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Repurchased Products 6


Today I have my repurchased products. These are the products I have finished and had to repurchase. Some are holy grails, some are staples that I haven't found anything better of yet. But I love all of these products, enough to repurchase anyway, so let's get into it...

BARRY M Sunset Daylight Curing: I've mentioned these nail polishes so many times on my blogs and I have used them so much that I ended up having to buy a new Top Coat as well as my two favourite shades from the range Do it like a Nude and Fuschia Generation and I still love them and use them a ridiculous amount. Review here

L'OREAL Setting Spray: This was released in the states first and I managed to get my mitts on it, and I had just finished it when they brought it to the UK, so technically I have repurchased this twice already, but this is THE best setting spray I have tried. It settles powder into your skin to give a natural look, it locks everything in place and keeps it there all day, and it just finishes my makeup off perfectly. It's better than any other setting spray I have tried and I recommend you checking it out regardless of what skin type you have. Review here

THE BODY SHOP Lightening Drops: These are the best thing to happen to my in terms of makeup. I have ridiculously fair skin, and so there's many foundations I have bought and they've not matched and I've then wasted money. But this allows me to use all those foundations that didn't match, it lightens them whilst still keeping the texture and everything in tact and exactly how it was formulated. I've been through a bottle of this already so that shows how much I love it as my review was only in November (see review here). The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that the packaging isn't great as the dropper doesn't actually drop product like you would think it would so that is very frustrating and makes a mess, but it's worth it to be able to wear any foundation I want. 

MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Mascara: This came out last year I believe and Maybelline mascaras are one of my favourites from the drugstore, but this one is my favourite-est mascara EVER. It's very similar to the Benefit Roller Lash which I love, and so this one is a lot cheaper and even better in some ways.I didn't repurchase this immediately as I wanted to use the Benefit one, so when I did pick this up again, I fell in love with it all over again. I recommend trying this out if you still haven't. Face Off here.

COLLECTION Lasting Perfection Concealer: I've lost count of how many times I have repurchased this concealer, and I always forget just how awesome it is until I repurchase and I have to agree with all the hype over this product, it's full coverage, long-lasting and amazing and it's a staple in any makeup bag.

NO7 Melting Gel Cleanser: I originally was looking for a drugstore dupe for my beloved Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, and since purchasing the No7 Cleanser, I haven't touched the Oskia one, that's how much I love this. It's £9.50 for this tube which has 150ml of product and I love the cleanser just as much if not more. I love that I can go to my local boots and it's always stocked there,and I will also be trying out the cleansing balm to see if that's a dupe for the Oskia Perfect Cleanser which is also another fave so that will be coming soon.

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads: These pads were a welcomed step into my routine, again another purchase to save my bank account from purchasing the Alpha H Liquid Gold every few months, and these have been incredible for my skin. It's never felt so soft and smooth thanks to this entire range of products from NIP + FAB and for £12.99, it definitely beats the £33 for the Liquid Gold. Review/First Impressions here.

SOAP & GLORY Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream: This is one of those products that I tried once and became addicted. This eye cream is incredible, and this is my second one I have gone through. It's hydrating but still lightweight enough to use under makeup. It soothes and hydrates and it's changed my makeup game 100%. I can't go a day without applying this, it just makes everything feel nicer, and just a million times better.  

SIMPLE Toner: This is another must have for me. It's a great no fuss, multi-purpose product that is great even for the most sensitive of skins as there's no nasties in it so it just calms, soothes and refreshes the skin which are all words I really want in my skincare products.

BATISTE Stylist XXL Volumising Spray: I have been a massive fan of the Batiste Stylist range that came out last year, and this is one of my faves from the line. I use the volumising spray in my hair right at the roots every morning to give me some extra oomph to my hair, which funnily enough is what it's called Oomph My Locks. Review here

I hope you had a great long weekend for Easter bank holiday and ate lot's of chocolate and enjoyed the lovely sunny weather we had here in the UK. This week I've got some reviews and a makeup look for you so be sure to come back to check those out.




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