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Grounded Coffee Scrub Review


Coffee body scrubs are all the rage at the moment, and Grounded Body Scrub is the UK's leading coffee scrub company to create body care products for beautiful skin. I've been trying a few of the products from the brand and wanted to share my thoughts and results with you. This brand also appeared on the TV show Dragon's Den which if you don't know is where small starting businesses go to present their ideas to a panel of extremely wealthy investors and to expand their business. It's a good show and a nice and unique feature to this company. 

The brands best selling product, the Grounded Coffee Body Scrub: £15.00 I have the Coconut one but there is also a Chocolate Orange and a Grapefruit flavour. The benefits of what coffee can do for your skin are numerous and so I wanted to give this a try to help with my dry and sometimes dull skin.
How To Use:
The idea is that you scrub your body and leave it on for 10 minutes so that the goodness of the ingredients can really work their magic. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, and it prepares skin amazingly for self tanner, as well as removing it.

EXFOLIATE: They use so many incredible ingredients in this, the main one being, Ground Robusta Coffee Beans which to an incredible job at exfoliating and brightening the skin with enough Caffeine to really wake you up and boost your mood without having to injest any coffee. Brown Sugar and Himalayan Rock Salt are used to help with the exfoliation so although slightly rougher than your average scrub, it's still great for sensitive, dry and flakey skin and will leave you feeling soft and smooth.
NOURISH & TREAT: To ensure the skin retains it's moisture and hydration, that's the job of the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil. The Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Inflammatory properties of these ingredients are also great for targeting skin conditions and infections while providing moisture that doesn't block pores. So if you have skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, this is a great skincare product for you. It's a slice of tropical heaven right their in your bathroom.

Grounded Body Scrub branched out to create the Coconut & Lime Hair Mask: £12.50, this is the only scent they have developed so far, but boy does it smell incredible.
How To Use:
With this, they advise to apply for 30 minutes or more before rinsing out thoroughly. I have left it on overnight and just braided my hair and washed it out in the morning and it works great and doesn't get too messy.

STRENGTHEN, STIMULATE & SMOOTH: With Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for nourishing every strand of your hair, it's anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are great for targeting skin conditions. The natural anti-septic properties of Macadamia Oil reduces inflammation and imperfections as well as removing dry, flakey skin. They have continued using Coffee for it's many benefits, and Coffee Oil leaves the hair looking shiny and healthy. There is also Avocado Oil which is great for nourishing and strengthening the hair but when massaged into the scalp can also stimulate circulation and can penetrate deeply to stimulate hair growth. Grape Seed Oil is full of Anti-Oxidants, and Lime Oil adds life to dull hair whilst moisturising the scalp. It's an oil treatment, which I was surprised by, I thought it would be a more traditional cream mask but I really like that actually it's an oil, and my hair has never felt so soft. 
I don't really need to say any more do I? This is a hydrating, smoothing and conditioning hair mask that makes my hair feel so ridiculously soft and smooth and it shines like nothing I've ever used before.

With the body scrub doing so well, Grounded Body Scrub launched a Face Scrub: £8.95, I have the Coconut & Lime scent but there is also Sweet Orange and Tea Tree & Lemon which all provide some incredible benefits for the skin.
How To Use:
Wet your face with warm water first, and using small circular motions, gently massage this onto your skin and be extra careful around your eye area. Although this is a face scrub, to get all the benefits of the ingredients, you can leave this on for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes as a mask. Then simply rinse off with warm water, I like to use a muslin cloth but whatever works best for you. This can be used once or twice a week.

BRIGHTEN, TIGHTEN & TONE: Similar to the body scrub, this has Robusta Coffee Powder so that it is more gentle on your face, which also means it's gentle enough for sensitive, dry and flakey skin, yet it's slightly more abrasive than the typical scrubs that I like to use on my face so I have to be extra careful - but it doesn't damage or hurt my skin or cause any irritation which is what I was anxious about when first using it. It also has the added benefit of Brown Sugar and Sea Salt to exfoliate the the dead, flakey skin away, which reveals a brighter, fresher complexion.
But to keep the skin moisturised and as hydrated as possible, it has the help of Vitamin E, Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Soft, smooth, brighter, nourished skin, what more could you ask for? How about Vitamins A, C & E, which are packed full of Anti-Oxidants to to clean out pores, brighten dull skin and allows any further skincare products to sink in, penetrate deeper and work better. 

You wouldn't expect to see a Lip Balm: £3.25 amongst the products they offer but I thought it would be good to check that out.
Now I am going to be honest here as I always am when writing all my posts, I ordered the Grapefruit which came in all the right packaging, but when opening, I got a huge waft of the Chocolate Orange scent. I emailed the company to advise and that maybe they should check their stock as their products have been packaged wrong but I received no reply. So because of that I haven't had the chance to try the one I wanted, but after much deliberation I eventually tried the one they had sent but the scent really did put me off as it's a very strong chocolate orange smell and I don't like chocolate orange anything. But I tried it eventually and I actually really like how it felt on my lips and it made them feel really soft and smooth.

SOFTEN & SMOOTH: This lip balm has Coconut OilVitamin E and She Butter for hydration and nourishing the lips to keep them soft and free from chapping. The Grapefruit flavour has Grapefruit Oil which is enriched with Vitamin C to keep lips fresh. There is also Beeswax, which protects the lips. There is no added Petroleum in these lip balms, they are 100% natural and frankly I think that if I got the right scent, I would really like these as I have tried others with a similar ingredient list, bar the Grapefruit oil and I thought they were great. I am a lip bitter and I get dry lips so anything that can prevent this, protect this or heal this is just what I need. If I ignore the scent, it's a great lip balm, but maybe if I put another order in then I will get the Peppermint one as I think I would really like that.

STORAGE: Storing these products was originally a query I had, as they're paper bags, but they are resealable, and they are protected inside to keep the ingredients fresh. I have had to put the scrubs into another resealable bags so I didn't get coffee particles everywhere and also because the scent is very strong and every time I went into my room I got a massive waft and it gave me a headache after a while. You have to ensure you that you keep the products in a cool dry place where there is no water that can make it's way into the bag. The scrubs are loose so be careful when applying them and when opening and closing the bags.

OVERALL?: I think this is a great brand, they use good quality ingredients, they're reasonably priced and the quality and performance of these products is incredible. Although the scents of Coffee puts me off somewhat, the benefits, the quality and the values of this brands really screams out to me as a worthy bunch of products to review. Hence today's post. I really like the packaging, the simplicity of the designs are perfect for this kind of product and although I didn't really get why companies were putting body scrubs into brown paper bags rather than pots, because they're loose, I guess they thought it would be easier, although I may end up putting mine in tubs to mae it easier to store and use.
So if you have access to pick up some of these products, then I would love to hear what you thought to them and if you have any other body or skin care companies that you think I should try. 


*Disclaimer: I purchased all products with my own money, I have not been contacted by the company nor asked ti write this review. All opinions are 100% my own and honest. 

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