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The Weekly Round Up #117


I've been trying out so many new amazing products this week and I have been loving a lot of them so this one is going to be like an update to the products you saw in my New In Beauty: March post and Fridays Beauty Haul which I had a really amazing response to both from you, and you seemed to really like my previous New In Beauty posts so I will continue to do these hopefully once a month depending on what's coming out etc. Right, into the faves/haul update/first impressions, and there's some YouTube stuff at the end so stick around for that, you won't want to miss it. 

This week I have been testing out the fairly new Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation, and I love to use the Becca Backlight Priming Filter to give a luminous glow first, and then this over the top. Unfortunately the shade range of this foundation sucks so I have to use The Body Shop Lightening Drops every single time but I love how this foundation looks, it wears really nicely, I find it transfers or wipes off easily if you touch your face but if you set it well enough then I don't see why this would be a problem. I really like this foundation and it's the first I have tried from the brand and I am really impressed so far. Love it. 

The whole light reflecting light coverage concealers are a mystery to me, if you want to cover dark circles then you need more coverage, but I really wanted to try out the Estee Lauder BB Brush on Glow Concealer as Suzie from Hello October raves about it and I was pleasantly surprised about it. It's great coverage, not quite enough to cover my dark circles but it does a pretty good try. I love that the shade Extra Light is light enough for my skin tone and is even maybe a shade or two too light which I never find in a concealer or any base product. Really like this and will continue to use it, although I don't know if I would repurchase as it's pretty expensive for what it is but we'll have to see with this one.

I have been really loving the Soap & Glory Blurring Concealer this week, and have been using it in place of my pore perfecting type primers. I just apply straight from the stick onto my face and blend in with my fingers. I LOVE how this makes my skin feel, and it does a great job at keeping my makeup in place all day. I also use it under the eyes and it does a great job at smoothing out any fine lines too. This is great and I really want to get my hands on the Anti-Redness Concealer that they do but unfortunately it sold out on Boots.com so will be waiting for that to come back into stock. Have you tried any of these new Soap & Glory products?

My dark circles have been extra prominent recently in my opinion so I have been on the hunt for a full coverage concealer that would cover those bad boys up, and I came across the Revlon Color Stay Concealer, this is in the shade Fair and it matches my skin tone perfectly. It ticks all the boxes, full coverage, long-lasting, affordable, great shade match, it also doesn't crease as much as other concealers do on my under eyes so I think this is a winner. It's very similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which I also picked up in the shade Fair, and it does pretty much the same thing as the Revlon one. So both winners in my books. 

So another new product from Soap & Glory, this is the Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Stick Wonderbronze in SunDaze and there's also a blusher and a highlighter in the collection too, these are such amazing beautiful creamy cheek products and I love to use with the LGFB Finishing Brush to blend out, still testing out how to use the blush and highlight stick the best as swiping them onto the skin removes the product underneath, but I like them with this brush or a Beauty Blender. All 3 are very shimmery, decently pigmented but not too much, and the shades are very universal, even for a uber pale skin girl like myself, so I highly recommend these.

I have been using the GOSH Lumi Drops in Vanilla on the tip of my Beauty Blender and bounce it over my cheekbones, and above my brows to really add a lit from within look and I love the shade, the finish, the intensity, these are incredible and I never hear anyone talk about these, but they have two other shades which are more bronze tones but I love these, I mean look at that colour and intensity...
...so I am in love with this and have been using it everyday as my highlighter base layer for that extra intense glow.
I have also been using the GOSH Lip Oil in Raspberry a lot this week, and at first I really liked it, then after a couple of days I noticed my lips were super dry when they didn't have anything on and I have only really been using this lip oil so I don't know if it's sucking out all the moisture from my lips so that I apply more product, and if it is then it's a good way to get people hooked, but I don't want to continue using a product that does that and manipulates the consumer. But as a general overview, I really like the product when it's on, but I have to try it out more to see if my extra dry lips are being caused by this product. 

As you would have seen in last weeks round up, I have been using the Maybelline Master Sculpt in Medium/Dark a lot, and I have really loved how it looks on my cheeks and the contour it gives. I picked up the new L'Oreal Contour Brush which was released with their Infalliable Sculpt range, and I have been using the sculpt end to get a really defined contour and although I blend it out, I wouldn't just leave it as one harsh line, it really applies the product precisely and it still blends the product nicely after first applying to the skin. I'm pleased L'Oreal released this brush and I wonder if they will be adding to the brush line at some point?

Wow this really is just a repeat of Wednesday's post, but the Maxfactor Masterpiece Eyeshadow Palettes have been a massive favourite this week and a pleasant surprise. I didn't really have high hops for these palettes as Maybelline and L'Oreal have produced nude eyeshadow palettes and frankly they sucked, but I am so impressed with this that I have recommended them to everyone. I only have two of the palettes, there is another one which is more rosy tones but that's not my kind of palette so I stuck with these two...

