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Products Not Worth The Hype


I am always searching for the next best thing in all categories of beauty, but some things, despite the hype, but sometimes disappointing products slip through. I don't have many, but here's the products that I've regretted purchasing and that just didn't live up to the hype.

Up first is the L'OrĂ©al Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, a liquid foundation soaked in to the cushion, this particular formula provides a very lightweight coverage and gives a dewey finish. It comes in 7 shades (I am the lightest) and has SPF25 in which is always good no matter what time of year it is.  It's a drugstore product but the price is on the high spectrum considering regular L'Oreal Foundations are around £10 or less, as this is £14.99.
But this just doesn't work for me. It makes me look greasy not dewey, it does nothing in terms of coverage whether I use a sponge or a brush and I just don't like the product in general. I haven't tried any other Cushion foundations but I know Lancome have just come out with one that has a more medium coverage so maybe that will be more suitable for my needs. But this little guy just isn't for me and I am so disappointed because pretty much anyone who has tried it in the Youtube/Bloggersphere has loved it and there was such a massive hype about it which is what made my purchase it in the first place.

Up next is the Becca Under Eye Brightening Correctorwhich is supposed to counteract dark circles and give your under eye area a brightened more awake appearance. Becca claims it's a full coverage, peachy pink under eye corrector that is infused with ultra-fine light-reflecting illuminators to brighten and illuminate. Crease-resistant and gives a soft-focus effect to blur out any fine lines and wrinkles and last all day. Which is exactly what I am looking for. But unfortunately it just doesn't live up to expectations. 
When I apply it, it feels too greasy and slippery, it doesn't stay where I put it. It doesn't counteract darkness as well as it claims to, and when I apply concealer over the top it just looks a hot mess. Whether I use my fingertips, a brush or a damp sponge to apply or blend it it just doesn't do it's job. I am really disappointed with this as you all may know I have issues with dark circles because I don't get a lot of sleep but this just makes me look even more tired and I always have a bad makeup day when I try and make this work, so it's gotta go. 

Next is a brush and I am obsessed with makeup brushes. I have way too many than is necessary for one person to have but I like to experiment and see what works best. Which was my though process behind purchasing the NARS Kabuki Artisan ITA Brush. Now this was a pretty innovative brush when it was first released. There wasn't many on the market at that point which had this shape and style and considering it's £43 it became very popular among Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers and it soon had a large following. 
The brush is a Goat Hair brush which is flat yet wide in shape so it makes it very easy to sculpt the face and be in control of the product on the brush and the application. It all sounds great and exactly what I was looking for in a contour brush which would have been my main use for it. 
However I was sadly disappointed when no matter what I did the brush would just shed all over my face so I would have little black hairs all over my cheeks and forehead. Whether I washed the brush using shampoo, brush cleanser, mild soap, spot cleaning it, the brush just sheds and I would get so frustrated it was thrown to the back of my drawer and forgotten about for a long time as it would just irritate me too much. I have heard of other peoples doing this also so mine isn't the only one that won't stay together and considering how much it sheds I'm surprised there's even any of it left. 

Liquid lipsticks have become a huge trend over the last couple of years and for good reason. Long lasting, rich, vivid matte lip colours from all different sorts of brands, it just took the beauty world by storm. So to get on the band wagon and try this trend out I picked up a few different kinds to try out. In particular the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks which cost around £18 so they're on the higher end spectrum price wise. There was a lot of hype on these along with other brands like Colorpop, Anastasia and Too Faced but I chose 4 shades from Stila that I had researched thoroughly and thought were the perfect colours for me. But when I received them I was sadly disappointed.

They range from nudes to reds to pinks and darker colours so there's something for everyone. But some of the shades are just off. I found the shade Baci in particular to be very odd. Online it looked like a beautiful mauvey/pink and a perfect everyday shade for me. Even when swatched it looked nice, however when it came to apply to my lips, it is very grey toned when you see it in real life and it doesn't suit my complexion at all. I have seen a few other reviews with similar thoughts particularly for this shade so I know mine wasn't just a dud.
I found that some of the other shades I saw were off too. As you can see from the swatches the end shade Amore is very streaky and I can never get an even application with this particular one. 
Patina is a very pretty rose/mauve/pink and I really like this shade, and Aria is a beautiful berry which is my favourite lip colour to wear especially now in the Autumn/Winter months, but, bringing me to the main reason I don't like these and why they don't live up to the hype is they have a very chemically scent and taste to them which is off putting when applying and wearing them, but I also find they make my lips look very wrinkly and unnatural. I don't know what it is because I have tried a really light layer of colour and a heavier one but either way they just don't look good on the lips. Even if my lips were in perfect condition, they would still look terrible and I haven't even been able to test the longevity of them because I can't keep them on longer than two minutes because of that chemical scent. 
I will keep trying to make these work, but so far they're a thumbs down, but they were a lot of money so I will try them a few more times. 

The Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks have been out for a few months now and although they only have 8 shades, they seem to be a little off and a few things really let these down. Starting off with the shade range, I have 3 shades as you can see, Nude Thrill which is a more peachy nude, Nude Flush which is a pink nude and then Berry Boost which is basically just a raspberry pink. They don't flatter my skin tone, there's nothing special or original to the range and they're very typical Maybelline colours. The applicator is a thin wand, it's not flexible, it doesn't move with the contours of your lips and it's a pretty shoddy design, but for £6.99 you get what you pay for. I do have to say the rich pigment gets a thumbs up from me as they are vivid and intense and they have a soft matte finish and a nice scent but that's as far as their pros list goes. I hate to slate brands and products but I have to be honest these really weren't good, I don't like how they feel on the lips, the shades are strange and not flattering, they are difficult to apply and get an even application and I would avoid them at all costs.
For some good drugstore liquid lipstick options, check out Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets or Revlon Ultra HD Liquid Lipsticks.

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