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It's the first Birchbox VS Glossybox of 2017 and we have a clear cut winner in the January battle of the boxes. Each have taken very different approaches to make their box stand out and kick start 2017. One is a bit of a dud this month, but the other really did start as they mean to go on and I just hope that they continue it throughout the year. Let's get into the goodies.


Sprinkle Happiness is the theme for the first Birchbox of 2017 and it's all about helping Birchboxers start the year off on the right foot and giving them the tools to do so with lot's of tips on the cards inside the box but also online.

LORD & BERRY Concealer Crayon in Ivory £12 FULL SIZE
Up first a concealer, and with these kinds of crayon concealers I find that they're just too drying on my skin and don't provide a lot of coverage. When first swatching this on my hand it felt very creamy but when I blended it out only very lightly with my finger it just blended into nothing. I have to see this didn't impress me at all, but that's not saying the brand isn't good because there are products from them I do like.

NUXE Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Shimmer £20
I don't like to diss brands/products/companies but unfortunately this also didn't excite me when I saw it as I have received this in two past Birchboxes before, one with the shimmer in and one without and I wasn't really blown away by either of them. So this really let me down, along with the next product...

MONU PROFESSIONAL MONUSpa Rosewood Reviving Mist £19.95
Another duplicate which I've had in a past Birchbox. This is a facial mist which although has some great ingredients in like Rosewood Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Lemon Peel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, it just doesn't blow me away, it doesn't make a noticeable difference to my skin and although it's only a face mist, I do tend to see or feel a bit of a difference but with this one I just don't. It smells very herbal and the scent can be overpowering sometimes, this one just doesn't do it for me. But maybe you will have better luck.

MERCI HANDY Hand Cream in New Wave £4.90 FULL SIZE
A hand cream, there's not much to say about a hand cream really, but in the winter months when it gets really cold and skin tends to get really dry and cracked, this is a handy (haha - get it) thing to have in your bag. It smells delicious, very sweet, and it sinks into the skin and is very nourishing. This is going straight into my handbag and although it's "only a hand cream" it is a really nice one from my first impressions.

JOHN FREIDA Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner £6.99
A good hair mask is essential to keep your locks nice and nourished in this cold weather. Whether you're in England or New York, the cold can dry and damage your hair so a good deep conditioner/mask is a great one a week treatment. Simply leave in for a minute and then rinse, you're left with silky smooth and shiny hair. That's the idea anyway. I will put it to the test although being a foil packet I don't know how many uses I can get out of it and whether it will be enough to form a proper review, but I do have short hair so it may last me a few washes.

SNEAK PEAK: So I am really excited about this sneak peak, as Birchbox have promised a Full Size Spectrum Collections Brush in EVERY Box for February. I love these brushes and I can't wait to see what it will be.


To kick start off 2017, Glossybox has created a superfood-inspired box that will transform your beauty routine. Introducing The Edible Edit.

If you're a regular around these parts then you will have seen that I love the NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix range, but I've never actually tried anything else. This Kale Fix Moisturiser is packed with a blend of Kale, Watercress and Almond Oil to enrich and protect skin against external aggressors from pollution to stress. While the concentrated Aloe Vera and Shea Butter soothe and smooth your skin. This sounds delightful especially because it is getting colder and colder outside and snow is just around the corner. 

I love it when they put in a full size skincare product, and I have received a face mask from this brand before which I tried a few times but it ended up at the back of the shelf as I had lot's of others to try too. But I will get back round to it. Anyway, this is a gentle cleansing milk with nourishing natural oils that help purify and protect the skin by removing impurities and makeup. This can be used both morning and evening. The only issue I have with it is that it does have fragrance in it so if you have sensitive skin then this may irritate your skin. I know I can't use many skincare products with fragrance in so I will have to see how it goes, but hopefully as it's a product that doesn't stay on your face long and gets washed off I may be able to make it work. 

I love when I receive a little teaser of a palette. I haven't tried many of TheBalm eyeshadows, but the ones I have have all been incredible. This is an incredible matte burgundy brown shadow which is so pigmented you barely need to press your brush into it. I can't wait to create some looks with this. It will be outside of my comfort zone putting burgundy tones on my eyes but I am very excited to try it out anyway. Do you want to see what I do like a tutorial type thing?

Another skincare product now and this is a sheet mask, I have been trying out a few different sheet masks recently to see if any really stand out and do amazing things for my skin so this will definitely be getting tested. This is a Korean Face Mask which contains Manuka Honey which is amazing for nourishing and hydrating the skin, it also has Aloe Leaf Juice that will soothe and calm the skin. Another great product for the colder months. Again this does have fragrance in it but it is the very last ingredient so I am hoping it won't irritate my skin but I shall have to try it out. 

The final product in this months Glossybox is this natural and organic multi-purpose balm. Everyone needs one of these in their life, again with a winter essential wherever you are in the world, you can't escape chapped lips, dry skin or even flakey scalp. It contains Castor Oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil  and Vitamin E which are all well known for the nourishing, moisturising and soothing properties so this is definitely going to have a place on my bedside table (if I can find one, it's rather messy right now). Plus there's no Mineral Oil, Silicones, Parabens, Alcohol or Water. 

The Winner is...

This months winner was clear cut to me. I was very disappointed in the Birchbox but Glossybox really nailed it with their products so it obviously has to be Glossybox. They really seem to have thought about the products, the time of year, they've stuck to the theme with everything and what's even better is I will use every single one of them. Whereas with Birchbox I will probably only use the Deep Conditioner and the Hand Cream. 

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