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The Weekly Round Up #127


I haven't uploaded my normal amount of posts this week and I apologise for that, I was spending time with family around my birthday and time just ran away and before I knew it I had missed a day of uploading. So if you missed either of my posts this week, Birchbox VS Glossybox: May 2016 or HOW TO: Get Up & Glow then click the links to go check those out. But today's post is my Weekly Faves, and I have a few products to show you, a couple TV shows which I don't think I have mentioned before and some bloggers/blog posts which I thought were really great & wanted to share with you. 

SKIN: This week has been a pretty random one in terms of the weather and even now I don't think the weather has made it's mind up what season it's in, but never the less when Spring is in full swing and the sun starts shining, the self tanner and sunscreen come out to play. This week I have been loving the Vaseline Cocoa Butter mixed with the St Tropez Tinted Gradual Tanner as this gives a nice natural sunkissed glow whilst nourishing my skin and taking away that harsh pasty white blinding glare when I get my legs out. I've also been loving the Hawaiin Tropic Satin Radiance Sunscreen which came in this months Glossybox and it's been so lovely to apply and wear as it smells incredible, gives my skin a beautiful glow and it's a great size to keep in my handbag. 
For the face, I have become a great believer in mixing a facial oil in with my moisturiser, and the one that has been doing an incredible job at keeping my skin hydrated and clear is the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial. This is a great oil/serum that hydrates, plumps and leaves my skin glowing. 
Finally to tackle my dark circles which seem to have diminished slightly in their blue and purples tones which is always a bonus, the Masque Bar Dark Circle Reducer Eye Masks have been helping a lot with that. Simply apply to yhe under eye area, leave on for 30 minutes and afterwards my eyes always seem so much more hydrated and refreshed, great if you have a special occasion or you just have had a stressful day and need to relax. 

MAKEUP: As for makeup, they're mainly new products which I have been testing out but a coupe of old faves thrown in there aswell. Starting off with a new foundation that I've been trying out this week (review will be up this week) is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation now the lightest shade is about 8 shades too dark for me so I have to rely on the The Body Shop Lightening Drops but nothing new there. This foundation applies onto the skin so smoothly and makes my pores look non-existent, it's really incredible how it does it but I have to say the longevity and the lasting power of this effect isn't particularly mind blowing but I will talk more about that in my review. I also picked up some new brushes from Real Techniques which is their Cheek & Lip Set which includes a Cheek Brush which is exclusive to the set, a Duo-Fibre Contour Brush and a Retractable Lip Brush which comes in their more vibrant packaging. These brushes really are super soft and the quality is phenomenal. I got them on offer in Superdrug for about £13.99 when they should be £20.99 and you can find them here.   
If you saw Fridays post then you would know that I have been loving the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone Liquid  as it has been the perfect thing to amp up the glow factor and I have been patting it onto my cheekbones, above my brows etc and then bouncing it in with a Beauty Blender then I go over it with a damp fan brush and my powder highlighter to intensify it. This has been giving me the glow I need, that I love in my makeup look, even my everyday look. 
As for the eyes I haven't really had much of a switch around with my eye makeup, I am still loving the winged liner look with a bit of eyeshadow but this week I have especially been loving the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara that came in this months Birchbox. I love how the curved brush grabs every single one of my lashes and lifts them and holds the curl all day long. It's an incredible mascara and I know its about £18 but it's possible I may purchase the full size when this sample is done.  
Finally for lips I have been wearing the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 07 religiously everyday this week. I love the natural pinky tone it has which matches my lips but evens them out and provides a very flattering amount of glossy-ness. These are incredible lip gloss/balms and this is my current everyday lip product. 

NAILS: The nail polish I have been wearing and loving this week is the Barry M Shocking Pink Nail Polish and you may remember seeing this a lot last year and I have to say I have fallen back in love with it and have a feeling this will be on my nails a lot. It's the perfect shade of pink that really brightens up any outfit or any miserable dull gloomy day in the UK. Plus, Barry M is an awesome nail polish brand.

I have been a huge lover of Pandora Jewellery for a long time and for my Birthday \i got a couple new pieces that I've just been loving and wanted to share with you. I have been wearing these pieces on the daily this week and I think I will be for a while. I purchased some of this with Birthday money and vouchers and then others I received as gifts. I love them all, my whole Pandora collection I love but the pieces I get for my birthday or whatever are so special to me. 

TV: Okay so for TV shows this week Ben and I discovered Bitten which is a show about werewolves, which follows an Aplha and his pack fighting to retain control and keep their existence hidden, but there is only one female werewolf who has survived "The Change" and she is part of the pack and is very desirable to the "Mutts" - werewolves not in the pack. It's a great show, There are 3 seaons out although I don't know if there are any more in the pipeline but if you like this kind of show then I definitely recommend you checking it out.
Then there is a show called Hunters which is a fairly new show as there are only 5 episodes out right now. This is a show about a species of what humans believe to be some sort of Alien that has come to earth although they're not sure why, non of these "hunters" will share any information like that. The show follows a special unit of government agents (who has a hunter on their side that was born on earth but has the same attributes to this other species'), who fight to catch and stop the killing and carnage these hunters bring with them. In all of that an FBI agent joins the ETU unit to try and find his wife who has been taken by these hunters, but after being married for 5 years, is she one herself? It's a great show and I hate waiting for episodes to be released but it's good enough that I am patient and watch the next episode as soon as it's available to watch. 

INTERNET: Reshareworthy.com is a site I have been looking at a lot this week as it has some incredible stories and I have been amazed at some of the stories that have shown up on here. Definitely worth checking out. 

BLOGGERS: A Girl & A Beauty Blog talks about whether blogging is dying and other social mediam platforms are taking over here and some motivation incase you have been wanting to quit because of the success of other people here and that's not just for blogging, this is in your everyday life, your dreams whether thats running a marathon or starting your own businesss. She should be an morivation speaker or something because they way AGAABB has written these posts, how she has approached each subject, it's perfect and exactly the kind of writing I love.

London Beauty Queen post here about things that bloggers experience no matter what their follower numbers are, this is an interesting read and it's good to know that others are experiencing exactly what I have. LBQ has also put together a handbook of things that you may be afraid to ask as a beauty blogger here so check that out too if you are thinking of starting your own blog, or if you already have and are struggling a little. 

I thought I would also share with you WHAT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY as I have had lot's of questions about what I received. 

I think I will leave it there for today's post. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the things I have been loving this week. If you want to see more then head over to my Instagram, I post daily on there and I love seeing what everyone else is loving. 


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