The Weekly Round Up #135


Happy Weekend friends. This weekend I am in Wells-Next-The-Sea with my family and baby nephew so I thought I would quickly round up the products I have used and loved this week. 
Up first is some new brushes from Zoeva that I have been loving and a contour powder which is perfect for my fair skin. First is the palette, this is the Rose Golden Blush Palette which has a really great contour shade. It's not too pigmented so you can build it up to be whatever intensity and it's a really great cool tone but light enough for my fair skin. 
Next are the brushes and I picked up the 102 Silk Finish Brush, 102 Face Shape Brush and the 105 Luxe Highlight Brush. These look amazing, and are some of the softest brushes I've ever felt. I love the Silk Finish for Foundation, the Face Shape for contouring and the Luxe Highlight for highlighting. They look stunning as they're from the Rose Golden Collection. Speaking of that collection, I have also picked up the 12 piece eye set and I have been really loving these too. Particularly the 142 Concealer & Buffer, and the blending, crease and pencil brushes are all part of my everyday brush edit. High quality brushes for a reasonable price aren't the easiest to come across, but these definitely are. 

For an even more affordable set, the Spectrum Collection Brushes are just as high quality, and let's face it they look adorable. It has a concealer buffer like the Zoeva Set, I really like the fluffy brushes again, the pencil brush is one of my faves as it's super soft so it doesn't irritate my under eyes. A really great set, very similar to the other but there's only 8 in this set not 12 but it's a lot cheaper at only £30.  

As for skincare, this week I have been testing out the Oskia Renaissance Mask  and I am so impressed with this that even though it's quite a hefty price tag, I think it's worth every penny. This makes my skin look glowing and radiant and so healthy it's unreal. It really is a great mask and there will be a review soon.
I also wanted to mention the The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Oil as this has also helped in keeping that healthy radiant glow that I love so much. Plus it is incredibly nourishing and it's a great oil.
I thought I would give a little shout out to possibly the best lip balm in the world, good ol' Carmex Original. It soothes, calms, softens and smooths my lips. They could be in the worst possible condition and this would just kick ass. 

Finally is a hair fave that I have been loving and that is the Got2be Mind Blowing, it's basically there to speed up blow-drying time, but also to protect hair from heat, detangles and conditions the hair. It's a great little all-in-one product and it's working great with my shorter hair. 
I also wanted to mention the nail polish that I've had on this week, the Barry M Mani Mask. I'm not normally one for minimal nails but I have been really liking the look of just a sheer coat of something just to make them look nicer than being completely bare. 

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