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Oskia Renaissance Mask


You may have heard of the Renaissance Gel Cleanser from Oskia, it's one of their best sellers and has become a very popular cleanser within the beauty community. I've been banging on about the Renaissance Mask since I picked it up at the beginning of the month, another one of their best sellers and I promised you a review, so here it is...

HOW TO USE: Using the spatula that comes with it, scoop out some of the mask onto your fingertips and apply to cleansed, dry skin. The mask will turn from a peachy colour to white and this is when you know it's been activated and is getting to work. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse away using a cloth. Dry skin and apply skincare as normal. 

The Renaissance Mask comes in a heavy glass jar and it comes with a little scoop to ensure you don't contaminate the product with bacteria or dirt or anything. The packaging itself feels very luxe and for the price I wouldn't expect anything less. The price? Well, it's £49.50 and you can get it on quite a few websites Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, Space NK and Look Fantastic so it's widely available worldwide. Yes it's a high price tag, but there are s many amazing reviews on it that I think others will agree it's definitely worth it. I love the scent of it, it has a luxurious buttery balm texture which just melts into the skin beautifully. You can tell the entire skincare range from Oskia is carefully thought about, from the ingredients down to the packaging and that's what you pay for, so in my opinion it's worth every penny. 

My skin feels incredible after I have used this. It's so soft and smooth, no hint of a dry or uncomfortable feeling it just feels amazing. It doesn't irritate my skin, it doesn't break me out, it just gives my skin the most amazing natural healthy glow, and the following day I always have a good makeup day, it just glides on, has the perfect amount of radiance and looks amazing.

WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY DO? It's known for it's radiance boosting properties but how exactly does it do this? The mask is packed with Oskia's signature blend of beauty-boosting nutrients - 9 to be exact, including Natural Fruit Acids (AHAs) to loosen the top epidermis layer and remove dull skin cells, Lactic Acid to stimulate cell regeneration, and Prebiotics which help fight bacteria to keep your skin clear and blemish-free.
Thanks to it's combination of Rose, Passion Fruit and Chamomile the fresh scent is so relaxing and calming, making it great for a Sunday night pamper sesh - I use it on my mid-week pamper sesh too. 

It's main jobs are to increase cell turnover and revitalise the skin, this means it will minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce pore size. Plus it deep cleanses and refines the skin to leave fresh, clear and glowing skin. The skin's natural moisturising process is also stimulated when the mask is applied which is why skin never feels dry or tight after use. What more could you ask for? 
Well if you do ask for more, the ingredients are certified organic, the mask is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin as the exfoliation is very mild and it also helps to correct skin tone for a brighter smoother complexion. 

I think you can get the picture that I think this product is amazing and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. If you have tried it I would love to know what your thoughts are and if you would recommend it?


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