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February Favesies


I have been loving a lot of products this month. Some new discoveries and some old faves. So I will try not to blabber on too much.

Up first is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, this is my new favourite primer and I have loved this to death this month. I have used it every day since I got in on the 29th January and I have loved it ever since. The glow this gives to my skin is just beautiful and although it smells very odd and just not nice, it feels amazing on my skin and I really do love this.

For foundation I have been using the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation with a few drops of the The Body Shop Lightening Drops (which are always a favourite for me now) and this foundation just gives the perfect, coverage and perfect glow. I have also been using the Maxfactor Moisture Match Foundation which has been in my collection for a while but I haven't really tried it much and I like that it's a moisturising foundation but also that it blurs imperfections which I can say it does slightly, not as much as I would like but I guess that depends on what those imperfections are. It gives a nice even coverage, light but can be built up to a medium coverage, and it also is a moisturising formula so those with dry skin will love this.

The Beauty Blender has been a favourite of mine for ages now, and I picked up the Black one which they call the Pro, and I have really enjoyed this. I find it doesn't retain as much water and almost feels fluffier if that's possible, although doesn't expand as much as my previous ones. This is great for blending in all of the above products, and has made light work of my makeup application forever. It's also a staple in my How to intensify your highlight in 3 steps so I always have a back up too.

The L'Oreal Infalliable Sculpt Contour and Highlight Kit was released this month along with a range of products and I've been trying out the cream to powder contour shade and I really like it. It's a tad more warm toned than I would like but it's still a great product and I just know I will be getting a lot of use out of it in the Spring and Summer months.

If you didn't see my New In Beauty: January post then you can see what new products I have been trying out here. A quick run down, the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation and Super Stay Setting Spray (try saying that 10 times fast) broke me out, the sponge blender thing was a complete waste of energy and money, the Pink Amber Blush I love, the Garnier moisturisers are incredible, and the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation was so-so, but the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer was a favourite. It feels hydrating (thanks to the hyaluronic acid, which I've never heard of in a concealer before) and light but gives a great coverage, and it's illuminating so great for highlighting too. I love this and good concealers from the drugstore aren't always easy for us fair skin girls.

This month the beauty subscription boxes really impressed me with their Valentines Editions and I have been using some of the products since I received them and I just had to include them in here.

First is Birchbox and the Spectrum Brush which first off looks beautiful, but it has a really nice shape to it, it's super soft and fluffy and I love how this applies highlight to my cheekbones and above my brow, particularly the highlight from the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow Kit. It is also great for blending concealer under the eyes, or setting it, powder, blush, contour, it has lot's of uses and I really like that about this. Also the LOC Eye Crayon which is a beautiful champagne cream eyeshadow which is very pigmented, long wearing and super shimmery. This looks beautiful all over the lid, or on the inner corner, even as your face highlight. Then there is the The Balm Frat Boy Blush which I thought was just stunning. It's quite a simple rosy pink but it's matte, and it's pigmented, and lasts all day on the cheeks and it just gives the most beautiful flush to the cheeks without being too coral or too offensive, and with it being matte, you can add as much highlight as you want.

Then from Glossybox, the Browtician Limited Edition Tweezers caught my eye immediately and has changed my eyebrow game, no more plucking the wrong hairs, they're sharp, and precise and make easy work of my unruly brows. They're perfect.
Then is the Nicka K Waterproof Dark Brown Eyeliner which I have been loving along my top lashline for some extra subtle definition. As the name suggests it's waterproof and t's also really long lasting, once you apply it, you have about a minute to work with it before it sets down for the day. When I swatched this on my hand for the Glossybox post, I had trouble getting it off and only an oil cleanser would budge it. It's going to be great for Summer. Back to the other faves...

Speaking of eyeliner, the Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl Eyeliners in Black and Brown have also been an everyday occurrence. I discovered these towards the end of January as I wanted to find some new drugstore eyeliners that could withstand my super watery and sensitive eyes and these certainly do the job. I love how pigmented they are, they last pretty much all day on my waterline and they're affordable. plus, I love Soap & Glory products and I'm never disappointed by them.

You knew it was going to be here, the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette has been my favourite palette to use this month, well they all have. If you want to check out swatches and review then you can find that here.

Next is the Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer, and although it's not a life changing product, I've been using it with the Clinique High Impact Mascara and my mascara hasn't flaked off or smudged, it hasn't slid down my face but it comes off first time with my oil cleanser. I love this mascara duo and I think I will be getting the full size of the Clinique Mascara as it really does great things for my lashes.

Now for skincare and you may have seen my review/rave about these new products I have been trying so I won't go too much in to detail but the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleansing Pads and Serum has been great at smoothing out the texture of my skin and giving me a good exfoliation. I love this range and will definitely be trying out more.
Also the Avene Cleanance Mask - Scrub and the Avene TriAcneal Expert were new additions to my routine but have worked so incredibly well that I just cannot imagine how my skin got through without these. The mask exfoliates manually and chemically and smoothed out my skin (I had these tiny little red bumps) overnight with the first use. They're amazing and you can see the review here.

