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The Weekly Round Up #120


If you missed this weeks posts, it was Spring Edit Week here on It's a Beauty Thing, where I show you my Spring Essentials, the Spring Nail Colours I'll be rocking, and a Makeup Bag Switch Around. But for today, here are my favourites from the week.

YOUTUBERS: I thought I would start with a few videos I watched this week which I thought were worth mentioning:
Go check them out they're great beauty channels to watch and these videos out of all the other videos that came up on my feed were the ones that really caught my eye.

SONGS: These are my favourite songs I've listened to/discovered this week:
Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye Ft Meghan Trainor   YouTube Video  Website   Twitter   Facebook   Instagram   
Ben Woodward - Love Yourself Cover   YouTube Video   Twitter  Facebook   Instagram
Boyce Avenue - All of his songs are amazing   YouTube Channel   Website   Twitter   Facebook   Instagram

Now on to the products I have been loving...

MAKEUP: I dug out a few things I had forgotten I had, and the TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter was one of them and this week it's the only highlighter I have used. I forgot how pigmented and beautiful it is. I think I will have to get some of the TheBalm cheeks products as I really love the ones I already have. I know I've gone on and on about this but I love this highlight with the Frat Boy Blush also from TheBalm as it just glides on, it's so smooth and blendable yet pigmented so light hand is needed when using this blush. I love how these two products look together.
I also started to use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders again and I forgot how amazing these are. The look they give to the skin is just incredible and I cannot remember why I stopped using them. I have the palette and the shades Incandescent Light and Dim Light are my favourites, although for a warm bronzey glow I like to use Radiant Light as a bronzing type product. 

This week I have been really experimenting with colour correcting. I've dabbled in it a little before but since these new products have come out I have been concentrating on it a little more. The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealers have been a really welcomed products in my makeup bag and they really are incredible products. I started off with the Super-Blur Imperfection Eraser which does exactly what it says, blurs imperfections, pores, texture on the skin, and the Just Bright Tired-Skin Concealer brightens up any areas on my face that are looking dull or lack-lustre, so I apply this on my cheeks and around my mouth. It doesn't give a purple tinge to the skin or anything it just brightens it up and when you apply the rest of your makeup over the top, it looks amazing. I then also picked up the All is Calm Anti-Redness Concealer which is great for redness like on blemishes or hormonal redness around my nose or whatever and it really does an incredible job. Finally is the Fake Away Dark Circles Concealer which really stood out to me so I made sure to snap it up before it sold out. This is a yellow concealer which helps to correct and conceal dark circles, it's also very brightening so it's like an 8 hour sleep in a tube. I really love this, it really does conceal and brighten and it went above and beyond my expectations and I wonder if they will bring out any other correctors or concealers?

If you've been around these parts the last few weeks, I have been loving the Freedom Brow Powder Duo for filling in my brows, and I have been using the Model Co More Brows, but this week Soap & Glory released the Archery Volu-Boost Brow Fibre Gel in Talk of the Brown which is basically identical to the Benefit Gimme Brow, and the Model Co More Brows as it has fibres to thicken up and add texture to the brows and set them in place. There are 3 shades of this and I have the middle one I think although the names are different than whats on the Boots.com website. But anyway I have been loving this and highly recommend picking it up for only £8 or for free as part of the 3 for 2 deal currently in Boots and online.

I've not been at work much this week so I've been opting more for a simple eye look with some smudgy liner to keep it fresh but looks like I've made somewhat of an effort. So I have gone back to the Vivo Pale Gold Eyeshadow as an all over lid shade, and then using a mid tone light brown from the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette through the crease and outer corner and I just love how this has looked with a bit of eyeliner smudged along top and bottom lash line to add some definition.

HAIR: I went through my hair products this week to see what I could throw out or use up, and I have been using the Batiste Stylist Texture Me Texturising Spray which I had completely forgotten about, and because I have been too lazy to spend 10 minutes curling my hair, I've been spraying this in it and it's done the job perfectly. I love all of the products from the Stylist range from Batiste so if you want an affordable texturising spray or dry shampoo or anything, try this line first.

TV SHOWS: Because I've been off work, I've had lot's of time to watch and catch up on some of my shows and Daredevil Season 2 was released on Netflix this week so Ben and I watched the entire 13 episodes in a couple of days. It's amazing but I wish the seasons were a bit longer.

Lucifer and Damien are two other shows we've been watching, they're both about the anti-Christ and devil walking amongst humans on earth. They're great shows and if you like the whole apocalypse, anti-Christ, demons, the Devil, fallen angels and so on kind of thing, then these shows are great.

We also discovered a TV show called Slasher which had 4 episodes out which were actually really good and I can't wait for more to come out. It's about a girl who was ripped out of her mothers stomach at 9 months pregnant by her mother and father's murderer, when all grown up and married, she (Sarah) then moves back into the same house that her parents were murdered in, and other murders start happening with lot's of unanswered questions. She goes to see her parents killer who's still in prison to get answers, see if it's him controlling this other "Executioner" and finds that he helps her and really cares for her. It's a great show, very odd, but it keeps you thinking the whole way through, and you start to know who the killer is before they then kill off that person. It's great, I highly recommend watching it if you can find it online. 

I hope you had a great weekend and I would love to hear of any recommendations that you have for new products that you may have tried.




Check out my Spring Edit from this week:

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