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April Fitness Update + HAUL


Sorry this is going up a bit late in the day than normal, I scheduled it for tomorrow instead of today, my mistake, but it's here now. So I know it's been a while since I've worked out properly, the injection I had in my hip in February really put me back and I struggled with the stability of my hip for a while. But anyway I've finally been able to jump back on the horse as it were and I've been loving getting back into my routine of working out. 

If you don't know my background with my hip problem then you can check out my first fitness post here where I explained it, but I've been going in pretty heavy to try and build back the strength I've lost over the last 8 weeks or so. 

When having a hip issue, having treatment on it can really knock you back and put you back to square one when it comes to strength and stability, because it messes with your muscles and joints and stuff, so finding the strength and motivation to get back onto the yoga mat was a struggle for me. 

But anyway, enough of that, into the update.

DAILY ROUTINE: So I've been doing a bit of yoga to start off with to warm up, then going into stretches, squats, crunches, butterfly kicks and then back to stretches and some weight training in there too. I finish off by stretching and making sure I release any muscles. It's so important for me to take a hot shower after I workout so that I can try and help ease any pain or stress that I may have incurred. It's mainly on my hip that I concentrate on but my shoulders also feel very sore due to the weights I've started using. Which brings me on to my next point...

INCORPORATING WEIGHTS INTO MY ROUTINE: I have purchased myself a Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch Band which is going to be really great in building up muscle and strengthening my abs and legs. You can see, on the right, a sheet that came with it giving a few ways to use it.
So I have been using some weights which are 1.1kg which is plenty for me (maybe even a little too much) just to get me started. I have mainly been using the weights whilst doing squats. I've never been very good at squats, but after doing them regularly they make my legs feel amazing so I have been really concentrating on those. I started off using the weights by lifting my arms up but it tired me out too quickly so I just held them down by my sides and it seemed to work really well and obviously it helps with strengthening up my arms whilst I'm working on my legs. 

A funny/not so funny story, I decided that because the squats were feeling really good I would see how long I could do them for, 5 minutes later my legs were shaking until the following morning and my hip swelled up to the size of a balloon. That was the worst self inflicted pain ever and I despised myself for that. Not fun and I definitely won't be making that stupid mistake again and trying to challenge myself when I know how weak my body is.

NEW WORKOUT GEAR: I picked up some new workout gear and some new equipment, so here's  the haul part of this post. Here's what I purchased...

Here is the Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch Band which came from TK Maxx for only £5.99 and it is very sturdy and I can't wait to find different ways to use it and strengthen my abs and legs and get some muscles at last.
I also got these 1kg ELLESports Foam Weights from TK Maxx for just £7.99. I prefer how these ones feel in the hands, they're softer and smaller as they don't have the massive bit on either end so it makes it easier to squat with etc.

I picked up some new yoga paints too, I brought these all from Tesco, the pants were £16 each and the Muscle Tee was £12 I think. They're great quality, great prices and they have breathable material which is always great when working up a sweat.
If anyone happens to know where I can find a supportive sports bra that is easy to get on and off and preferably doesn't have to go over the head then please let me know. 

BEAUTY PRODUCT MENTION: This is a random mention here but I have been removing my makeup before working out with micellar waters for goodness knows how long but Garnier recently released an Oil Infused formula so I have been using this the last couple of weeks and I was shocked the first time I used it. It removed every scrap of eye makeup. Waterproof mascara, liner, the lot and there was no black smudges along my lashes or anything, it wiped it all away and that to me is incredible because I always have to go in with an oil cleanser to remove the rest but because this already has oil in it, it does the job in one simple step. It's not as great as removing face makeup but it still does the trick and I'm sure if I spent more time then it would but I couldn't believe how amazing this is at getting rid of eye makeup. One to keep in your gym bag for sure. 

That's it for today's Fitness Update. I hope you have found it interesting and maybe got some inspiration or motivation to work out. Working out feels great afterwards so forget those negative thoughts like "I can't be bothered" or "I don't feel like it" and work your butt off to get where you want to be fitness wise.


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