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The Weekly Round Up #138


This week I've been trying out some new stuff that I received and I still have more on the way, but here's what I've been loving so far.

You may have seen my review and swatches on the Anastasia Glow Kit in That Glow, I have been particularly loving the shades Sunburst & Bubbly mixed together, and I have found that applying them with the Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight is the best way to dust them onto my cheekbones and high points of my face. They're awesome and I received the other palette in Sun Dipped yesterday and I can't wait to try it out, review will be coming soon. 

I've mentioned numerous times that my dark circles are the bane of my existence, and I've been looking for the perfect corrector to cover those bad boys. So I picked up the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector in hope of doing that. It's quite greasy but I'm going to keep working with it and see how I get on. 

This August Edition of Glamour magazine included the Benefit Gimme Brow Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel, I've tried this before but not since they've relaunched their brow products and I like that they have more than two shades which was a major downside to the original product. 

For the first half of the week I was contouring with the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette which provides a great base for my contour powder, and since receiving Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium my cheekbones have never looked so sculpted and prominent. The best contour brush I have discovered so far is the Zoeva 110 Face Shape because it's small enough to really get into the hollows of your cheeks but is also great for contouring other parts of the face and blending out the edges. I have a feeling this contour powder is going to be my go to, although I will be doing a favourite contour product post soon so keep your eyes peeled. 

The TheBalm Frat Boy Blush has been my blush of choice, sometimes I forget about products whilst trying new stuff but re-discovering them is a great feeling. This is a great pink shade, I find its perfect for all year round, it's pigmented and lasts all day so it can still be seen at the end of the day and I find blush is the first thing to disappear on my skin. 

These have been everywhere recently, so much so that I could only get two out of the 3, although I will be sure to get my hands on the third. The L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks, I purchased the Purity Mask which deeply purifies and Mattifies the skin using 3 pure clays and Eucalyptus. I also have the Glow Mask which brightens and exfoliates using 3 pure clays and Red Algae. They have promoted multi-masking with the launch of these 3 masks and I for one think it's incredible that this is finally being talked about, multi-masking is a great tool for skincare and one I highly recommend you trying out. After first use of these masks, my skin feel soft and very clean but not dry or tight. My makeup went on so smooth and effortless the next day which is always a good sign. For less than a tenner each, these are great drugstore masks, but full review will of course be coming up soon. I will be trying out the Detox Mask as soon as I find it, maybe an online purchase is in order. 

A music Fave now and Jamie Lawson is the only artist I've listened to for the entire week. He has such a beautiful voice and one of his songs "Wasn't expecting that" made me cry once I realised what it was about - a man and his wife battle the wife's cancer together after a long and fruitful life. It's heart breaking but it's an incredible song, his whole self titled album is amazing. 

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