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The Weekly Round Up #148


I hope you all had a great week and start of the month. The weather has been pretty cold and miserable in the UK so I have been trying out some new things to try and cheer myself up and not be so depressed with the crappy weather outside. So here's the makeup and skincare I have been loving along with some jewellery pieces, a TV show and a couple songs too. 

MAKEUP: There's some new makeup products in todays faves that I've been trying out which you will see more of in my upcoming haul on Wednesday, but I wanted to mention them here too as I really have been loving them so far. First is the new Hourglass Lighting Edit, now this is a beauty to look at inside and out and I have to say, Best. Packaging. Ever. Who doesn't love marble and a sleek palette, they go hand in hand and are perfect to house the amazing products inside. There will be a full review on this soon too which I hope you come back for but for now, just look at it's beauty. 
next is the NARS Velvet Soft Loose Powder, I have been looking for a loose powder for a while and I contemplated getting the infamous Laura Mercier but I decided on this when I saw it's claims. I love that it is a loose powder so it doesn't leave any cakey or powdery look on the skin and it's so light weight but still does what I need. Plus it doesn't mattify my complexion completely, it leaves a bit of a glow which is exactly what I was looking for.

I've been very focused on contouring recently in case you hadn't noticed and one product I keep coming back to and have come to rely on is the Collection Precise Contour Stick in Light as it's very easy to apply and blend and it's long lasting. Great for beginners or if you're in a rush. 

Last week you would have see the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette as I love this for the Autumn months, but I dug out the Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette and I have been loving this too. I like using it to define the outer corner, add some shimmer to the eyelid and then add some winged liner for good measure. Simple, fast and great for everyday wear. 

I've been wanting to get my hands on these for a while but I never got around to it but this week I have been obsessed with the Fleur De Force Lip Glosses in the shades Written In The Stars and Starry Starry Night. One is a beautiful nude, and the other a raspberry kind of shade, very pigmented, very moisturising and they have an amazing vanilla scent which makes them a pleasure to apply an wear. They're a lot more pigmented than other glosses but I really do love how they feel and look o the lips. I have been testing out the Laura Gellar Lip Liner in Cabernet which I received in this months Look Fantastic Box which you can see here, to see how it lives up to it's claims. 

SKINCARE: As for skincare I made a little online order at The Body Shop and have been experimenting with a few new additions to my skincare regime. Firs is the Wonderblur which I've been actually using as a primer so it should really be with the makeup products. But this is an imperfection correcting, pore perfecting product that smooths the skin and preps ready for makeup. Again, more info will be in my haul but this is a great product and I am very much liking it so far. 
Next is the Aloe Instant Soothing Rescue Gel which I like to apply before my SPF in the morning. It's a lightweight gel which doesn't leave my skin feeling parched or in need of some sort of hydration as the temperature has definitely dropped here in the UK and this is providing my skin with the perfect level of moisture and hydration. As for any troublesome spots which I have had issues with this last week, the Tea Tree Imperfection Daily Solution has really stepped up and helped with any skin issues. Finally is lip balm and I have mentioned this little guy before but I really don't give it enough credit. When my lips are in desperate need of some TLC and the cold weather has well and truly taken it's toll, the Carmex Original Lip Balm is my saving grace. I don't know how it does it but it softens, smooths, moisturises and so much more and my lips were dry and chapped and at the worst but this always manages to perk them up and save the day. I prefer the original formula as I find it works best for me but they do have other flavours. 

JEWELLERY: I am a daily ring wearer, I can't help it, I just have a thing for wearing multiple rings, this week I purchased this Feather Ring and this Circle Ring and I have fallen in love. I tend to wear them on my index fingers but I really love how they go with anything and how they just look delicate yet give a little something extra to my look. I tend to wear exclusively Pandora but these were a great price and exactly what I've been looking for for a long time. 

Last week I mentioned watching an amazing TV show called Beauty & The Beast and this week I have pretty much finished the entire show - give or take a couple episodes - and I have to say it's one of the best I've seen, I know I say that about a lot of shows but this one really was a great one. I am more into the action and adventure or the sci-fi and horror kind of genres but this one has a bit of everything including the more amazing love story too. It's definitely one you want to watch with your girlfriends or with a tub of Ben & Jerry's. 

To go with the TV show BATB I rediscovered an artist called Charlene Soraia particularly her version of Wherever You Will Go which is one of the songs taken from the TV series. It's such a beautiful song but I have to say I prefer this version a teeny bit more than the others I've heard from the likes of Boyce Avenue and even the original from The Calling. She has such a beautiful voice and it's definitely an emotional song, probably not the best if you are going through a break up or having a shitty time of it lately as it's quite sad and depressing. Hey I thought I would warn you.
I also discovered James Arthur's Say You Won't Let Go which reminds me a lot of the TV show too because I have been watching that constantly and then listening to these two songs a lot. I love his voice and although I downloaded his album, I only really like this song. It just has some incredible lyrics, a great story and it just means something to me, I can relate, being in love and having someone special to hold on to, plus if you're a hopeless romantic at heart these tick those boxes too. Anyway, enough of that, I love these songs and they're definitely ones I would recommend you checking out if you haven't already. 

You will see most of these products I've mentioned in my haul but I want to go into a bit more detail and if you want to see reviews or swatches on anything then let me know. Plus if you have any more songs from either of these artists that you think I will enjoy then I would love to check them out.

Happy Sunday Friends!

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