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January Favourites


It's here. The end of the first month of 2017. WTF? Can we just take a minute to remember how fast that's gone, but also how lucky we are to still be here. My outlook on a lot of things has recently been changed and I have to say I can truly appreciate waking up in the morning and thinking how lucky I am to have been able to do so. Anyway, enough of that, here's what I have been loving for January 2017.

MAKEUP: This month I have pretty much done a very similar look, because it's just been a quick and easy look that I can do without thinking about it too much. And these are the products that have helped me to achieve said look (you will see it in a Makeup Menu coming on Sunday).

Up first is so luxury makeup goodies from the makeup Queen herself Charlotte Tilbury. I rediscovered the Filmstar Bronze & Glow again this month. It had been stuck in my drawer whilst I was using other products, but I dug it out again over Christmas and have loved how it looks on my fair skin during winter. It gives a beautiful bronzey glow, and I have even been using the bronze shade to contour (using some tips stolen from Coffee Break With Dani) and I love how it looks. Not only have I used it for the cheeks but also for the eyes too as it creates a super fast and simple look, simply add mascara and you're good to go. I have also been using the Instant Look In a Palette from CT but in particular the highlight powder. This is such a stunning highlight shade and I use this almost as my first layer, and then I go in with the Becca Moonstone Pressed Highlight because that really adds a pop of intense sparkle that my dull ass skin has been desperate for the last few weeks. 
If I am feeling extra chubby in the face and need some extra help in the contour department, the Collection Precise Contour Crayon in Light has been just the thing to carve out my non-existent cheekbones for a sculpted look. I blend this out lightly with the Real Techniques Targeted Blending Brush and it does wonders for for my pea sized/shaped head.

On to the eyes and my mascara combo of the last few months has done wonders for my straight horse-like lashes. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara with the Benefit Roller Lash layered over the top looks incredible and like I am wearing falsies. I've been using a dark eyeshadow and doing faux liner rather than liquid liner and I love that this just adds extra depth to the lashes. I've also been skipping on mascara on my lower lashes and it's helped a lot with smudging and with my eyes feeling tired and heavy. 

As for lips, the NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound is such a unique yet incredible lip product that I've barely had time for anything else. It's a beautiful cool toned mauve rose shade that is my perfect shade for lip products as you'll be able to see with the next product. But I thought it would be a matte lipstick, but oh no, it's way better than that. It's a pigmented velvety lip cream almost which has a glossy, no more like a satin finish, but it does dry on the lips eventually and it's really comfortable. I love that it's pigmented and long lasting but it's easy to wear. As for the next one, when I want something matte, I go for the Soap & Glory Matte Lipstick in Blush Pink now this is identical in colour to the NARS but I like to apply a little on my lips and then smudge it out with my finger so it's like a blurred lip stain rather than a full on matte lipstick. My lips have been so dry that this is just the best way for me to wear a matte lipstick right now.

FRAGRANCE: This is one of my favourite fragrances ever. The 212 Sexy from Carolina Herrera. I received this gift set for Christmas but I already had a bottle of the perfume opened and that I was using. I have gone through umpteen bottles of the stuff because I love it so much and would ask for a bottle every year. I love how it smells, it's got that deep, sexy, musky note to it that I luurrrve, but it's not too dark that it's too obnoxious to wear during the day. This stuff is the shizz nizz. 

HAIR: This month I have used two products to style my hair in the morning and that has been pretty much it. The Fudge Urban Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Texture Spray is a texture spray I have been trying this month and it goes with the Dry Shampoo that I had been using previously and I really like both of them. The scent is a tad overpowering but still amazing. But, the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. Oh my days this is amazing. It smells delish but it just does something to my hair that I can't even begin to describe. I always sound so dramatic when talking about products but that's because if I was talking to a friend about these products this is how I would talk to them. It's pricey though and I've ran out of this little sample, but I've brought another texture spray to try which I think you will recognise but I had to jump on the band wagon for myself to see if I like it, so watch this space.

ACCESSORIES: This month I really discovered my love for choker necklaces. I mean I love them, but I really discovered them. A simple thin black velvet choker is a great way to dress up a look and add that little extra zing to your outfit. The think leather look cord with a thinner layered necklace with a triangle is possibly my favourite choker so far. Over the next month or so I will be trying some other chokers and may do a post on it if you fancy seeing my favourites or ones I don't like maybe?

Rings are a favourite of mine all the time but there has been a few in my collection that I have just been drawn to. The gold leaf on a simple silver hammered band I like to wear on my index finger. Then I have a silver Pandora ring which goes on my ring finger, and then a silver open circle ring which goes on my other index finger. I love how these 3 look together but I can also wear them seperately and they look just as awesome. I have some new rings on their way and I am so excited to show you them.

I received the Marc by Marc Jacobs Earrings as a gift from my brother and sister in law and I have been wearing them every single day. I don't wear many earrings but these I just love as they're not too dressy but they still look great no matter what outfit you're wearing, smart or casual.

These sunglasses though. Holy. Cow. I. Am. In. Love. I got them from Etsy and you can find them on the Retro & Me store here. I can't explain how much I love these. I got some Quay Australia Sunglasses but these have just been my go to's since I got them.


INTERNET: I have been binge watching Coffee Break With Dani  on YouTube and I have been loving the Get Ready With Me's that she does and I just love her happy positive outlook on life and the world. She has really inspired me and I have learnt a lot from her and been trying her product recommendations. I have also been doing my makeup the same as her using some of the same techniques and order and I really love the outcome. I've also rediscovered my love of eyeliner on the bottom waterline because of her. Definitely recommend you checking out her social media and YouTube Channel.
P.S I will be doing a makeup look and post using what I have learnt from her so keep your eyes peeled for that, because I have found some gems of products that have been amazing for me and my troublesome skin and I love that she is obsessed with sheet masks, and pandas, and concealer.

I have got some exciting things coming up during February including some new products, another instalment of How To Style: and on Sunday I have my first ever Monthly Makeup Menu. So be sure to come back and subscribe to my social media so you can be notified when I upload and post. 

Au Revoir!

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