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Oval Makeup Brushes Review


Slightly odd I know but I actually discovered these on a Facebook add whilst casually browsing my feed. I have seen a lot of posts and photos on brushes very similar to this but they're a lot more expensive so I thought I would give these a try and see what I thought of them and if I should splash out on the higher price tag collection. 

The brushes themselves are actually very high quality, well made, feel super soft and look high quality. I've never heard of the brand before and after looking at their website it's nothing too fancy. But these are a great deal from My Makeup Brush Set at £25 of which you get all 10 piece oval brush set in a black velvet pouch - £5.95 for P&P. They arrived in less than a week and although the largest brush has some misshapen bristles, it's nothing that won't straighten out over time. But what I really love about these over some of the other brands is that these are CRUELTY FREE.
Artis have similar brushes but they range anywhere from £28 to £60 for single brushes and £160 for sets, which are available at Space NK. I haven't tried any of these brushes but these were some of the first to come out and make these style of brushes popular.

The unique thing about these brushes is that they are designed for personal makeup application. With the brushes on the markets nowadays, they're mainly for makeup artists doing other peoples makeup, but these are designed to fit perfectly into your hand with your finger laying along the handle. They have a nice flexible handle to really move with the contours of your face and your application of different products, and they feel comfortable to use and hold. They sweep products onto the skin and because they're so densely packed with synthetic hairs, the absorption of makeup into the bristles is nothing compared to the generic makeup brushes. 

USES: The brushes aren't named or numbered so they use letters on the website to differentiate between them. Like all brushes, there's not just one use for each, they're multi-taskers. 

A&B - Large Ovals - I don't use A that much as I feel it's just too big for my face, but B is perfect to blend in foundation. They are also useful for Setting Powder, and Bronzer if you're going for a sunkissed bronzey look. 

C&D - Medium Ovals - These two are slightly smaller, they're great for Foundation and Concealer, but they're a great size for Blush, Bronzer and for Setting Powder under the eyes. D, the smaller of the two is my favourite for Contouring as it just fits into the hollows of my cheeks perfectly.

E - Small Oval - This is the perfect little brush for Concealer, especially under the eyes and to highlight certain parts of the face. You can also use it for Setting Powder under the eyes. It's such a dinky size that it fits right onto the high points of the face like cheekbones to Highlight, but also in the hollows of the face too for Contour. They also say you can use this for precise Blush or Bronzer placement, particularly if you have a small cheek area to work with. 

F - Large Straight - When I first saw this I had no idea what it could be used for, but I tried it out a little and have a few uses for it. It's great for Concealer under the eyes or down the nose or around the mouth. Blush, Contour, Eyeshadow or Liner. You wouldn't think looking at that brush that it could be used for the face and the eyes but it really is a great little brush. 

G - Medium Straight - Similar to it's slightly larger friend above, this is great for Concealer, Contouring the nose, along with Eyeshadow and to create Liner. Because of it's flat straight appearance, you can blend product out using the long side, or using the thin edge, you can apply liner to your top of lower lashes. 

H - Small Straight - This teeny tiny straight brush is perfect for filling in brows, Applying Eyeshadow or Eyeliner, and you could also use it for Concealer around the mouth or under the brows. 

I - Round Tapered - This is a small round tapered circle so it's great for blending in Eyeshadow, You could use it to finish off your Lip Colour if you have made mistakes around the edge, or you could use it to blend out Concealer on blemishes. Because it's small, it would work well for adding Highlighter into the inner corners of your eyes, under the brow bone, on the cheekbones, above the Cupid's bow. There's lot's of options. 

J - Round Flat - Finally is a flat version of the above. Another great one for blending Concealer under brows or around Lip Colour, Blending Eyeshadow is a great job for this little guy and you could again apply Highlighter with it.  

Although I wasn't sure on how these would work compared to my regular brushes, I really like these and I think it's a great idea for personal makeup application. These are a great deal and I would definitely recommend them as they have so many different uses and I use more than 10 brushes on the daily, but with these you could easily create an entire look. So if you're looking to try thist style out but don't want to pay £50+ a piece, check these out from My Makeup Brush Set.


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