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It's the month of lurrvee. Yep, it's that time of year again where we celebrate the ones we love. I personally am not a massive fan of Valentines Day, I think we should be showing people we love them all year round not just because February 14th has a name of it's own. But anyway, enough of that, let's get into the beauty box battle for February.


What I love about this months Birchbox is that it's not your typical pink or red box with all kinds of pink and red products. It's a collaboration with Papier and the theme is Express Yourself, a British stationary brand who designed two amazing boxes with Birchbox and included some beauty goodies that are great for expressing yourself. See what you think...

SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS Marbleous CO6 Tulip Eye Contour Brush £5.99
This was last months SNEAK PEAK and I have been super excited as I love this brand and it looks stunning anyway. 
Crafted from synthetic bristles, this fluffy tapered brush is great for getting extra definition in your crease and outer corner to really sculpt and accentuate your eyes. I love these brushes and this collection with the white handle and copper/rose gold ferrell is just beautiful and very on trend. 

POP BEAUTY Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Mocha £15.50
This is an eyeshadow trio, the full size actually has 10 beautiful shades in it but I love the range in this little trio as they're my standard everyday kind of shades. I've found some POP Beauty shadows to be quite chalky but these are so beautiful and soft, so I am really excited to see how these last on the eyes as they're super creamy and pigmented and if I really like them I'm sure you'll see it again.

BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray £21
A detangling, conditioning, nutrient rich formula which is gentle on dry and damaged hair and instantly nourish your strands. I love these kinds of products, because I can be quite lazy when it comes to my hair and so if I can use a product that does everything I need all in one, then I am a happy camper. I've never heard of this brand before which is one of the reasons why I love these subscription services so I shall definitely be giving this a try. 

SEBAMED Clear Face Care Gel £5.69
This is really intriguing to me actually because it looks like a prescription grade skincare product (it's actually a medicinal skincare brand), it's claims and how it works all sounds great. So they say that this is a targeted skin treatment to help heal spots without drying the skin. It has Hyaluronic Acid which actively helps to moisturise dehydrated areas for soft and smooth skin. It's free from oils and emulsifiers so it shouldn't interfere with any of your other products or ball up or anything like that.
I've not heard of this brand before but I have looked them up and their products and their claims sound incredible as they say their high active ingredients in their products cleanse and nourish the skin without damaging the skins natural acid mantle protection. They don't just do facial skincare products they also do body care and body wash, shampoo and sun protection. It's really interesting so check out their website here, I became engrossed in it for ages looking through their products and their claims so it may be just what you're looking for.

KEEOME Hydration Mask Therapy £29 for 6
It says in big bold writing near the RRP on the card that these are normally £66 although not sure where this is that they're sold for that much (if that made any sense), but I was thinking even £29 for 6 is still pretty expensive but I guess for less than a fiver they're not the bad value for money. Anyway, this is a hydrating sheet mask which revitalises skin, it's recommended to leave on for 25 minutes to allow the Mulberry Extracts and the blend of Vitamins to sink into the skin, to soothe and brighten tired and dull skin. Sounds great to me so I will give this a go, although I'm working my way through the other sheet masks I've been getting in subscription boxes as I don't use those too often as I prefer my mud and treatment masks but I'll get to them eventually.

That's it for this months Birchbox.  Want to know what will be in next months box... SPOILER ALERT...

SNEAK PEAK: Benefit They're Real Double The Lip is included in every box next month, emails will be sent to pick which shade you want to receive in March's Birchbox.

** 25% off your next order at papier.com - just enter BIRCHBOX at checkout **


This months Glossybox is all about Valentines Day and whether it's sitting at home having a girls night in, or out at a restaurant with your other half, these are great little additions to help you look and feel your best. So here's what's in February's Glossybox.

JEANNE ARTHES L'Eau De Rose Eau De Parfum £20
I'm not really one for florally scents, I prefer more musky deeper perfumes, so my Mum will probably be getting this one to add to her ever growing perfume collection (she's getting as bad as me with my skincare, she's such a perfume hussy but shhh don't tell her I said that). Anyway, this is a very elegant floral perfume, it's a modern twist on your traditional rose scents and so it doesn't smell like the old lady rose fragrance you normally associate with the scent, but more of a classic twist, which strangely enough is what they put in their little blurb on the card but a bit more eloquently than my bunch of word randomly put together. But overall it's a nice scent, it's not too overpowering but I sprayed it on my scarf and it lingered for a while so hopefully a long lasting perfume.

