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New In Beauty: March


So over the last few weeks I've been picking up some new products here and there for a major New In Beauty post, which is today's post, I hope you like seeing all the new beauty products that are out/coming soon and if you want any specific reviews or anything then please let me know. 


Starting off with makeup, and I bought quite a few new things from Soap & Glory which I have been testing out and loving. S&G is one of my favourite drugstore brands anyway but these products are just awesome. 

First is the products that I was really looking forward to getting my hands on and trying out and that is the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer Sticks. I wasn't able to get all 3, but I did get the Super Blur Imperfections Eraser and the Just Bright Tired-Skin Concealer. I don't have the Anti-Redness Concealer which is a green one as it's out of stock on the Boots website and I haven't found any of these new Soap & Glory products in stores yet so I don;t know if they can only be brought online, or if they are coming out in stores soon but I really would like to get the anti-redness one too.

The packaging is really nice, I like the blurring one as it's clear and you just swipe across the areas on your face like the sides of your nose, or for me my chin and forehead and blend it in a little and you're good to go.
The dull skin reviving one is a light lilac colour and although it looks scary when you apply it, when blended it doesn't leave a purple tinge and with foundation or concealer over the top you don't see it but I really like that this brightens the complexion really nicely and naturally - nothing too dramatic and harsh. I really like the formulas of these, they're smoothing, but they're creamy and really blend-able but light-weight and they don't leave your makeup looking funky or cakey.

Next is the Soap & Glory Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Sticks. These are chubby creamy cheek sticks which are so pretty and look beautiful on the skin. There's 3 shades...
The Wonderbronze in SunDaze is a really pretty cream bronzer. It's pigmented and creamy with some shimmer in so it will be beautiful in the summer. I really like to apply the bronzer to my contour areas and although it has a shimmer, it looks very pretty. The shade is a bit daunting as it is pretty much orange, but when applied onto the skin, and I blend with the LGFB Finishing Brush which is a stippling brush (which is my favourite) or the Real Techniques Stippling Brush works well too then it blends out to be a really pretty shade.

This Love At First Blush in Pink, Pop & Pearl is a pinky/coral blush with some beautiful shimmer and it looks stunning on the cheeks either on it's own as a pink flush or with the bronzer and highlighter too. S&G already have blush chubby crayons out already but I haven't tried those and I'm not sure if they have shimmer in or not but they have a few shades so if you're not a fan of shimmer on the cheeks because of texture or blemishes or something, then a matte blush will work much better and won't emphasise uneven skin texture.

Finally is the Glow All Out in Ice Shimmer which is a really pretty shimmery creamy highlight which will suit a lot of skin tones as it's very neutral. You can't really see it in the photo but it's the top swatch and it gives such a pretty glow and I know this will be very popular. I just hope they bring them out in stores. It seems odd to only have something like this only available to buy online. Sort it out Boots.

If you have been around these parts before, you will know my love for the Archery Brow Pencil from S&G as it's the best eyebrow pencil ever. So when I saw the Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brow - Sculpting & Setting product I let out a little shriek. It's in the shade Brown & Out and it's basically a clear gel and angled pencil. I like how easy and quick it is to fill in your brows because you can literally just turn this pencil and run it through and that's it. Set with the gel and that's it.

They also have a Dip Brow kind of product which is still in a pencil form but you have a brush on one end and a little pot with the product inside. I haven't managed to find this yet so it may just be available online but would like to try it as I haven't tried anything like that before.

Last thing from Soap & Glory I promise, and these are the Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip 3D Lip Colour & Sculpt Crayons I have the shades Berry-Much, Choccoberry which are so pigmented and rich and creamy but are matte. Your lips don't feel dry or uncomfortable and they wear really nicely. I love the gloss sticks but these are really cool too. 

These beautiful palettes are the Maxfactor Masterpiece Nude Palettes, which were released in February. I have the Cappuccino Nudes and the Golden Nudes and I am so impressed with the quality and how they blend that I highly recommend them. If you're in the parts of the world that sells Covergirl not Maxfactor then they are owned by the same people so their products are exactly the same so the TruNaked Palettes so you still have the chance to try them out. 

