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The IABT Guide to: Foundation Brushes


Happy Friday everyone. Today I have another post all about brushes and today it's all foundation brushes. I love makeup brushes in general, but with all the foundation brushes that are out there nowadays it can be quite daunting and over-whelming so here is my little guide to foundation brushes.
I haven't included any of the typical paddle foundation brushes for the simple reason that I hate them and feel they're only good for applying face masks, but if you find one that you like then by all means let me know, they're just not my preference when it comes to applying foundation.

THE BUFFING BRUSHES: So when it comes to foundation brushes, the buffing brushes are fool proof in my opinion. I find that the Real Technique Buffing Brush and the Multi-Tasker are the first I will recommend to anyone, beginner, or an experienced makeup user. They provide a really nice medium, flawless finish and it's as simple as buffing the foundation in circular motions into the skin. You can build up the coverage with them easily and as you can see from the photo below, the brushes are round, medium size and fluffy so it makes blending much easier and faster. The RT Buffing Brush can only be purchased in their Core Collection, and the Multi-Tasker is in their Travel Essentials Kit

THE KABUKI'S: The Kabuki style brushes looked absolutely terrifying to me when I first started wearing makeup. The brush hairs are so densely packed that they provide a full coverage. The brushes shown are the Sigma F82 Round Kabuki and then the Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush and as you can see the Tarte one is quite a lot bigger than the Sigma but they both do the same thing in terms of finish and when I want a full coverage, these are the ones I go to. The Tarte brush comes with the Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation on the QVCUK website which you can see here. If you like in the UK, you can find Sigma brushes on Feel Unique site (which I didn't actually know and I always got them from Amazon.  

THE MULTI-TASKERS: I am a massive fan of these kinds of foundation brushes and I use them on a daily basis, I just prefer the finish and coverage that they provide. The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is one of the brands best sellers, but when I discovered the Look Good Feel Better Multi-Tasking Brush I found it to be slightly more dense and blended in my foundation more seamlessly and so I tend to rotate the two. They're great brushes, and you use a similar sort of buffing motion with these as the buffing brushes and I find the oval shape makes them easier to get around your nose and eyes etc.

THE STIPPLING BRUSHES: Stippling brushes aren't heard of for foundation I feel, although I think they work great for BB Creams and lighter coverage products, even concealer and cream products. But they do give a really nice light coverage to foundations too so if you have a foundation you feel is slightly too heavy on your skin, try it with one of these and it'll give you a nicer coverage and finish. The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is one you can purchase from the brand separately. Although the Look Good Feel Better Finishing Brush is only available in their Makeover Brush Set 

If you have any other questions on foundation brushes or would like to see another type of brush then please let me know and I would be happy to help. These are just a few of the options out there and the most common that you will see. 

What's your favourite foundation brush?

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