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My Top 5 Discoveries of 2016


I've already uploaded my 2016 favourites which you can check out HERE, but I wanted to also share with you my top 5 discoveries from the last 12 months. Discovering new products that then become my everyday staples makes me very happy, and these are those products from 2016...

First is the the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, which became my all time fave concealer as soon as I used it. It ticks every box for me in what I look for in a concealer:
Light enough for my pale ass skin ✔
Light weight ✔
Full coverage ✔
Long Lasting ✔
Price point isn't too bad either.
Finding a concealer which has every box ticked and continues to impress me 6 months after originally purchasing is a concealer that will be sticking around and has a permanent place in my makeup bag. No other concealer I have tried even comes close and if I ever stray away, I know 100% that this is my number one. A tad dramatic? I know but it's so good I just can't even express how awesome it is.

The product which is my must have, staple, cannot live without makeup item is the Lightening Drops from The Body Shop. These were released this year and I have to say they are my favourite launch EVER. These are shade adjusting drops, simply add some to your foundation which may be too dark for you, and you can custom mix your perfect shade. I use this on the daily as I have such fair skin that there are only a handful of foundations I can use. Not only does this allow me to get a perfect match but it has also broadened my horizons in terms of what I can use, as I can get the lightest shade in a range and still make it work with my skin. It's just genius and I am so grateful to The Body Shop for creating this life saver. I've gone through two bottles already and I just cannot believe how much this has changed my life. They also have Darkening Drops so ifnyou have the opposite problem to me where foundations are too light then these are what you need to try out.

Next is the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium, which is the best contour powder I have tried for my fair skin. It's pigmented and blends out nicely, doesn't look ashy or muddy on my skin, and I like to put the Anastasia Cream Contour in Fawn or the Collection Precise Contour Crayon in Light underneath to give it a base so it lasts all day, and either of these combinations look bloody fantastic. Although it's quite pricey and you don't get a huge amount of product, it's so pigmented you don't need to use much so it's going to last a while.

I've not featured these on my blog yet but I will have a review and swatches of them coming up very soon. I discovered these at the end of the year so I'm cheating a little bit but who cares, it's my post I can include what I like. So I finally took the plunge and purchased 3 of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks, they're expensive for a lipstick but not as bad as some others I've seen. So first I got the Hot Lips in Secret Salma, which is a perfect MLBB nude shade. Then Love Liberty which is the most beautiful berry shade which is my go to. Then I picked up Glastonberry which is a dark purpley berry kind of tone, a little out of my comfort zone as it's darker than I normally go for but her, that's part of the fun of trying out makeup. These are the most beautiful and amazing lipsticks I have ever seen. The packaging is beautiful but that goes without saying really, they glide on the lips like butter, even though they are a matte formula. Best of all they last a really good time on the lips, although not as long as I had hoped, unless I just have the worst lips as I find nothing stays on them as long as they say or what other people have said. But definitely a top discovery of the year.

On to fragrance now and I didn't actually choose this, my boyfriend picked this out for me after I said once in passing that I liked the scent of it. I like musky, deeper scents, the more night time/going out kind of fragrances. The floral or fruity ones just aren't really my thing, but this was the perfect blend, I suppose I should mention what it is right? The Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum, I have used up an entire bottle already this year and I still keep sniffing the empty bottle. I have some others I am going to work through first but I have to say I really love this perfume and it's definitely one of my top 3, if not number one.

That's it for today, I would love to know what your top discoveries of the year were, and if you have any recommendations of products to try then leave them in the comments or on my social media. Happy Sunday guys.

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