Also from my New In Beauty post the Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Time Moisturiser has been my go to moisturiser. It's hydrating yet lightweight so it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or get oily through the day. Makeup applies smoothly over it. I just wish it had more SPF in it as it's only SPF10. The night-time version is also good, it's more of a gel texture but super moisturising, but I'm still trying that out so haven't gained my full opinion on it yet.

As for my night-time moisturiser, the Soap & Glory Beauty Accelerator Moisturiser mixed with the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is possibly the best moisturising combo that I have found. I love both of these products on their own so one night I decided to use them together, so I dot the moisturiser on my face as normal, I then put a few drops of the oil into my palms and I massage the moisturiser and oil in together. This is such a great level of hydration for me, it's perfect. Not greasy, not too little, my skin is soft and smooth and plumped and I look like I have the skin of a glowing goddess in the morning - until I look in the mirror and realise my bed head and over-sized tee shirt is not that of a goddess. But this is a great moisturising combo and I urge you to try it out if you haven't already.

I have super sensitive and itchy skin and so I have been on the hunt for a basic light weight moisturiser that won't irritate my skin and will work no matter what season we are in. I have finally found them. The E45 Moisturising Lotion is hydrating and smoothing yet lightweight and I have actually been using this after I get out of the shower, I hate moisturising my body, it's such a chore, but with this I just love how my skin feels that I always use it. The Cream is thicker yet hydrating and this is great for those super dry areas. I also love the Itch Relief Cream which is great for when my skin is itchy and red and irritated and it soothes it within minutes and I highly recommend this too. 

For hair care and I've been trying out some new hair products this month in preparation for a review/hair care routine and so I thought I would share my current favourites and the ones I've been trying this month. First are some new additions to the TRESemme Runway Collection (Original Post Here) and I've been loving the Max The Volume Body & Bounce Lotion which is such an incredible product. It builds up texture and body into your hair but is still light enough that it won't ruin your style. The Max The Volume Root Lift & Texture Foam is another lightweight, texture and volume builder, so your hair won't be weighed down. I use about two pumps of this as I find if I use too much I can feel it in my hair and although the volume is there, my hair never feels quite right, like it's packed full of products at the roots and I don't like that feeling. So 2 pumps and I have workable volume and texture. Love it. Finally from the Runway Collection is the Make The Waves Shape & Memorise Cream and this is awesome. This product is a thick cream which when distributed through the hair will maximise your style, and memorise those curls for when you want to bring them back to life, and I find that it really does extend the wear of my curls and I don't have to refresh them on the second day.
Plus, these are all incredibly priced too which is something that surprised me as I find that hair care products in Boots are really getting quite expensive. they're full price is around £5-£6. 

The Trevor Sorbie Volume Thickening Spray has been my answer to more oomph in my hair and although I have to be careful not to use too much, it really has made a difference. This adds volume without making your hair feel gritty and like there's lot's of product in it.

Last year or so, I tried the Living Proof Prime Style Extend Primer which I really liked but never got round to repurchasing and it is quite expensive. So when I found the John Freida Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer I thought it was a lot cheaper and may work just as well if not better. I am doing a face off on the two very soon but I have to say I do really like this. I curl my hair everyday and frizz is something I battle with on the daily, but this reduces it and even after blowdrying, my hair doesn't appear as frizzy as normal. It's a great product and I wonder if the shampoo and conditioner show results too? Have you tried them?

Just some extra things I wanted to throw in here. These two tops from New Look have been my favourite things to wear this month. They're lightweight and ridiculously soft that wearing them makes me feel so cosy even if I am just at work. They're great to pair with jeans on a casual day and my aim is to get every colour because I love them that much.

Next is my new dressing gown, and this month I had to go into hospital for an injection into my hip but because I had to go under general anesthetic for them to get it in the right place I had to buy an acceptable looking dressing gown as my current one is bright pink with sheep on and has hair dye in the hood. So I picked this new one up from Peacocks in Newark for about a tenner and it's so super soft and I have been living in this thing.

Finally is the best thing from the month ever. My amazing boyfriend, Ben surprised me with a new laptop for Valentines Day. I had no idea he was getting me it and I just love that he is so kind and thoughtful that he brought me a new one so I could continue with my blogging, even though he needed one more than I did. I thank him all the time for it and I love it so much.

Alright, that's it's for my February favourites. Tomorrow I will be doing a different kind of post where I show you the top 5 things I have loved this month in terms of lifestyle, photos, movies or whatever. Something slightly different to my previous What Else Happened kind of posts. So I really hope you like it and I hope you will check that out tomorrow.

What were your favourite things from February?

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