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The Monthly Round Up: April 2016


1. NEPHEW BORN: The most important thing to happen this month so I thought I would mention it first is that I finally became an Aunty. My brother and his wife had a baby boy Zackary on the 27th April 2016. Both mother and baby doing well and he's a right little cutie,absolutely perfect. I haven't included any photos on here of him and I have no intentions of doing so. This really did make my month and he is going to be very spoilt by everyone in the family. 

2. MOST POPULAR POST ON IABT: This month, the most viewed post on IABT is Birchbox VS Glossybox: April 2016 - I really have been preferring how the posts have been going for these beauty subscription services and it's great to be able to see which box has the best products each month. For April, Birchbox won by a hair and I am really looking forward to May's box. 

3. MOVIES & TV: April saw the release of one of the best movies this year... CIVIL WAR: Captain America Movie. I watched Batman VS Superman and it was released at the end of March and I was very disappointed in it to be really honest. But Civil War was a million times better and I would recommend you watching Marvel over DC any day. 
As for TV it's a show I have been watching for a while as there were a lot of episodes to catch up on and I have finally got to the last 10 and I am very sad to see it finish. InuYasha is an anime (which you may have noticed I am kind of obsessed with right now) but this is a great show, with love and hate, fantasy and drama, friends and family. I am currently working on some drawings from the show which I will upload over on my Instagram.
I also wanted to mention Second Chance which is a 11 episode season which has now unfortunately been cancelled now. But I watched it to the very end and it was an epic ending leaving me with so many questions. It's definitely one to watch if you like fantasy and drama and FBI, science stuff this is a great one to watch. 

4. MY FAVOURITE POST: As a beauty blogger and lover, I have a lot of beauty products, I buy a lot, some of it is sent and some is gifted, but it was getting to the point where I couldn't store it all in one place and it was scattered in Glossybox's around my room. So it was time for a Spring Clean to Declutter My Makeup Collection at IABT HQ, and I managed to declutter a lot, almost half of my collection, and I am now very happy with the size and the amount of the products I have and I feel I can get use out of them without them going off or going to waste.

5. MY FAVOURITE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: If you want to see all of my favourites from this month then head over to April Faves, but I wanted to include my absolute favourite product from the month. It was a gift from my boyfriend, the Giorgio Armani Si Perfume. I did a review on it which you can see here, but I have been obsessed with it and wearing it everyday.  

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