Golden Nudes
Which has a mix of light highlight shades, a great medium brown for a transition shade, and the most beautiful olive green shadows I have ever seen which has definitely been my favourite to play with this week, plus there's a beautiful deep rich chocolate-y bronze and a dark brown/black for liner or extra smokey-ness. The pigmentation is incredible, all the shadows are so creamy and rich, they're effortless to blend and although I find they crease after a few hours, with a good eye primer/base they last a few hours longer, not the best longevity but that's something I can negotiate on as the shades are just so beautiful.
There's also Cappuccino Nudes which has a shade range similar to that of the Urban Decay Naked Palette or the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 (equivalent to the UD palettes) so there's again some great highlight shades (I love the matte cream/ivory shade for setting my primer/base), a beautiful brown for the crease, a shimmery taupe shade which looks stunning all over the lid, as well as some bronze's and browns. This is a great everyday palette, and with the quality, pigmentation and blend-ability, it's a great beginners palette for an everyday neutral eye look.

I finally picked up another of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara which was my favourite for a good few months and then I ran out, started using Benefit Roller Lash and just never got around to repurchasing, now I have and I am in love with it. Great drugstore mascara, great volume, length, holds a curl (even the non-waterproof formula) and doesn't flake or smudge through the day. Another winner from the drugstore. The drugstore is just killing it with new launches, quality, giving the customer what they want, they're doing an incredible job at the minute. It may just be the year of the drugstore makeup/skincare this year? What d'you reckon? 

For my brows, I have been loving the Freedom Bros Powder Duo in Medium Brown with the Real Techniques Angled Eyeliner Brush as it's the perfect thickness and stiffness to really apply the powder perfectly. Love how this makes my brows look, and the colour is perfect for me right now. It takes much longer and I still like to use the S&G Archery Brow Pencil to sharpen up the bottom and arch but this combo + a brow gel, is great for my brows, but I just like the softness and haze that a powder gives, whilst the pencil just sharpens and defines that lower part to get a really nice arch and brow in general. I am into brows at the minute and this new product has just blown my expectations and really expanded my brow horizons, and I now know that powders really can look nice and natural whilst still giving a defined look so watch this space for more brow related posts and favourites.

It's about time the liquid lipstick trend hit the drugstore because I've been waiting to try out some matte liquid lipsticks and Revlon finally answered my makeup prayers. They have released the new Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours and I picked up two shades (although I will be getting others), and my favourite of the two has been the shade Addiction...
...as it's a beautiful berry tone, very similar to my trusted Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet in Plum Plum Baby, but this Revlon one doesn't dry down to be super uncomfortable, it feels very velvety on the lips and doesn't dry your lips out at all. They're long wearing, crazy pigmented and applies so evenly because of the shape of the applicator that I am just IN LOVE with these. Do you have any shades you recommend me trying out?

I have been loving my new Black Glam Bag that I found at Boots, it's a double sided makeup bag which normal people would be able to fit there makeup and skincare in it and be comfortable with travelling or whatever that they have enough and probably still have spaced, I however fill up both pockets with makeup alone, and still have to purchase a separate S&G Makeup Bag...

...to use for storing my makeup brushes and Beauty Blender because there's just not enough room. I brought these bags for travelling back and forth from my boyfriends but now my makeup just stays in them and I just sit on my bed to apply my makeup, lazy I know but hey, early mornings and doing overtime at work just aren't my friends right now.

Now for skincare, and you will probably all know about my love for the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix line which I have been obsessed with recently as it's doing a great job at clearing up my breakouts and scars and smoothing out my skin, and so I had to purchase the rest of the range to try it out in full and see what I think of it, so I picked up the Instant Mask, Overnight Purifying Gel  and the Scrub and I am really loving them, specifically the first two products as these have just done wonders for my skin. I find the Purifying Gel balls up when I apply to my skin and I don't know if that's dead skin cells on my face, or if it's just from the product itself or my previous skincare products before, so I have been trying out different ways to use it but my skin feels so soft and sooth, it got rid of a mountain of a spot on my cheek two days, it completely vanished after just two uses of this. But I also have the Instant Mask to thank for that too. The first time I used this the patches where I had applied it were bright red from when I removed it from my skin to the following morning, but it got rid of any small spots I had on my skin from clogged pores, my blackheads on my nose have pretty much all gone, and it also helped tackle the mountain on my cheek that I started the week off with. So i am so crazy impressed with this range and if you want a full overall review then I will be happy to do that - in fact I think I will do that in a couple weeks time once I have used the other products for a decent amount of time. Would you like to see that?