LA THEORIES DE VOLCANS Noire Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub £26
I have never heard of this brand never mind this exfoliator but the packaging really drew me in and it fits the price tag in my opinion and I can imagine this on a Space NK shelf or something. Basically, from the few English words on the packaging it's a mineral-rich volcanic, purifying mask scrub and it contains fruit  extract and citric acid so I imagine it does a little chemical exfoliating action whilst sitting on your skin and then a manual exfoliation when massaging onto skin. What is most exciting to me is that it's pink. Pink? PINK. I don't normally like pink but I love pink skincare products. How many more times can I say pink? It's 90% natural, vegan, silicone and paraben-free. I can't wait to try this out.

GARNIER Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restore Balm £4.49
This is a strange little sample of hair product, but I have tried the Shampoo and Conditioner from this range before and I found it quite heavy for my hair so I never ended up finishing the products. But I didn't try this and it sounds perfect for my hair. It's a hair mask that leaves hair glossy and nourished, it only takes max of 5 minutes which is great considering I get impatient when waiting for masks of any kind. I'll give it a try. Not too excited about this though.

CIATE LONDON Paint Pot in Iced Frappe £9
I think I have had this shade before, or something very similar. I don't really remember what the formula and lasting power of these polishes is like but I've been hearing a lot about Ciate recently, particularly their makeup line which I'm yet to try, but I'm glad this came in this months box because I have been looking for a neutral pink polish for a while and I really loved how it looked when I swatched it on my nails for the above photo. So this may be my new go-to. If you've tried any of the makeup from Ciate please let me know what you recommend and I may just pic a few bits and bobs up to try from them. Would you like to see a post if I do and what I purchased and my thoughts?

MEMEME Beat The Blues in Oyster Gold
I got so ridiculously excited about this I used it the very next day when I did my makeup. Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed. I have had these kind of illuminators before, one from this brand also just in the pink shade, and I really like them. The shade of this one is a beautiful golden champagne colour and oh my goodness it looks stunning. But when blended in to the skin it just looks like nothing. I was so sad because I like my highlight to be noticeable, even on an every day basis if I'm wearing makeup, and this just didn't give the boost that I wanted. I did layer it with a powder highlight on top but this product unfortunately just didn't do it for me. I will probably use it mixed in to my foundation or moisturiser if I'm not wearing any or some makeup but I really wanted this to be like the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors and I don't know why I thought it would be but it didn't. It's still really pretty but as a very subtle highlight or mixed in with something for a very, very, very subtle glow.

That's it for this months Glossybox. I really liked most of the products in here, apart from the Garnier Hair Balm thingy ma jiggy, and the illuminator from MEMEME was a tad disappointing, but everything else I really liked and can't wait to try out more

Want to see what's going to be in March'x box? SPOILER ALERT...

SNEAK PEAK: In March's box there will be a choice of four Sleek Palettes. With only 48 hours to pick I best be sharp and keep an eye out on my email. 

It's a difficult one but I would have to say the GLOSSYBOX wins it this month because although Birchbox had the Spectrum Brush and the Sheet Mask from Keeome, Glossybox stole the show with the PINK Face mask, Ciate Nail Polish, and the MEMEME Beat The Blues Illuminator no matter how subtle it is I still love the shade of it.

I am really looking forward to next months box. If you don't know I will be having surgery on my hip on the 21st February and I'm going to be off work for about 6 weeks so I am making sure I have things to look forward to to cheer me up and hopefully even though I will be doing a lot of physio I want to still be able to get some good content up for you so I hope you like what is to come. I have so many ideas that I don't think I'll have much time to rest leading up to or after the surgery. If you have any requests, recommendations or just stuff you want me to talk about on my blog or social media then let me know.

If you missed last months BIRCHBOX VS GLOSSYBOX then click here

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