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The Weekly Round Up #141


It's Sunday again, and although the weekend is nearly at it's end, there is still my weekly favourites to come. So here's what I've been up to this week and the products I have been loving along the way...

This week Ben and I went on a little break to Lincoln, just us, where we stayed in a nice hotel, had a nice dinner at Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse & Bar, went shopping and generally had a great time. So this week has been a good one overall. But, here's some of the other things I was loving this week which I packed with me or purchased whilst I was there. Enjoy. 

I wanted to include my OOTD that I posted on Instagram this week as I really have been loving this dress. My amazing boyfriend bought it for me and I love how it looks with a stripey tee underneath to give it that casual vibe. Definitely my first fave from this week.

Onto products now and this is a new release from Collection which I picked up this week and I've been trying out and frankly, loving. The Precise Contouring Crayons, I have the shades Light and Medium as they were the only two suitable for my skin tone. The Light shade is the perfect cool, taupey contour shade for me and it has been really doing my chubby face and lack of cheekbones some good. Although I still love the Anastasia Cream Contour, this is an incredible drugstore offering.

Speaking of the drugstore, I also picked up the NEW Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil from Boots whilst in Lincoln this week. It's about time they did this and I've been waiting a couple of years for them to bring this out but it's finally here and I have to say I am really impressed with this. It's only £6 and I don't know of any other cleansing oils which are that cheap, but this also performs really well. It removes my makeup, hydrates me skin and there is no greasy residue left behind and it removes everything. I love this and cannot get enough and I feel this will be my new favourite cleansing oil.

I've not been able to get enough of the new Tarte Exposed Highlighter, and so when on our travels this week, I also packed the Exposed Blush and I have to say they go together so perfectly together. 
I've loved the blush along with many other fans for a long time and the highlight is also just as stunning, but together, they reach a whole new level. I highly recommend grabbing these two gems before the rest of the world catches on and they're sold out forever. 

I just can't help it, it's still my favourite contouring product ever. I use this as my very last step to just deepen up that contour a little right on the hollows of my cheekbones, right on  my temples, sides of my nose and under my bottom lip. The look it gives just finishes my entire makeup look off. I don't know how I managed without this, but I know it will always be my favourite contouring powder for the rest of my makeup wearing days. 

As I've mentioned before, my concealer game was really lacking, and so I picked this baby out of my makeup drawer and it's changed my concealer for the better. It brightens, sets, keeps everything looking how it should all day and there's no creasing, no powdery cakey mess to sort out through the day, it just looks great. I love this product and to anyone who is having issues setting their concealer, or their under eyes still looking a bit dull, this is your saving grace, I promise you. Best. Setting. Powder. Ever. 

** What did you get up to this week? **

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