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor always makes my skin feel amazing and my makeup gone on so much smoother, I haven't had it in a while and could tell the difference immediately. I love Soap & Glory skincare anyway but this is a must have for me, plus it has the SPF 25 which is so important when using the products I mentioned above from Nip + Fab

I recently purchased the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay hair line which has just launched this month, and I like the Shampoo and Conditioner, and I mentioned the dry shampoo in last weeks round up, but this week I have been loving the Clay Masque which is a pre-shampoo treatment. It's so strange, it's like a face mask, but for your hair, you scoop out some product and put it onto your dry hair, concentrating at the roots and really getting into the scalp. Leave on for 5-10 minutes (or I guess even longer depending on your hair colour and type) and then rinse with warm water but really massage the product into your scalp as you are washing your hair. It takes a good few goes to get it all out, but make sure you rinse thoroughly because I didn't quite get it all and I had a patch of green on my scalp which looked like my hair was going mouldy, not a good look, I promise you. But it really did help with my dry scalp and I have used in since then and I really do like the results. I will continue to use it and get back to you with any further thoughts, maybe a review on this too so I can go into more detail but this is an odd one, but it seems to work so far. 

The Ciate Nail Polish in Iced Frappe is a product I received in December's Luxe BirchBag, but haven't used it until now as it's more of a Spring kind of shade and with my wishful thinking, I'm hoping by wearing more spring inspired nail colours, that spring will hurry the f up so we can start to get some warmer weather in the UK, although no luck so far. But I absolutely love the shade, it has a hunt of lilac but is a nude kind of tone. Although these polishes don't last long on me, even with base coat and Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat they chipped within a couple of days, but the shade is so pretty and very Spring-esque which really has cheered me up this week.

This isn't a product I've used this week but it's something I also received in Decembers Birchbox/bag and I was wondering if anyone tried the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and what their thoughts are on it. I have my Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator Moisturiser which I love and this one feels nice when I apply it to my hand, very similar in feeling to the S & G but I was wondering if anyone has actually tried it and how they got on with it?

So YouTube related favourites now,  I found a new YouTube channel this week as well, called Alexandra's Girly Talk which is basically a channel with lot's of amazing beauty DIY's, Beauty Hacks, Makeup Tutorials and useful tips for lot's of different techniques and topics, I binge watched about 3 hours of videos on Thursday night when I couldn't get to sleep and I really enjoyed all the videos I saw. So highly recommend checking her out, and I plan on doing a list of YouTubers that I have discovered this year, or really like to watch in general, so I will keep you updated with when I upload that. If you have any Youtuber/Blogger recommendations then please leave them in a comment below or share their channels with me on Instagram or Twitter or something.

I also wanted to give a quick mention to the amazing Michalaks who uploaded an incredible vlog this week all about their cruise with Thompson Holidays. It was a sponsored video but the views, the shots they got, the love they share, just everything about that family just makes me smile and always cheers me up and this particular vlog had some of the most amazing shots and scenery I have ever seen on YouTube so they deserve the credit on that video. If you want to check it out then click here

I stumbled across the beautiful and talented Shay Mitchell's Channel which if you didn't know is Emily from Pretty Little Liars. She does makeup looks, tips, Q&A's, recipes, travel vlogs, fashion lookbooks, she even interviewed Ingrid Nilson on March 1st for a new series she's started called Talk To Me which you can see here. There's a haul with Ingrid Nilson too here and some other YouTube collabs here. So I highly recommend checking her channel out. I think that's so cool that a TV star has her own YouTube channel and is going down the beauty line too, although I don't know how long she's been doing it for, she has over a million subscribers and over 27 million views and she has playlists of all her different content, and she even has exclusive looks or vlogs with other cash members of PLL like Ashley Benson, so go check out her and let me know what you think. Sorry for links galore.

I wanted to include some other videos I've seen this week on YouTube showing lot's of new beauty products so here's a few that I really liked...
Hello October's New In Beauty Product Launches
Rach Loves' What's New At The Drugstore
Carli Bybel's What's New At Sephora
Casey Holmes' Trying New Makeup Products - First Impressions & Demos
Fleur De Force's New Beauty Products March 2016
Alexandra Garza's February Favourites

That's it, WOW that was a long round up, I apologise for the incredibly long and rambly post today. I hope you all have a great weekend, spend time with your Mum's and if your Mum or Grandmother isn't with us anymore, then I hope you can remember the good times, the smiles and laughs and the love that they shared with you. And if you're a new Mum, or a Mum to be, then I hope you enjoy your first Mother's Day. 

What have you been loving this week? Have you tried anything from the new beauty launches I have mentioned?

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