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Disappointing Products


When a product is hyped up online or is made to stand out as a new product in the drugstore, it's difficult to not be drawn to it, that's the whole point of those displays and counters etc. but there are some which really don't perform as well as promised and that just let you down. So I have gathered together some of my most disappointing product purchases to share with you. 

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation & Blender: This first product was such a disappointment I almost threw it in the bin completely, but I refrained as I wanted to talk about them in this post. So the Blender sponge is a waste of a fiver and effort. It's not a drugstore Beauty Blender dupe, it's the furthest thing away from it actually. It's hard, stiff and doesn't blend out the product at all, it just smears product all over your face and then you have to go in and re-do it all over again with a real BB. I thought the foundation was great, it gave a really nice finish, the shade range sucked but I could look passed that as the product performed really well, but after a few days I started to notice small red bumps on my skin and the only thing I have changed in my routine was my foundation, so it's now not a product I want to use, nor will I recommend it. I may end up trying this foundation again but for now, I am quite happy with my current favourites that don't react to my skin in the slightest.

Maybelline Super Stay Setting Spray: Broke me out in tiny painful red spots all over my skin which I had for a few days before they disappeared completely. I found it didn't do as good a job as the L'Oreal Setting Spray and I would rather skip the painful reaction and go with my tried and true. I was so gutted that this sucked because I really wanted to be able to recommend another setting spray. 

Beauty Blender Re-activate: This Beauty Blender product came with a kit which I got online which included the Original Beauty Blender a Pro Beauty Blender a Micro Beauty Blender and I love the other products, but this I just don't like. I thought it would be a product you could spray on to the Beauty Blender if it got too dry whilst applying your makeup, or to spray on before you use it rather than going to a tap and running it under there every morning. But it just didn't do anything. I tried it both ways I mentioned and neither did anything substantial to warrant buying the set or that product individually as my L'Oreal Setting Spray or my Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water did much better jobs than this product did. Not worth the hassle, don't be lazy and just go to the tap to active the beauty blender properly.

L'Oreal Infalliable Sculpt Base/Foundation: I was really hoping I would like this as True Match and the Infalliable Matte Foundations are such great products, but unfortunately this Contouring Base/Foundation wasn't that mind-blowing. So the whole Sculpt range was designed to make highlighting and contouring simple for the everyday beauty addict and to provide a lightweight smooth base for your highlighting and contouring playground, but unfortunately on me it was too dark (which is no surprise there as they only have two shades) and it sat on the skin and just looked funky. It didn't really help with doing any sort of contouring whether I used the contour kit from the Sculpt range or not. So this is a fail for me, I had high hopes but it really did disappoint and I would recommend the other foundations from L'Oreal over this one. 

Rimmel Fix & Protect Makeup Primer: This has SPF 25, it's a lotion texture which you apply as you would any other makeup primer and wait for it to sink in. This felt more like a moisturiser, I didn't feel any difference in how my skin looked or felt and after wearing makeup for 10 hours, there was no real proof that my makeup had stayed on as it was the same as if I didn't use the primer. I was really hoping I would be able to use this as a drugstore primer in an upcoming drugstore look but I don't think that will be the case. It's not the best primer at the drugstore, but I guess it's not the worst either, just not my cup of tea.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation: I've only recently been able to use drugstore foundations thanks to their poor shade range of 6, but thanks to the TBS Lightening Drops, it makes it possible. So I've been trying out a few and I have to say this one sounded great, but isn't as good as I was hoping. It has SPF 30 which I thought was great for all year round, it's supposed to hydrate for 24 hours and has a light-to-medium coverage, but what I really liked about it is that it has anti-pollution screen that reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin to give that fresh and glowy finish. It's a thicker cream which isn't what I was expecting but it doesn't feel thick on the skin. I was disappointed in it because I just didn't think it was that good. The shade range is not good for fair tones or dark complexions and I just didn't like how it wore through the day or how it looked after just a couple of hours of wearing it. 

GOSH Lip Oil in Raspberry: I actually like this product but I am disappointed in it's performance once it's rubbed off my lips as it makes them feel really dry and I find I have to put more lip balm or oil onto my lips when I've worn this than normal so I don't know if it has quite a drying ingredient, or if it's just how lip oils work depending on what oils are in there but this one isn't a favourite anymore unfortunately.

I would love to know if you have tried any of these products I've mentioned today? What did you think? Did they let you down too or did you end up loving them?


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