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Anastasia Contour Palettes


I apologise that this wasn't uploaded on Wednesday as planned, but because I'm a fricking genius, I scheduled it for next Wednesday, not this one, so it's late but it's here.
A you would have seen in my weekly faves and on my Instagram, I have been loving the Anastasia Contour Kits, and so I thought I would do a review and swatches post on them. I know they're lot's of reviews out there and they're not exactly new products but I wanted to share them anyway. I will be doing An Intro to: Anastasia Beverly Hills post soon too so keep your eyes peeled for all the goodies coming to your screens soon. 
Being one of Anastasia's Best Sellers, I thought I would have picked this up a long time ago, but being new to contouring and having no clue what is the best I had a little practice with other products first before taking the dive and picking this guy up, but I wish I had a lot sooner. Although it's quite a pricey little fellow, it has lot's of options and there are other palettes which may suit your skin tone better, but for my pale ass skin, this is the one.
Vanilla, Banana, Sand

Java, Fawn, Havana

So, I introduce the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Light To Medium, I'm sure you have probably already tried it and repurchased or whatever, but it has been a welcomed addition to my everyday routine, particularly the shade Fawn which I use to set it's cream counterpart. All the powders are ridiculously buttery and smooth, not powdery or chalky like others I've tried. I love that they have a slightly shimmery highlight shade too for those highlight newbies. It's not enough for my personal taste but it is very nice for a very very subtle glow. I really only use the middle shade of the contour powders as they just aren't a good match for my skin tone, but Fawn, well that is a great cool contour shade for fair skin like mine. 

As for this little beauty, this is the Cream Contour Kit from Anastasia. Now I've only really tried the Makeup Revolution Cream Contour Palette so I don't have much to compare it to, but I have to say the quality and performance of this kit is amazing. I only really use the Fawn shade again but this is the perfect contouring shade for me. Plus, when set with a powder, it lasts all day and doesn't fade or look patchy or dirty. It's a great product and lasts a lot longer than the Contour Kit from Makeup Revolution.

Soft Light, Lustre, Fair
Fawn, Shadow, Mink

This palette is in the shade Fair which is definitely a good fit for my skin. Even the highlight shades are light enough, although I'm not sure about the middle one Lustre, I don't see the point in it myself but I am a cream highlight snob so I guess I shouldn't really moan about it. It's again a great palette.

Because I don't use all of the shades from each palette, I have my own little Z Palette which is magnetic and I can just slot whatever pans I want into it and take it travelling or use it for my everyday makeup bag. It's a great little trick to reduce the number of palettes you use on the daily and keep it all in one place.
The quality of the products both cream and powder are great, they're long lasting, the sizes are great and you can repurchase pans separately for when you run out of your most used/fave and need a refill. The palettes are £39 so it's good value for money and if you don't use certain shades, give them to a friend who will use them or find another use for them like an eyeshadow or something.
When it comes to contouring, Anastasia have it down and I for one certainly recommend these palettes.




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