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FACE OFF: The Battle of the Brow Gels


Here's my next face off, it's the battle of the tinted brow gels. Some have thickening properties due to containing fibres, and some are just regular setting gels. So what are our contestants (excuse me whilst I break out into song - Nickelback Next Contestant = Classic)...

So as you may be able to notice, there is only one high end option in this face off, and it's not necessarily my favourite, so this isn't a dupe battle or anything like that, it's simply the tinted brow gel that's my favourite out of the bunch.

Alright first is the Benefit Gimme Brow, this was the first tinted brow gel with fibres that I tried and I was drawn to it mainly because of the size of the brush but also because it had the promise to build up the thickness of my brows which I was in much need of. This is £18.50 so it's definitely in the higher range price spectrum and I don't think I would pay that much again for it as I don't think it's the best brow gel out there to be really honest. This only comes in two shades, light-to-medium and medium-to-dark, and it's also water-resistant which is always good, especially for the Spring/Summer.

Sticking with the brow gels that have fibres in to really help thicken up the hairs, a drugstore option I discovered was the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper, and this has a slightly bigger brush than the Gimme Brow but it still worked great, but I found it applied too much product as it would collect at the end of the brush so I would have to ensure I removed any excess before applying and that is something I have found with a lot of brow gels that come in this kind of packaging. This is only £5.99 which is a great price considering it does the same thing as the Gimme Brow, if not better.

My newest discovery and my favourite of the fibre gels is the Soap & Glory Archery Volu-Boost, and this has an identical brush to the Gimme Brow but I find this applies nicer, it's a better colour for me and it really works to set my brows in place. I don't like having brows which are stuck to my skin but I find this works great to just keep everything in place and where it should be - apparently for 12 hours although I haven't taken much notice by that point, but this is also water-resistant and only costs £8.

The Model Co More Brows is a product I received in a Birchbox and I really enjoyed using it, in fact they sent me another one to replace the one I used up as I loved it to death. It's quite a cool toned dark brown but it has a tiny little brush to really grab every brow hair and set it in place. Plus this also has hair like fibres which help to thicken up the brows and add some texture and volume. Plus it's a quick dry formula which is great for those 5 minute makeup jobbies. Similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow they only have two shades, light to medium, and medium to dark which doesn't really account for everyone but maybe they will bring out more shades in the future. This isn't quite drugstore price but not really high end either, as it costs £13.00 which is only about a fiver less than the Benefit offering.

The Maybelline Brow Drama was a favourite of mine for a very long time. A lot of people think the brush is a very, unique (shall we say) brush as it basically has a ball on the end of it which you use to apply the product. It's an odd shape, but the product is pretty good. I'll be honest though, after trying some of the others, I realised this didn't set my brows quite as well as I thought, however, the shade of the product - medium brown - was very good for me, and apart from the odd ball on the end of the applicator, it was a really good product and I have recommended it to people as it's only £4.99 and comes in 4 shades including transparent, but there are ones I would recommend over this one.

Finally is the Revlon Brow Fantasy and I really liked the packaging of this as it had a pencil on one end and the tinted brow gel on the other. But unfortunately that's where the good review ends. I didn't like the shade of this, it was way too warm even for my red hair, and it just made my brows look orange. It comes in 3 shades, but none of those looked like they would have suited me either. The pencil also didn't work very well for me, it didn't stay put, it didn't look good and it was just a fail. The brush on the gel was good, it applied the product really well but it did't set my brows in place, they felt crispy and like they were stuck to my skin and although they say it's a sheer tinted formula, I didn't find the tint to be that sheer, it was definitely a pigmented brow gel, on my brows it was anyway. Plus it's £7.99 which is a good price but it was overall just not a great product.

As you can see most of the brushes are pretty much the same as the tiny brushes work the best for brow gels like this, especially those with the fibres in, the one with the ball on the end is my least favourite as it got product above and below my brows, which I was not impressed with, but the product itself was good. I would have to say I have liked most of these - except the Revlon Borw Fantasy - at some point or another and the formulas really are good, but my current favourite has to be the Soap & Glory Archery as I love all the other products from the Archery line and this is one of their new releases and I have been using it on the daily for my brows, it's particularly great on it's own for a natural makeup kind of day. Plus I like how the fibres thicken my brows as I don't have the thickest of brows.

I will be doing a fave brow products and a brow routine soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. I would love to know what your faves are in the mean time so I can give them a try. I hope you enjoyed today's face off. There's going to be a weekend of favourites, round ups and updates so I hope you come back and see my favourite products of the month this weekend.




* Disclaimer: I have not been asked or paid to write this post, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest. Products that work for me may not work for you, and vice versa, so please don't take offence if I have reviewed a product that didn't work for me but that you love. Everyone is different and I am not slating or trashing the brands or the products in any way, they just weren't my cup of tea.

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