tone to it so it brightens and corrects darkness around the eyes and I definitely need that. I love that I can layer this with my Urban Decay Naked Skin and it doesn't get cakey or dry or look funky and Chloe Morello had a great video with tips for non-cakey concealer which stuck out to me because this Maybelline one was included in it and I always love how Chloe's  makeup looks.

5. Next is foundations and although most of the foundations I have were influenced by outside sources, these were the ones I felt the most compelled to buy simply because of other peoples reviews on them. First is the NARS Sheer Glow which I think everyone has in their collection or has tried at some point or another. I don't particularly like this foundation on it's own, although it does still look beautiful, I prefer to mix it with other foundations either because I want to lighten the colour of the other foundation, or I want to mix the formulas to create my perfect base. The lightest shade in this foundation is Siberia, in their other foundations I have got this shade and it's much darker, but I really appreciate that it's so light because I am so fair and have difficulties finding my shade that I have to customise pretty much every foundation I have except this one. Elanna Percherle, Zoella and Tanya Burr are all regular wearers of this foundation and have repurchased and included in favourites numerous times.

6. The Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick has been one that you may have seen come to the scene very recently. Hourglass is a luxury brand, so the fact that people still pay the price tag and recommend this foundation shows how good and serious their views are on it. Coffee Break With Dani is a massive fan of this foundation (I basically buy anything she recommends and loves), but Desi Perkins, Thataylaa, Nikkia Joy and Jamie Page are some of the many that love and rave about this product. It's full coverage, looks flawless on the skin, the shade is slightly too dark and yellow for me but I swipe some on my hand and then add a teeny bit of the NARS Sheer Glow to it and apply this to my face with a buffing brush or Beauty Blender and it looks amazing and lasts all day. Definitely a luxury product worth the hype - Do you want to see a post on luxury products worth the hype/price tag?

7. I was very late to the band wagon on this little guy but better late than never. Upon first impressions I wasn't sure about the IT Cosmetics CC Cream but after testing it out, mixing it with different products and trying different combinations of primers, moisturisers etc. I have finally fallen in love with it and can see why it gets so much hype. The YouTuber that finally tipped me over the edge and encouraged me to purchase it was, can you guess? Yep, Coffee Break With Dani, I know I seem like I'm obsessed with her, and well that's because I am, I just love her persona, how happy she is, she's beautiful and gives incredible reviews - plus I love her get ready with me's, they're like 72 hours long and just make my day whenever she uploads a new one. But Kathleen Lights, Shades of Kassie, Danna Ann, Michelle Crossan and so many more lovely ladies have shared the love for this product. The shade range for me sucks because I have fair and it's quite grey toned and not particularly fair at all, but it's better than some other BB and CC Creams that I've tried, they're normally quite dark so I was pleased that it doesn't take too much Sheer Glow to mix into it to get my shade. The SPF 50 is incredible and I love the skincare properties and benefits it gives. It's pretty easy to get your hands on now in the UK because it is on QVCUK (I purchased mine as part of a set - review is coming up very soon on the full set) so overall I love this product and you will definitely be seeing more of it from me.

8. Finally for base products is a tool and the Beauty Blender doesn't need much of an introduction I think as everyone and they're Nan uses one or something similar. To me, nothing compares to the Beauty Blender, and I know I'm not the only one who shares this opinion. But Real Techniques have come out with a few different variations of a beauty sponge, and many more companies are still coming out with their own take on it. I love the BB for just quickly bopping over my foundation to ensure there's no lines been made by the brush, and then I love to apply and blend in my concealer under my eyes and then dab a loose powder over the top of it just to set it. I also like to use it to tap in some liquid illuminator or liquid bronzer as I find it leaves a really natural finish and doesn't soak up too much of the product, just the excess. Anna from The Anna Edit has now come to the dark side with her love for this magic beauty sponge. Along with Ingrid Nilsen, Tati aka Glam Life Guru and CBWD has featured it in almost all of her tutorials she has uploaded. They're bringing out lot's of different variations of Beauty Blender now like the Micro Blenders, the Blusher Blender I think it's called. They're got different colours and a Pro Blender which is the black one that I use. So I have to say this was on almost everyone's channel when it first became popular and I kept seeing them so much I almost didn't want to give in to the hype, but then I finally paid the £16 for it and I have loved it and repurchased it ever since.  

CHEEKS: Now for the cheeks, and I have become a massive fan of blusher, bronzer, contouring and highlighting so get ready for some amazing recommendations and videos for you to watch.

9. The Anastasia Contour Kits, oh my goodness where do I even start with this little guy. I feel like this was one of the first if not the first contour palette to be released into the beauty masses and I have to say it took off like a storm. The growth of the contouring trend in the last few years has been exponential and I cannot believe even to this day just how popular it is. With all the contour kits coming out from both the drugstore and high end, I feel the Anastasia one will always be the original, the first love. If you go on to YouTube and type in Anastasia Contour Kit there are 256,000 results, from reviews, swatches, how to's, comparisons and so much more. Some of my favourites are from the likes of Laura Lee, Makeup By Tiffany D, Carli Bybel and LustreLux these are some of the girls that I first started watching on YouTube and to this day I can still remember seeing them using this palette, teaching me how to contour and highlight, how to sculpt out my pea shaped face.

10. Also from Anastasia is her Glow Kits and I remember the beauty world going crazy for these because again it was the first all shimmery highlighter palette to be launched if I remember rightly, and they really were stunning and flew off the shelves and were out of stock for months and months, even now she has just released a new one which is a mixture of the faves from all the Glow Kits. I for one love the shades in That Glow but SunDipped is also stunning. I am a massive highlighter fan and would bathe in the stuff daily if I could - well I pretty much do. To really learn how to use them and how to highlight properly are the wonderful Kathleen Lights, Nicole Guerriero, Michelle Crossan, Karima McKimmie, Shaaanxo and so many more.

