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Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette Review


The Nude Spectrum Collection from Zoeva came out in January I believe, and there are 3 eyeshadow palettes and 3 blush palettes - all absolutely stunning. So there's a Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette (which is what I am reviewing for you today), a cool toned palette and a warm toned one, all with 15 shadows in each ranging from matte to shimmers, and there are some satin shades too. You can pick these up from Beauty Bay for £28.50.
Then for the blush palettes there are again 3 available, which are £15.00 each and there is Nude Spectrum which is more of your neutral/nude blush shades, then there's a coral quad of blush and a pink quad. From what I have heard these are a mix of matte and illuminating blushes. I really want to get my hands on these but I think that's on next months wish list.
I really like that the packaging of their palettes are really slim and compact (although I'm not keen on the fact none of them have mirrors) so they're great for slipping into a makeup bag and great for travelling as you have so many options in just one palette. The price is a pretty decent and affordable price for the quality and longevity of the shadows and I really do think they're incredible.

Left Column: ND010 // ND040 // ND070 // ND100 // ND130

These shades are from the column on the left and they're such great shades and so blend-able and pigmented and they last all day, with or without primer. I like to use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance with them as that is my go to for keeping my eye makeup on all day or night. I like that they have incorporated a bit of colour in to this palette with the purple taupes and the golden orange rusty shades. Shade ND130 is great all over the lid up to the brow bone to set the primer and then I love how ND070 looks in the crease or all over the lid for a simple matte look.
Look at the punch that golden yellow shade (ND040) makes when swatched, that is just one swipe across my arm and that rich pigmented shadow looks just stunning. I've never worn a shade like that before so I may have to play around with it a little and see if I can make it work but I can imagine a lot of people going potty over that particular shade.

Middle Column: ND020 // ND050 // ND080 // ND110 // ND140

This middle column is more of the browns and I find these are very neutral in tone really and they're very simple shades, staples in the palette I think, but they still look beautiful and unique on the eyes. The shade ND020 is my favourite shade to just put all over the lid, blend with ND050 in the outer corner and lower lash line and that is my current everyday look. I love the taupe/chocolatey tone of it and it's not too warm and not too cool. The shade ND010 looks really nice all over the lid, with ND080 on the outer corner and lower lash line for a neutral, simple look. I love how some of these shades are super metallic and would look incredible wet, and some of them are more of a satin finish like ND140 which is like a frosty white highlight but it's not too shimmery and frosty that it's unwearable.

Right Column: ND030 // ND060 // ND090 // ND120 // ND150

For the last row we have got some warmer shades which are just so stunning. Every palette should have a matte black in it. This one is super pigmented (as you can see in the swatch) and you can really build this up. I like to use this on a straight or angled brush and smudge along the top lashes for a subtle liner kind of look. The shadow is very creamy and blendable, really easy to work with so if you're doing a smokey eye, this is a great outer corner shade to deepen it up.
I'm not someone who is comfortable enough to wear a shimmery rusty brown/red unfortunately but look at that rich colour on the swatch. If I was to need a rusty burnt red brown kind of shadow then this would definitely be my pick.
I love the shade ND150 which is a medium matte brown but it's very neutral so looks great with warm or cool shadows. This is great in the crease as a transition shade for a smokey eye or just for some extra definition on the lighter looks.

Packaging: The palettes are slim but sturdy, great to slip into your makeup bag or slide it next to your current fave palette because this will replace it and it's the only neutral palette you will need from now on.
Quality: The shadows are so creamy and smooth and so easy to work with. Zoeva truly are my favourite eyeshadows EVER!
Longevity: I use a primer with these shadows, but it's not a necessary step. I have worn these without primer for 10 hours or more and they still look incredible. No creasing, no fading, just beautiful pigmented colour.
Price: Considering the quality and performance of these shadows, the price point is actually very reasonable and affordable. With the shade range and quality it has I would expect to pay more (and I have for other palettes) but this just knocks all others out of the park (is that how that saying goes?)
Availability: In the UK, Zoeva isn't that easily accessible. I buy all of my purchases from Beauty Bay which have next day delivery at a very reasonable price (sometimes free depending on how much you spend) and I can find anything I need on this website. They also sell other brands too and believe me when I say it's the kind of site you could get lost in and browse for hours.
Shade Range: For 15 shades, different finishes and super creamy formulas, the shade range is incredible. Although I do like that they have a cool toned and warm toned palette which also have some beautiful shades and even incorporating more colour. (See bottom of this post for full shade range description)
Pigmentation: I've mentioned this a lot already but the pigmentation of these is just top notch. It's hard to find good quality eyeshadows at an affordable price but all of the shadows I have tried from Zoeva have all been impeccable and I cannot recommend them enough.

Overall: This has overtaken all my other neutral palettes. It's the palette that everyone should have and the palette that I would repurchase if I lost all my other palettes (although collecting others is still fun). I can't believe the quality and the price of these and even the 10 shadow palettes, for £15.50 is just outstanding and if you are looking to experiment with eyeshadows, save your money on the higher end Urban Decay Naked Palettes or the Lorac Mega Pro's, the Zoeva palettes are the ones you should go for.

I think I will wrap up my rave review here as I don't want to bore you. I highly recommend trying out the Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes. I can't comment on the blush palettes but I have heard a lot of amazing things about them so I would even say to check those out too because I trust the brand, I trust their products and I trust that they will continue to create and release incredible products.

Have you tried anything from Zoeva?

Here's a list of the shade descriptions as I didn't do the swatches in order of name/number I just did them in the 3 columns of the palette so just in case you need a guide...
  • ND010 - Metallic pale mocha
  • ND020 - Powdery chocolate shimmer
  • ND030 - Matte black
  • ND040 - Golden copper with chocolate undertones
  • ND050 - Chocolate truffle
  • ND060 - Deep chocolate with a golden shimmer
  • ND070 - Pale chocolate with muted rose pink undertones
  • ND080 - Pale mocha shimmer
  • ND090 - Rusty copper shimmer
  • ND100 - Pale creamy nude shimmer
  • ND110 - Peach tinted cream with beige undertones and a shimmer finish
  • ND120 - Pale golden chocolate shimmer
  • ND130 - Pale pink nude
  • ND140 - Pale cream shimmer
  • ND150 - Pale brown coffee

  • Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I have not been asked to do this review, I purchased this palette and any others mentioned with my own money. There are no affiliate links in this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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    1. I love this!! Such a thorough review -- exactly what I was looking for. I'm planning my makeup for my wedding and this palette caught my eye. Thank you for this post. Very helpful.


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