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Monday Mani #37 Barry M Nail Care


Today I thought I would share my thoughts on the new Barry M Nail Care that came out this month. There's not many good quality but affordable nail care products at the drugstore apart from Sally Hansen, but these from Barry M are cheaper and this is my favourite nail polish line anyway.
So we have 4 products in the line, the Iron Mani, the Super Mani and then the Mani Masks in Bashful and Birthday Suit.

THE IRON MANI: Use twice weekly as a  nail treatment or a  basecoat, to strengthen and smooth  nails and also  to prevent breakages.  This  leaves a shiny clear  finish  to  the  nails.

THE SUPER MANI: A 7 in 1 nail treatment which:
1. Strengthens with Keratin
2. Encourages Growth,
3. Nourishes with Argan Oil,
4. Promotes Shine,
5. Hydrates with Vitamin E,
6. Smoothes the Nail Surface,
7. Protects from Breakage,
It leaves a shiny clear finish on your nails so can be used alone
as a twice weekly nail treatment or as a basecoat.

MANI MASKS: Birthday Suit (Nude) Bashful (Pink)
Camouflage - Colour - Condition These are semi-matte colour treatments which will  strengthen  and condition damaged nails. I could see these being really good for wearing at school or work if you have a no nail polish rule.
£3.99 each

I think these are great. They're affordable and they work. The Barry M range is my favourite for nail polishes but they continue to perform well and they have some great options. You don't need all 4 of these polishes, to be honest I think you only need the Super Mani for an all round nail treatment, or if you only struggle with weak brittle nails then the Iron Mani is the best one, and if you like quite bare nails but still like a bit of colour for work or school then the Mani Masks are great and you can either go for a nude or a light pink.
For only £3.99 it's worth giving them a shot. I would love to know what you think of this new line from Barry M.
They've brought out their Spring collections so I will be giving you a look at those too in the next few weeks.

Will you be trying out the new Barry M Nail Care line?

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write this post, there are no affiliate links in here and I bought these with my own money. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are mine and 100% honest.

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