They also have a pink toned palette but I'm not a massive fan of those shades on my eyes but the shadows are really creamy and blend-able. Only thing I don't like is that I find they do crease through the day, so I always make sure to use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer underneath and they last much longer. Really easy to blend and they're super pigmented too. Really rate these palettes. Much better than the L'Oreal La Palette Nude Palettes and the Maybelline The Nudes Palettes too. Highly recommend these palettes 100%.

Maxfactor Masterpiece Nude Palette in Cappuccino Nudes 
This palette consists of some neutral shades like the light cream/ivory shadows which I like on the inner corner to highlight, there's a shimmery taupe which I apply all over the lid with the medium brown through the crease, I mix the bronze-y brown and dark matte brown to smudge along the lower lash line and outer corner. Really great for an everyday neutral look. 

Maxfactor Masterpiece Nude Palette in Golden  Nudes 
I wasn't sure if I would like the shades in this palette but from the first time I used it I was in love. I normally stick to very neutral shades but this has some olive tones and I have never worn those on my eyes before but I am in love with how the look. I put the gold/champagne shade in the inner half and blend the olive tones on the outer corner, blend together with the medium brown and some of the matte black along the lash line and it's a beautiful look. I love this palette. But there is also a true bronze/gold shade which is just stunning and so ridiculously pigmented and shimmery.

This is the new L'Oreal Infalliable Sculpt Range which came out in February. The collection comes with the Contouring Base/Foundation which is a foundation. There's only two shades from what I have seen, there's two shades of the Highlight and Contour Kit, there's two blushes which I don't have as I wasn't a massive fan of the shades. Finally there is a Dual-Ended Sculpt Brush which I think is incredible as you don't get many drugstore brands that come out with brushes like this in a specific collection so I really love that they launched this. This range is very unique and I really love how they have brought out innovative products to really help you get a perfect base and contour.

The Infalliable Contouring Base Foundation in Shade 01 only comes in two shades Light and Medium and this is designed to be a light coverage base specifically to be used before contouring. The foundation has Smart Pigments to match the skin's colour which I assume is why they only have two shades. It feels very smooth on the skin and is light weight so there's no risk of being cakey or feeling heavy and mask-like.

The Infalliable Sculpt Contouring Palette in 01 Light/Medium is a really nice cream to powder formula and they're very smoothing and perfecting on the skin. The highlight shade feels very smooth on the skin and is a very nice colour for brightening the under eye area too. The contour product looks quite daunting in the pan but when applied to the skin it's very nice. It's slightly too warm for my personal preference but it would be great for many different skin tones. They also have a Medium/Dark Kit too which has some odd shades in so I can't imagine them working for many people.

As for the Dual Ended Sculpt Brush, there is a round tapered brush on one end to blend in your foundation to give an even, light weight base and to highlight under the eyes, and then the other end is a flat brush which really gets into those cheekbones for a super sculpted look. It's actually a very innovative shape to really make easy work of your contour...

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour have been available outside of the UK for quite a few months so when I saw these I was super excited. The shades I picked up are Addiction and Passion which are such beautiful vibrant colours. They're very comfortable to wear, they don't dry down to be completely matte but they're still long lasting. They smell amazing and the applicator, oh the applicator is the perfect shape and size to get a precise application.

The only higher end, more expensive product I wanted to try is the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in 0.5 Breeze, like most foundations, it's too dark but I just add a few drops of my trusted The Body Shop Lightening Drops to make my perfect shade.
It's a really nice coverage which lasts all day, I love the packaging, the applicator is a really great concept for a foundation, I've never seen a large doe foot applicator for a foundation before but it makes it super easy to apply. I like to apply the Becca Backlight Priming Filter on first and then the foundation and it gives a beautiful finish. I also got the Superprimer, Universal Face Primer which came free as a sample product with purchase so I will be giving that a try at some point too. 


