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Face Off #17 Cleansing Oils


I thought I would add another edition to my face off section as I have been meaning to get this up for you.

I love cleansing oils. They're the best way to remove your makeup in my opinion, whether you have dry or oily skin. It effortlessly removes all makeup and dirt, giving you the perfect canvas for the rest of your skincare. 

Let's talk about how to use cleansing oils first. Apply onto dry skin, and massage into eye area, and face to break down all the makeup. Once you have panda eyes and look like you've cried for a year, take a damp face cloth (muslin or flannel) and wipe away. The best part about the removal process is looking on the cloth at what was on your face all day. Then simply carry on with your regular cleanser and skincare routine.

Starting off with my first love, and what first got me into oil cleansers, is the L'Oreal 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil. The one shown above isn't what it looks like now but either way it's still a great makeup remover. Now, depending on how much makeup you have on or what makeup it is, you may want to go in again with the cleansing oil to make sure everything is off. I then do a second cleanse, but I feel that this oil gets it completely off after two go's. It's not overly scented, and it's a silky soft oil so there's no residue left behind and it also helped to balance out my skin so I now have a pretty normal skin type rather than it being more on the oily side. This is around £6.99 I believe, and you get a good amount in there so even if you use it twice a day, it lasts ages.

Tip: Other oils like coconut or jojoba oils work great for makeup removal as it attracts the oil in your makeup and gently breaks it down and lifts away the stuff you don't want on your skin. 

Next is the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil and this costs £10.99. This is more of a radiance boosting, brightening cleansing oil and I find it doesn't remove my eye makeup as well as the other ones, it really does brighten my complexion though. This one has quite a strong, very fresh and citrus-y scent, but I like the packaging, I like that it's packed with Vitamin C to really add a youthful glow, whilst the nourishing Olive, Grapeseed and Rosehip Oils hydrate and revive the skin, and the Rosemary Oil, Vitamin E and Cucumber, soothes the skin, and gently dissolves makeup and daily grime. My skin always feels super soft after using this and if you have quite a dull complexion this is a great little bonus to add into your skincare regime for that extra boost.

Tip: Simply add some water to your skin once cleansing oil is on and you get a light milky texture which really helps to lift the impurities away and remove any oily residue that you may feel after the oil is removed. 

Onto the last cleansing oil, and my all time favourite, the Sanctuary Spa CLEANSE Ultimate Cleansing Oil is slightly more expensive at £12, but even more incredible. This comes in a pump, and melts away any makeup and impurities from the skin, leaving my face feeling super soft and clean. With this one, I don't need to use it twice, simply go in with a cleanser afterwards and that's it. Nothing else needed. The way this removes makeup is just magical. It has skin loving, pure essentials oil so it makes light work and there's no greasy residue left behind, just clean, soft skin that glows. This has also had a part to play in balancing out my skin and I recommend this cleansing oil to everyone no matter what skin type or what skin concerns.

Packaging: All have pumps, but I have to give the 10/10 to the Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Oil. But they're all super easy to use, efficient and you get a lot for what you pay with all 3 of them.

Price: All affordable, drugstore products, but the most affordable one is the L'Oreal Miracle Skin Renew Cleansing Oil with a 10/10

Availability: Whilst Sanctuary and Una Brennan are mainly found in Boots and online, the L'Oreal is more widely available in supermarkets, most drugstores and pharmacies and therefore gets the 10/10. Although I'm not sure if any of these are available outside of the UK. 

Performance: They all do really great at performing how they claim to. Whether it's as simple as removing makeup, or balancing and brightening the skin, they all get a 10/10 for this one.

Overall: It's a tie. I really do love the Sanctuary Cleansing Oil but for the longest time, I used the L'Oreal one and it truly was my go to makeup remover, skin balancing, hydrating cleanser. So although the one I see more results from is from Sanctuary, the L'Oreal is what I would recommend to everyone who wants to try a cleansing oil for the first time and as an affordable, basic makeup remover, this is the one I go to. But the Sanctuary is my all time favourite formula, I don't know what it is, but this just works the best for me and I enjoy using it. My skin is so clean and feels hydrated after using this one, more so that the others and it's the one I reach for the most.

If you would like to see any particular products in these face off's then please let me know as I love trying out new products.

What's your favourite cleansing oil/makeup remover?

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