11. A cult product now and Tarte have been a brand that I've had difficulty finding in the UK but they have recently become more available thanks to QVCUK and the Tarte website shipping to the UK, and one of the first products I tried from them, thanks to the 'Tubez is the Exposed Blush. I love this, it's my everyday blush, I love the colour, I love that it's matte, I love that it's long lasting and I love that it's just the right amount of pigmented that I get that perfect balance between nothing at all and clown status. This blush is my favourite ever and I have quite a few people to thank for this. Many from the UK but also from the US and around the world. But it was mainly Kathleen Lights, Estee Lalonde and Allana Davison.

12. For the last few years, Becca has become a brand that was in the spotlight, and even more so since Jaclyn Hill did a collab with them. I don't have the collab product that she did which was the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop, but I do have the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone which is one of my favourite highlighters ever. I love both the liquid and the powder, so they should both be in here really, but I mainly wanted to mention their highlighters in general. They have since come out with a cream/poured version but I'm yet to try this. Let's be real, everyone I watch has a part to play in why I purchased these but I just love the shade, it's a highlighter that you can see from space and I just love the formula, the look and how they wear through the day.

13. Another of my favourite (if not my favourite of all time) is TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. This is, the most beautiful, pigmented, crazy-ass highlight I've ever used and although I don't think I would ever run out of it, I would repurchase a thousand times over if I needed to. I love this and I think anyone who likes makeup and highlighter has this in their collection but this was the first highlighter I ever purchased and tried. So I didn't start off subtle and gradually build up the glow, I just went full throttle and I've never looked back. A YouTube/Beauty community wide purchase for many I bet and has appeared in many a favourites videos - like Claire Marshall's.

EYES & LIPS: The lips section is a little lacking although when I think about it there have been a few other products I have purchased under influence of others but none that really stand out. But first, the eyes...

14. When I first started watching YouTube, the Lorac Pro Palette the very first one, had literally just hit the shelves and everyone went bonkers for it. I saw it everywhere and it took me about 6 months to finally purchase it as the only place I could get it from that had it in stock was Nordstrom and the P&P was extortionate but I was so desperate for it that I just couldn't not get it. I used it every day I wore makeup for about a year and I still love this thing, I just haven't used it in a while because like other bloggers I have other things I'm trying out, and my Zoeva ones have taken the place of like every other palette I own. But to continue with the theme, some of the first YouTubers I started to watch were Mallory1717, Zoella (when she was like white platinum blonde with super long hair and lot's of eyeliner), Lily Pebbles, Shaaanxo, and Casey Holmes. A total mixture of styles and countries but I sat and watched so many tutorials to learn how to apply eyeshadow properly as I was a total novice when it came to makeup when I first discovered YouTube Beauty Videos.

15. The other palette that I purchased purely from recommendations on YouTube videos was the Tarte Tartelette Palette and the Tartelette In Bloom Palette. Both are so beautiful and I had never tried Tarte eyeshadows before buying the original Tartelette Palette but I just had to try them because it was everywhere. The In Bloom Palette hasn't been out all that long, maybe about a year, so some of my favourite tutorials/reviews are Coffee Break With Dani, Fleur De Force and Allana Davison, I just love that this one has shimmery shades in whereas the first palette didn't. Definitely a good purchase.

16. Alright on to mascara and I'm not really a high end mascara kind of girl. I prefer my drugstore ones, but when I have purchased more expensive ones, I have loved them and raved about them, the same as everyone else. So first is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara which I actually got as a sample with Elle Magazine I believe, and as soon as I tried it I loved how it made my lashes looked and how it did everything I wanted it to do. Before I received and tried it, I had been catching it on quite a lot of channels and blogs and it got me very excited. The They're Real Mascara was one of the brands best seller, but this over took that in what seemed like hours as they flew off the shelves and everyone raved about them from Fleur De Force to Ingrid Nilsen.

17. But I have to say, the mascara that in my opinion got the most hype was the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I hate the name, I think it's ridiculous, and this was another one of those products that I didn't want to follow the hype so I refused to buy it and try it out. Everyone said it gave you spidery thick lashes, that's not the kind of mascara I go for so I put it off and put it off (for two and a half years, constantly hearing about how amazing it was), in the end I gave in and was about to purchase it, and on the same day I got it in a Glossybox and I instantly tried it and fell in love and I have used it ever since. Everything they said about it giving your lashes amazing volume was correct, but I don't find that it makes my lashes spidery or anything. I actually use this one first, and then the Roller Lash over the top on a daily basis and I love how my lashes look. Although I didn't initially buy the first one technically, I will repurchase.

18. Last but not least is my one and only lip product for today's post. This was actually more of an Instagram influence but I wanted to include it anyway because I did see a lot of hype about them on YouTube also and that is the NARS Velvet Lip Glide and I purchased the shade Bound as I wanted an everyday mauve nude lip colour that was comfortable yet long lasting. I definitely found that in this formula and since purchasing I have seen so many people say how much they love this shade - like Dacey Cash who featured it in a favourites video I believe and raved about it for ages. The reason Instagram was my reason for wanting to try it was because the posts they had on the whole range were amazing. Incredible shades and saying how comfortable and long lasting they were really caught my eye. Definitely one for the wishlist and I really want to get more shades. 

Okay, that's it. If you made it to the end, well done. So you know most of my favourite YouTubers to watch, but there are some others that I recommend so if you want to see a post on them then let me know. I love watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and seeing new things featured on Instagram, so I have made a lot of influenced purchases. If you want to see more like my skincare products or hair care or something then please let me know as I have quite a lot to show you still.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Be kind, and take care.

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