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The Weekly Round Up #124


It's weekly favourites time again, this week has gone super quick, and although I am working, it's the weekend. So let's get into what I've been loving this week...

MAKEUP: I thought I would start off with the eyes this week and I know you are probably getting fed up of me going on and on about the Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes so I thought I would dig out my other favourite palette which is the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palettes which is an incredible array of shades, shimmery and matte, cool, neutral and warm, they're just incredible shadows and my faves from the palette are Rocker (top row second from right) Activist (second row first from right), Rebel (second from right), Leader (first from right), which are all what I have been wearing on my eyes this week. I have also been liking to blend some of the TheBalm Desert Bronzer (I got this little sample in a subscription box) through my upper crease and to blend out my lower lash line just for some extra warmth and to make sure everything is blended. I like to use this as a bronzer too but it's not my favourite and it's the perfect size for an eyeshadow.

I've been getting back into wearing a little bit of winged liner and my fave ever is the L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim, this is so easy for me to use, it's super quick and I can create a bit or small wing in seconds. Love it. For the lashes, I was digging through my makeup stash looking for my subscription box makeup products that I have received for a post I am doing and I cam across the Manna KADAR Conditioning Lash Primer now I have never heard from this brand but I have tried white lash primers like this before so wanted to give it a go, and I actually really like it. I would possibly even go and purchase this full size I really do like it. I have loved pairing it with the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and it really amps up the volume when used with this mascara and it's created the perfect amount of lashes for me and for the look I have been wearing this week. Do you have any lash primers you recommend?

I tried to mix up my cheek products this week as I have been reaching for a lot of the same things, and so I dug out the Glossybox & Kryolan Highlighter in Cashmere as my cream highlight and I forgot how much I love this stuff. This particular one was a Glossybox and Kryolan colab but the regular Kryolan is available in other shades so definitely recommend checking them out as it's a great cream highlight, blends seamlessly on the cheeks and looks just stunning.
For blush I have been using a mix of the Tarte Exposed Blush and the Too Faced Baby Love Blush and I either mix them together or use them on their own, both of which they look beautiful. I love these blushes as they are both long wearing, beautiful colours and nothing too pink or peachy but enough to give that spring vibe to the cheeks. I love these and if you haven't checked out either of these ranges I encourage you to give them a try. 

SKINCARE: I felt that my skin needed a radiance boost this week and so I have used the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Peel Off Radiance Mask which has helped no end to really perk my skin up and give it that extra healthy glow. It only takes 5 minutes and my skin always feels so smooth and soft after I've used it. Plus, the peeling it off part is always fun yet kind of gross too.
The Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum 2 is finally back in my routine and I am loving it. I like to mix it with the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum and it feels very nourishing and just makes my skin feel super plump and hydrated. I've not used it in a while but I am really glad I have it back. 
I have also been really loving the mix of my regular night time moisturiser which is the Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator and adding a few drops of the The Body Shop Oils of Life Revitalising Oil to add some extra nourishment and really soften and refresh my skin. This also helps in adding that healthy glow which I have been able to notice more and more, especially  when I am applying my makeup the next day. I am on the hunt for a dark spot correcting serum (I've been using the Kiehls Dark Spot Corrector which I've finished up) and was wondering if there's any that you recommend then I would love to know. I may even get the Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate I think it's called for an extra glow boost for my skin. 

TV: InuYasha is the anime I have been watching for the last few weeks and I am already on the 100+ episodes. It's a great adventure tv show about a sacred jewel and a group of demons, half demons, demon hunters and a not so ordinary human girl from 500 years in the future. It's a great chilled out show, keeps you on your toes but is very easy to watch and I really love the graphics and drawing style of it which is very important when watching anime, especially when they have over 130 episodes.

MUSIC: So I had a bit of a nostalgic song finding sesh the other night when I couldn't sleep and ended up coming across some songs I completely forgot about but that I fell in love with all over again. First was some incredible tunes from Ron Pope, this guys voice gives me goosebumps. You may have heard A Drop in the Ocean which I used to cry to whenever I was in a really down, bad mood and so it always brought me back to that bad place, but I have really loved listening to it this week and I no longer cry when hearing that song anymore. I also found Fireflies, Heartfelt Lies which were songs I listened to a lot in my teens. I discovered some new songs from Ron Pope too, One Grain of Sand, Nothing, I'm Yours, and there's some other great songs. I get lost when I listen to his music. I found myself laying in beds with headphones in listening to these songs and just letting my mind go blank and concentrating on the lyrics. I've never heard a voice like his and it's just captivating for me. If you haven't listened to any of Ron Popes songs, please, I urge you to listen to some that I have mentioned.

Sandi Thom Who remembers I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker? It was a summer tune which I was in love with back in my teens and whilst perusing some music to listen to, this came up and ever since I have been singing it at the top of my lugs in my car on the daily. It's a great song and it's very nostalgic and great for singing along in the car to perk up your mood.


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