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FACE: Like with all makeup brushes, they're very multi-purpose so you tend to only need a few but I like to have a few different ones just because I have so many that I like to make use of them all. But for a particular purpose, these are the brushes I go for, the ones I use on the daily and that I always recommend to others. 

1. Foundation - Real Techniques Expert Face 
This has to be my number one foundation brush to apply my foundation, after the Beauty Blender of course. It's dense enough that it gives a full coverage but soft and fluffy enough that it's a flawless finish. 

2. Concealer - Zoeva Concealer Buffer 
The Beauty Blender is my number one for concealer especially around my eyes, but this is a great brush for spot concealing or to really get in to the inner corner of my eyes where it's darkest. 

3. Under Eye Setting - ELF Small Tapered
This brush is the perfect size and fluffy-ness that it picks up just the right amount of powder to set everything without making it look cakey or too powdery. Plus it's super affordable and great quality. 

4. Powder - Real Techniques Cheek Brush
I use this for setting the rest of my face with powder. It's dense but fluffy so again it doesn't pick up too much powder and it's a great size to make it a fast and easy task. 

5. Cream Contour - Zoeva Face Shape
I love this brush for contouring, but with cream products especially. It's the perfect size and shape to really get into the hollows of the cheeks to blend out product and really get defined features. 

6. Powder Contour - Spectrum Collections Tapered 
A tapered brush is perfect for contouring as the point gets into the hollows to apply the product and the fluffier thicker part blends out the edges. This one is so super soft that it makes it no effort at all to apply and blend. 

7. Precise Contour - Real Techniques Setting 
With my current go to contouring product, this setting brush get right into the hollow part under the cheekbone to make it defined and really emphasise the shadow. But like every brush, it has many uses, concealer, setting under the eyes, highlighter, blush, the possibilities are endless. 

8. Bronzer - Real Techniques Duo Fibre Cheek
This is my favourite bronzer brush, it's duo-fibre so it picks up and applies just the right amount of product and blends it out so naturally and effortlessly. I like to make sure everything is blended in with the contour and this brush is the right shape and size to do that.

9. Blush - B. Angled Contour 
An angled brush, everyone should have one of these in their brush arsenal as it's so multipurpose and useful. Contouring, bronzer, blush, highlight, powder, a whole range of things for one little brush. I like this particularly for blush but it's a great brush to have especially for travel.

10. Highlight - Zoeva Luxe Highlight
The highlight, the favourite part of my routine. There are many different types of highlighter brush but this tapered one is beautiful and so soft that it applies the pigment of the product but blends out the edges. It's great for contouring too.

11. Blender - Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour 
When I'm finished with all my makeup, I like to use this to blend everything together so there's no harsh lines or patchy areas. It's duo-fibre so it's light and doesn't brush away the product but blends it together seamlessly. You could do this with the bronzer brush but I like to make sure there's no extra product on it. 

EYES: Eye brushes are slightly different and it's been only recently that I have found a bunch that I liked after purchasing a couple different sets.

12. Brow Spoolie 
A staple for the brows, a spoolie. Basically similar to a mascara brush but great for combing the brows to get those unruly hairs in line. 

13. Real Techniques EyeLiner 
This I use for brow powder to run through my brows before I go in with a tinted brow gel. It's great for eyeliner too but I just prefer it for my brows as it's the perfect size and thickness.

14. Look Good Feel Better Tapered Blending
I love LGFB brushes but this is one that I use everyday and I love it. It's super soft and it does wonders blending out eyeshadow. 

15. Real Techniques Base Shadow
This is an all rounder kind of eyeshadow brush, great applying shadows to the lid but also to blend a transition shade through the crease and deepening up that outer corner, I particularly like it for blending out the lower lash line once I have applied shadow there.

16. Spectrum - Fluffy Blender, Tall Blender, Pencil, Smudger
Spectrum Collection Brushes are so ridiculously soft and are so affordable yet great quality. These four are my favourites. A large fluffy brush to blend everything out when finished. A blending brush for crease. A pencil brush for the lower lash line mainly but also great for applying darker shades on the outer corner. Finally a smudger brush which I use mainly to apply darker shadow to the lashes both top and bottom to smoke it out. But I have to say all the brushes I have tried from this brand I have loved. Definitely a great affordable brush brand. 

17. Zoeva - Luxe Classic Shader, Luxe Soft Definer, Luxe Crease, Luxe Petite Crease
Zoeva, I have a few face brushes but their eye brushes were highly recommended and I have to say I totally agree. This was a set of 12 which is what the Concealer Buffer also came in, but these eye brushes are really amazing and look so stunning in their rose gold packaging. So first, a shader brush, great for lower lash line or applying eyeshadow onto the eyelid or inner corner. Then the definer, something very similar to the MAC 217 which is a great blending brush to make everything blend seamlessly together. My number one tip for any eyeshadow look be it a smokey eye or a simple everyday look, blend blend blend. Another great crease brush is the Luxe Crease which is bigger than the previous one and has longer bristles. Finally the Petite Crease is a large pencil brush basically and I like this for outer corner shadows to deepen up a look. This is what I use on a daily basis for my eyeshadow. A great brush. 

To clean my brushes, I spot clean them on a regular basis, not daily unfortunately, but the Freedom Brush Shower is a great spot cleaner, especially if you need to use one brush for multiple different products. Or if you're lazy like me and don't wash your brushes as often as you should then this is also great. 

I am really glad I finally got a makeup brush post out. I love all of these brushes which is why I have used them on a daily basis for the last few months as they just apply my makeup the best. 


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