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August Faves


It's the first of September tomorrow which means it's 3 months till Christmas, Summer ends this month and the weather goes back to being cold and miserable for the next 6 months or so. But hey, Autumn is a great season as I get to wear warm and cosy clothes, bury myself in blankets and pillows and wear dark nail polish. Every cloud. But let's wrap up August first. 
This month has been a great one to be honest. Not much has happened but I have really enjoyed it. The weather, I went away for a few days with my boyfriend, I've spent lot's of time with my Nephew who is growing so fast, and I have been trying lot's of new things that I have fallen in love with. So today is my monthly favourites. I hope you enjoy.

MAKEUP: Up first is the complexion and I have pretty much exclusively been wearing this combo for my foundation - The Becca Backlight Priming Filter along with the Revlon ColorStay Foundation and the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. It gives an amazing base, lasts all day, full coverage but glowy, and the perfect shade for my skin right now. It's definitely a match made in makeup heaven and if you have these 3 products, I recommend trying it out and letting me know.
For my under eyes I've been using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and I have been setting it with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder using the ELF Small Tapered Brush. This has been kicking ass at setting my under eyes and covering my dark circles. I have to say I don't know why I stopped using any of these products but I am glad I have rediscovered them.

Contouring has been a major focus for me this month and I am loving a few products and I have been using them on the daily ever since I have purchased them. Up first is the Anastasia Cream Contour in Fawn, I picked up the powder and cream contour palettes and I am loving the Fawn shades as they're perfect for my skin tone. I use the cream as a base for my contour and it makes it last all day and it still looks great by the end of the day. Collection launched the Precise Contour Crayons and I have been loving the Light shade. It's very similar to the Anastasia one although it's not quite the same tone, it still lasts all day and you can be very (as the name suggests) precise. The Medium shade I use more for bronzing but I don't have the darker shade as it's just too dark. To apply and blend these I have been obsessed with the Zoeva Face Shape Brush, it blends it seamlessly and so easy and it looks natural yet defined. To really add depth and intensify it I have been OBSESSED with the Kevyn Aucoin Medium Sculpting Powder which made it's way into my collection this month. It's super pigmented and I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to really get into the hollow of the cheeks to add extra definition.

For a contoured look, I like to use a fairly neutral blush, and the Tarte Blush in Exposed is the number one for me. I apply this using the B. Angled Brush as it applies and blends out. It's a pigmented, mauvey toned neutral blush so goes with any skin tone and any makeup look. I received the Tarte Highlight in Exposed which has been pretty much the only one I have used this month. I apply with the Zoeva Luxe Highlight Brush which is my favourite in my collection now for applying highlight. I use the highlight on my cheekbones, inner corners, brow bone but also on my eye lids to really brighten everything up. Review will be coming up soon.

For eyes, there's only one thing that has really stood out and that is the Anastasia Self-Made Palette, I know I'm late on the band wagon with this but this is a great everyday palette and I love the array of shades, bright, neutral, daytime, night time. It's a versatile palette and well worth it. I have been loving Anastasia  products in general this month but one was my most used palette.

SKINCARE: In terms of skin, there isn't much in this category but I have been loving a couple things. First is the newly released Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil, a great drugstore cleansing oil, it removes even waterproof makeup, plus it's only £6 so you can save some cash by buying this rather than your high end cleansing oil/makeup remover and have more money for something else.

Finally for skincare is the L'Oreal Detox Mask, there were 3 masks released as part of this line, this one, the Purify Mask and the Glow Mask and after trying them, I definitely prefer the Detox Mask as it really helps to bring everything to the surface and generally improves skin texture. It is a clay mask which dries on the skin but it doesn't dry the skin out or feel uncomfortable once it has been removed. That is one thing I really like about this range of masks.

TV/MOVIES: I've not been including TV shows and movies very often but this month I have seen a few which I think are worth mentioning. First movies and Suicide Squad and Finding Dory are definitely worth going to see. Suicide Squad has had some mixed reviews but I think it was really good, could have been better but it was still a great movie and I would watch it again. Finding Dory was incredibly cute and really is in a battle with Finding Nemo as to which is better and which I prefer. Dory is winning just for her cuteness as a baby.
For TV shows, Supernatural took me a while and I had a few months break but I am sad the seasons are now over and the new one is airing in October I believe and I am super excited for it. NCIS: Los Angeles Is a show I started watching last week and I am hooked. There are 7 seasons, I have worked my way through 3 already and I fear the day this show is over. It's a great crime show concentrating on crimes where the military is involved. The characters are great and I have to say Hetty is a badass.

That's it for this months favourites. There are lot's of reviews and swatches which will be coming up in September and a haul on Friday so I hope you come back and check that out. Lot's of new goodies to try out.

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