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It's the start of a new week, the dreaded Monday, and I for one am not a fan of Monday mornings. But I think I have something here which will brighten up your day, even just a little bit, because a good ol' highlight is enough to perk up any ones day right?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is well renowned for their brow products along with their liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. But, they've been expanding their field to the art of highlighters, and they've done it well - I mean that's an understatement. I've finally managed to get my hands on some and, well let's just say, they totally nailed it. 

The Glow Kits, 4 metallic powders with intense luminosity, with NO chunks of glitter, just an ultra-fine, velvety soft powder and a beautiful iridescence that looks so stunning on the cheekbones. They have 3 palettes at the moment with more on the way. The two palettes I have are That Glow and Gleam, but there is also Sun Dipped which I have every intention of getting my hands on soon enough. So, where can you buy these beautiful palettes from? Cult BeautyBeauty Bay and Anastasia ship worldwide. Sephora, Ulta and Amazon also stock these palettes, so you have plenty of sites and stores to choose from where ever you are in the world. Plus, they're only £39 each which is a bargain if you ask me for 4 highlighters, just less than a tenner each, that's value for money right there. 

That Glow is the more golden bronze toned palette. It has stunning shades for both light and dark skin tones and although I won't be able to utilise all of them as much as I would like, I think that having a variety for all skin tones is a bonus and would be particularly good for makeup artists and such. No one really needs 8 highlighters do they? I don't, yet here I am, I have both palettes and have my eye on the third. I think I have a problem. Anyway, onto the shades...

Sun Burst - Yellow/White Gold
Golden Bronze - Bronze almost Copper
Bubbly - Champagne with a hint of Rose Gold
Dripping In Gold - A Light Bronze Gold

I love to layer Sun Burst with Bubbly to really amp up the glow. When I first swatched them I thought they were, well blah. They didn't seem to pigmented, they didn't seem to glowy, but once I got into them a bit, started to experiment and mix them up a little, they really came alive and I have to admit, this is my favourite palette out of the two. Dripping In Gold is also a beautiful shade, a tad too dark for my skin tone, but would make a great base for mixing with another lighter highlight, something like Sun Burst would go perfectly and keep that gold tone running through it. 

N.B. Unfortunately one of the highlights smashed in transit, but it's still use-able. To my dismay, I've not been able to show the true beauty of these highlighters in this post, the photos just don't do any justice to how beautiful they really are. But I hope I will learn to be able to capture the metallic-ness and beauty of products like this and I will update these once I have achieved that. 

Gleam is the more pink toned of the two. At first I thought it was more of a blush palette than a highlight but on cooler skin tones, they will certainly look beautiful. I have more neutral so either of these palettes can work for me, maybe mixing up a couple shades from each would also make this more suitable for some. But it's personal preference and you certainly don't need both palettes. 

Hard Candy - Golden Peach with Pink Pearl Reflect 
Mimosa - Golden Peach 
Starburst - Cool Pink with irridescent finish
Crushed Pearl - Pink and Silver with chrome finish

I have to admit that there is only really one shade in this palette which I can actually wear as a highlight and that's Crushed Pearl. I love that it has a silvery undertone which makes the pink hue even more attractive and wearable. It's definitely one I will get some use out of. I don't feel this palette is as pigmented as the other, maybe I just haven't played with it enough and need to experiment more with it to really appreciate it's beauty, but as of right now, it's not top dog. 

OVERALL?: The packaging is average, it could do with a mirror and a cardboard palette? Not the best looking, but it is slim and has a magnetic closure which makes travelling good and the size of the products is great. I also like the added feature that you can pop the highlights out of the palette to stash in another with all your favourites to travel with or whatever. I think that's a great thing to have with palettes like this.

For application, like most highlighters they can be applied using a brush or a sponge, but I find that dampening either of these tools with some setting spray really amps up the intensity to give you a highlight you could probably see from space - that is my kind of highlight. I expected these to have a little more oomph on their own in all honesty, but the setting spray trick really does work and makes them shine bright. 

I mentioned the price earlier, less than £10 for each powder, and they're really good sizes too, not too big that you will never see the end but not too small that it runs out way too fast. I don't know how many highlighters you've gone through but I for one haven't finished a single one and that is how I like to keep it. 
Overall, I really like That Glow, I think it's versatile, absolutely stunning shades and the quality and performance of each highlight is just remarkable. Bottom line, I recommend them, and will definitely be trying out some more of their highlighters - even though I have enough to last me a few lifetimes, it's an obsession that I share with quite a few of you out there. So I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on your favourite highlighters. 




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