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Top 5 from L'Oreal


With stars like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl, no one can blame L'Oreal for being as successful as they are. They're one of the popular brands in the drugstore, they're empire is only going up and so expectations are always high when new launches are released. Their new Nude Magique Cushion Foundation goes to show that the brand are up to date and on point with the latest trends and they know where they should be in the market. That's why they're one of my favourite drugstore brands.

So today I thought I would round up my top 5 favourite products from L'Oreal, tell you why I like them and give you a bit of an idea for the brand, just in case you've been living under a rock and don't know who the heck this company is.

1. Nude Magique Blur Primer: The Nude Magique line is quite extensive, from the latest craze of BB and CC Creams, to Colour Correcting Primers, to the new Cushion Foundation, it's safe to say that the demand for the Au Naturelle look is still in full swing. Which is one of the main reasons why I love the Blur Primer
A good primer from the drugstore is hard to find. One that blurs pores, smoothes the skin and increases longevity of makeup are all important factors for me. This is one of my favourites. First off it's £9.99, it's comparable to Benefit Porefessional, and with it's silky smooth texture and translucent finish, it can be used alone, before or after makeup is applied to smooth out, mattify or perfect the skin. This of you who haven't tried this one, it's definitely one to add to your wishlist. 

2. True Match Foundation: Possibly the most loved drugstore foundation, the True Match from L'Oreal. Another range that has a hefty number of products - from foundation to concealer, powders and blush, this range will promise a skin matching technology to give you the perfect shade of foundation or even blush for your skin tone and texture.
With 23 shades, this medium to full coverage foundation promises to deliver a shade that will suit different skin tones and textures, from cool warm and neutral and with it's fairly new formula, it now has extra shade adjusting capabilities to provide the "perfect match". Now all I know about this is that it covers imperfections, freckles, breakouts, dark spots. But it also adapts to my skin so that it hydrates just enough when my skin is dry, but keeps me on the right side of the dewey to greasy oven stage. A true match in my opinion. But don't just take my word for it. There is a huge following behind this foundation, it's one of the brands best sellers and a beauty bloggers fave worldwide.

3. Infalliable Fixing MistL'Oreal sure know what consumers want and need. Setting Sprays weren't seen particularly often in the drugstore but recently that seems to have changed. The Infalliable range has a wide variety of base, eye and lip products, from foundations and primers, to lip gloss. Infalliable products promise to be long wearing and reliable products and the setting spray only increased the longevity. I can't say I've worn makeup for 24 hours but there may be occasions where this is necessary and I am safe with the Infalliable line and have peace of mind that it will meet me requirements.
I have repurchased 3 bottles of this in the last few months and I am loving it. It settles any excess powder so I have a natural finish, it keeps my makeup looking it's best all day, and it's the best setting spray I have tried. Drugstore or otherwise. This is less than a tenner and worth every penny. I find you have to shake it up really well, many people including myself didn't initially do this and found it was basically water but once shaken, the ingredients all activate and kick ass at increasing longevity of makeup. 

4. Color Riche Mono Eyeshadows: These are incredible eyeshadows, like pressed pigments, they are super intense and really great quality. My favourite shade is called Cafe Saint Germain (a shimmery taupe), but I also like a few of the other shades like Breaking Nude (a matte taupe brown). The shimmery ones are very rich, intense colour. They're packed full of shimmer that glisten like diamonds on the eyelids - TIP: When applied using a damp brush, they really pack a punch. They have satin and matte shadows, both of which are just as good formulas. The mattes are creamy, easy to blend, not patchy and have decent pay off. These eyeshadows are phenomenal and whenever someone says drugstore eyeshadows, this is the range I recommend.

5. Super Liner Perfect Slim: Now for my favourite eyeliner ever. This has the perfect tip which is flexible enough it moves with the eye shape, black enough that it doesn't require numerous trips over the same line, and easy enough to use that even a winged liner noob like myself can pull off a simple wing. This is an incredible product, and for the price, the availability, it's staggering and I would recommend this liner over any of the higher priced ones I have tried. There are other colours too, although I haven't tried them, if you want to experiment with a Royal Blue or Emerald Green then this would be the liner to do it with.

I have to be honest, the fact that this brand, such a highly successful worldwide country still tests on animals should be criminal, but (like most of the well known drugstore brands) they sell in China and therefore test their products on animals. But they do own companies that don't test on animals so it's your choice whether you buy directly from L'Oreal, or support the brands they own that don't use animals for cosmetic testing. That is your choice and your choice alone.

Thanks for taking the time to read today's post. I hope you enjoyed my insights into the brand. I'm not putting L'Oreal under the microscope or bad mouthing their business. Nor am I trying to make up your mind about animal testing or the right and wrongs of said cruelty. I simply wanted to give you my thoughts on some of my favourite products and if you do decide to try some of them out, I would love to hear your thoughts too.


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