L'Oreal have added an extra range to their already huge group of products but this is the Elvive Extraordinary Clay hair line.
They have two different shampoos and conditioners, either Anti-Dandruff or Re-Balancing and I got one of each to try them out. The Anti-Dandruff Shampoo really feels nice when massaging into the scalp, it cleans the hair well, creates a good lather and I feel like it has really helped with my dry scalp. The Re-Balancing Conditioner is nice too, it's hydrating but not too heavy, it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy or full of product.
Next is such a weird product, it's the Clay Masque which is basically a pre-shampoo treatment. It is like a clay face mask, but you scoop some out before you're in the shower and apply to your roots, WARNING: it turned my fingertips green so you have to be sure to not get it on your skin, and wash it out thoroughly otherwise you will look like you have a mouldy scalp. So anyway, you smooth it on to your roots and you have to section off your hair and apply evenly. Then whilst washing out, massage into scalp to really distribute it. It is supposed to help with oil roots, I assume it's great for product build up too but also for if you need to detox your scalp or if you have a particularly dry or itchy scalp maybe? I'm not too sure but it's a great idea and I really like this so far.
Finally from the range it the Clay-To-Spray Dry Shampoo. Unfortunately I don't see this doing a lot in my hair to be honest. It smells nice, but I don't feel like it really does much. But I will keep trying as have only used it a handful of time.

You may have seen me mention the TRESemme Runway Collection new launches in a previous haul a few months ago but they have added to the collection so other styling products which I have been really liking. First is the Max The Volume Root Lift & Texture  Foam which is a light weight foam that you apply into your roots while your hair is damp to add some volume to your roots but it also gives texture to your hair to make it more easy to style. I really like this product although I only tend to use a couple of pumps as if you apply too much it can feel a bit sticky or like you've not washed your hair for a week (errr, not that I would know what that feels like). Also from the Max The Volume line is the Body & Bounce Lotion, and this comes in a really cool little bottle with a pump and it's exactly what it says, a lotion product which you also apply into damp hair and it gives volume and texture and makes whatever style you do last longer and look better.
Finally from TRESemme is the Make Waves Shape & Memorise Cream, and I have been loving this product the most. I apply this into my hair mainly just in the lengths and leave my hair to dry (although I do blow dry it a little for added volume) and then when I curl my hair the next day, they stay in way longer than they would if I didn't use this product. Toni & Guy have a product like this if I remember rightly but I think this one is way better. 

Finally for the hair products is the John Freida Frizz Ease Forever Smooth range, specifically the Anti-Frizz Primer. I love this stuff, I tried a similar product from Living Proof once and it was good but I never repurchased, so when I saw this I thought it would be the same. I definitely prefer this one more than the one from Living Proof. I just feel like it's really helped my hair been less frizzy throughout the day, my hair feels and looks smoother whether I have blow dried it or let it air dry and I really do like this. They have other products in the range like a shampoo conditioner and a treatment I think but I only picked this up and I am very impressed. 

I only have one skincare product which is the Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Water. How awesome does that sound? I love the original Micellar Water and so this sounded awesome. They also have the Oil Infused Micellar Wipes in the range, but I'm not keen on makeup wipes so I gave those a miss. So this is one of those bio-phase jobbies. You shake it well to mix the oil and water, squirt some out on a cotton pad and wipe over your face, eyes and lips and it removes everything. It would be very good for dry skin if you find the other one not suitable for your skin. 

Barry M have brought out some new shades of the Sunset Daylight Curing Polishes range which are my favourite nail polishes ever. But unfortunately I am not a fan of the new shades. There's a pastel blue, a mint/pastel green, a baby/Barbie pink and a coral. They're nice shades but not ones that I would wear. I highly recommend checking out this range if you are looking for some great drugstore nail polishes that will last for ages.

I hope you like seeing all the new products I've been trying out recently. I have a couple more things to show you which you will see is Fridays post but if you have any reviews or anything you want to see then please leave me a comment below.

Are you trying anything new?

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