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A Fragrance Worth Spending Your Money On


Today I wanted to try something slightly different and write a review about a fragrance that I have recently received and have been loving. I haven't done a fragrance review before so bear with me whilst I find my feet on this topic.

I've read reviews on this before and the word graceful came up Raeviewer's post and since then, it seems to be the only word that I can think of to describe it. It's sexy and sensual but sweet, it's dark and musky but uplifting and truly extraordinary. I've never understood much about perfume, but this, well this has opened my eyes to the possibility of all those scents I've missed out on. My favourite scent is Paco Robanne Black Excess, so a deep, musky scent is my go to, but this is different, but the same, it's elegant and seductive and potent, but still feminine. Graceful is the perfect word to describe this fragrance and I am completely addicted to it.

Going into a bit more detail, this is an intense, yet soft chypre, it combines blackcurrant nectar and light musky wood to entangle you in a whole world of different scents that will really get your senses in a twist. 
The fragrance grabs you with top notes of Mandarin Oil and Sicilian Bergamot. Leading you to the heart of Rose May, Neroli and Egyptian Jasmine. To finish it off and really give that seductive sultry twist, the Patchouli Oil, Amber and Vanilla entice you until you are hooked.

Packaging: The packaging is beautiful, it's a simple bottle, with a really pretty black stone-looking lid which I think looks very elegant yet simple and classic (the Eau de Toilette has a pink cap). It's definitely a perfume I would display so it can be admired and seen and not hidden away. The other scents have slightly different packaging, it has a silk ribbon around the bottom half of the bottle, very chic, you can see that here.
Longevity on the skin: It's an Eau de Parfum so the scent lasts a lot longer on the skin and is slightly more intense that the Eau de Toilette, which I really like about it and I can smell it on my skin even at night or when I change as it lingers on my clothes. I've had a lot of compliments on it which is always a good sign. 
Price: It's expensive. I was talking to my boyfriend about how much I loved the sample I received in a magazine of the fragrance but it was so expensive I wouldn't want to ask for it as a gift I would probably save up Boots points or something to get it, and the next thing I know he has brought me a bottle for our anniversary. So it's expensive, even for the size I have (30ml), it's £47.00 and for the 50ml it's £69.50 although currently on offer for £59.50. The 100ml is £92 but to be honest, I prefer the smaller size as I can see what I think to it on my skin, and there's no risk of it going bad before I've used it unlike the bigger size.
Availability: It's available in department stores like John Lewis and Debenhams as well as The Perfume Shop and Boots so it's pretty easily accessible.
Options: They have a Rose scent too which smells very nice but they have an Intense version which smells amazing and deeper, you can check out the notes for this one here as they are quite different to the original. 
The Notes:
Top: Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin Oil, Liquer de Cassis, 
Heart: Rose May, Neroli, Egyptian Jasmine
Base: Patchouli Oil, Blond Woods, Amber, Orcanox, Vanilla,

Overall, I highly recommend this fragrance, it's a beautiful scent, complex, and very unique. Definitely one to check out if you are looking for a gift, or a new perfume to try out.




Disclaimer: I haven't been asked or paid to write this post. Product was a gift from my boyfriend, the brand didn't send it to me. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

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