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New Skincare - Nip + Fab & Avene


I picked up some new skincare products as the sight of my pores and uneven skin texture was just grossing me out and really making me feel stressed and in need of immediate action. The products I was using weren't as targeted to my pores as much as I would have liked, but hopefully thanks to the magical blend in these products, I will finally get my gigantic pores under control. Spoiler Alert: So far so good. I normally know within a few days if I like these products and whether my skin likes them or not, and I have to say my skin is loving these. Anyway, onto the reviews/biology lesson...

A lot of people think that pores open and close depending on temperature or products you use, but sorry to burst your bubble, they don't. To see more about this you can check out my post explaining it all here, there's a diagram and everything. But in short, pores don't have the ability to open and close, they're not doors and they don't have the muscles to open and close. However they can appear larger or smaller, depending on if there is anything in the way and clogging them or not. So anyway, the reason for this rambly explanation is that the following products use the all important AHA's and BHA's (the magical blend I was talking about earlier) which get deep down into the skin and into those pores to clear them out, therefore leaving your pores cleaner, and appearing smaller. It's a great thing, truly it is, and these are the culprits...

1. First is the Nip + Fab Pore Minimising Serum which is on the middle price range of skincare at £14.95 (currently on offer for £9.97 in Boots). This is made up of 4% Glycolic Acid which is an AHA and best used for uneven skin texture and exfoliating to reveal newer, brighter skin - which is exactly what this product does. It minimises the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it has Aloe Vera to soothe and calm the skin after using an ingredient which can be quite drying.
I find the texture of this serum is very sticky and is something I can only use at night time. I mix with a dark spot correcting serum too for an extra boost and I really like how it's made my skin look and feel. It's definitely improved the overall texture and appearance, I couldn't be happier. My makeup looks and applies so much smoother and flawless.

2. I also picked up the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads which are slightly less than the serum at £12.99 (currently on offer for £8.66 in Boots). These are basically pre-soaked cotton rounds which also have 2.8% Glycolic Acid (slightly less than the serum) to exfoliate and refine the skins texture, I use these every night after I have cleansed my skin, simply sweep across face and neck (concentrating on problem areas) and they don't sting or feel too harsh or rough. These pads also have Hyaluronic Acid which moisturises and refreshes the skin, Blue Daisy to soothe and calm, and Witch Hazel to tone the skin. I really like these and I'm not quite half way through yet but I really feel like they are working and have done a great job at reducing the appearance of my pores and also scars from previous spots.

Nip + Fab also have...
Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel £14.95 (currently on offer for £9.97 in Boots)
Glycolic Fix Cleanser £7.95 (currently on offer for £8.63 in Boots)
Glycolic Fix Mask £12.95 (currently on offer for £5.30 in Boots)
Glycolic Fix Scrub £9.95  (currently on offer for £6.63 in Boots)
...Which I will definitely be trying out too. Nip + Fab have a huge range of products so if you want to see if there's another range that may be more suited to your skin concerns than you can see their different lines here.

TIP: But as with all AHA or BHA formulas, you must use an SPF the following day to protect your skin as it is more susceptible to the damaging rays of the sun and so SPF is a must when using any kind of product like this regardless of the power and strength - well SPF is a must on a daily basis whatever products you use, but it is imperative when using ingredients like these.

3. The Avene Cleanance Mask - Scrub  is a great price at only £15.00 although you only get 50ml of product a little goes a long way. But this is slightly different to the previous two products as this is a dual action mask and scrub for blemish prone skin. It's a blend of AHA's & BHA's with exfoliating particles to unblock pores, banish blemishes and help regulate sebum.

So we already know what AHA's do (work on the surface of the skin) but what about BHA's. Something like Salicylic Acid, which is a BHA, works deeper into the skin which what makes it especially good at battling acne and spots. Now I know that acids and all these harsh sounding ingredients are scary and the idea of putting those on your face seems completely crazy, I promise you, they work like a charm.
So this mask/scrub has really helped with any spots or bumps that I have and has reduced them or got rid of them completely, in just a few days. It's incredible. You don't need much of this, you simply apply onto the skin (I just put it on the problem areas like a spot treatment rather than an all over mask) leave for 5 minutes and then get your hands a little wet and start to exfoliate your skin with the scrubby particles in the mask using circular motions (be gentle, you don't want it to damage your skin) and then rinse away. This has worked great for my skin and what I love is that it has Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities and provide a mattifying effect, and their signature Thermal Spring water for soothing an anti-irritating benefits so my skin doesn't feel tight and uncomfortable after and it doesn't irritate my skin. For £15 I would happily continue buying this and will definitely be trying out some of the other products from the Cleanance line as these are the products for blemish-prone skin which I certainly have at times.

4. I don't see may people talking about the Avene TriAcneal Expert product but considering it kicks ass at preventing or getting rid of spots I am surprised it doesn't get more attention. My skin has reacted incredibly well to any Avene products I have tried so the brand really is a winner in my book and isn't that expensive either (around the middle range to higher price bracket in Boots).

I used to use the original TriAcneal which was in a squeezy tube, cost £23.00 and it had 3 main ingredients:
Glycolic Acid - to exfoliate and smooth skin's surface
Efectiose - to reduce inflammation,
Retinaldeyhde - to eliminate imperfections,
...it was marketed as more of a spot treatment with a moisturising base, than an all over evening moisturiser like the new Expert product, which still targets blemishes by using 3 different active ingredients:
Diolényl® - has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to eliminate and prevent blemishes,
X-Pressin™ - help reduce appearance of stubborn left behind by blemishes,
Retinaldehyde - a Vitamin E derivative, has a rejuvenating effect which helps to unblock pores, reduce residual marks and gives added anti-ageing benefits,
...So the ingredients are slightly different, but I assume do pretty much the same thing. I think I prefer this new TriAcneal Expert formula because I really do love how my skin looks and feels when using this and I cannot ask for anything more from one simple product. You can check out my original TriAcneal review here for more info. If you want a comparison between the two then I would be happy to do that.

I know this was a bit of an odd post with tips, reviews, comparisons etc. but I wanted to give you an idea of just how awesome I think these products are. If you have tried them or any other products in the ranges I have mentioned then I would love to know.

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