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Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes Review & Swatches


Today's post is all about Zoeva and the makeup palettes that I have recently purchased and been trying out.

Who are Zoeva?

Zoeva is a German brush and cosmetics brand, and they sure know what they're doing in both departments. Founded in 2008 and by Zoe Boikou. Zoeva started off as a basic range of 10 brushes, but now, there's 50 makeup tools and 100 colours for a full face makeup routine. The premise behind the brand is to make a real difference in how women experience their beauty rituals, and to discover and celebrate her individual beauty. Zoeva is dedicated to encourage self-confidence and unique beauty of all women, but especially for women suffering from domestic abuse or who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy - to strengthen their self-esteem and boost their self-confidence. 

Onto today's review/swatches...
3 palettes from Zoeva's makeup line, the Cocoa Blends, the Naturally Yours and the Rose Golden
Each palette has 10 beautiful, super pigmented shades which resemble perfection. I love how they look, how they apply, how they blend seamlessly.
They're easy to blend, with an ultra-micronised formula and enriched with Vitamin E for a range of metallic, satin and matte shadows.
Free from Parabens, Mineral Oil and Fragrance.

Pure // Soft & Sexy // Smooth Harmony // Forever Yours // Slow Dance // 

First Love // Casual Elegance // Sweet Sound // Lovely Monday // Timeless Chic // 

This is the Naturally Yours Palette, and it's made up of the basic shades, simple, earthy neutral hues for a timeless palette. The shades are just perfect for any kind of daytime makeup look but they also have the darker shades for a more dramatic look or to take it from day to night. 

Pure - Light Matte Beige
Soft & Sexy - Matte Warm Medium Brown
Smooth Harmony - Pinky Beige with Golden Shimmer
Forever Yours - Duo Chrome Orangey brown with Emerald Sheen
Slow Dance - Dark Burgundy Toned Matte Brown
First Love - Matte Ivory Beige
Casual Elegance - Golden Beige Shimmer
Sweet Sound - Warm Brown with Golden Shimmer
Lovely Monday - Cool Shimmering Dark Brown
Timeless Chic - Matte Black

There's just one incy winsy quarm I have, and that is the black shade Timeless Chic isn't as pigmented and black as I would like. All the other shades look great, and if you look through the swatches they're all so pigmented, except this one just isn't and I don't see why. 

Luster // Reflective Elegance // Copper is King // Shining Bright // Rusty Petals //

Foil // Just a Rose // Golden Rule // Harmony // Wonder Full // 

The Rose Golden Palette is inspired by a woman's gentle side, a selection of lustrous hues in rose golden and shimmery browns for both natural and glamorous makeup looks. 

Luster - Matte Nude
Reflective Elegance - Soft Bronze Shimmer
Copper is King - Metallic Copper
Shining Bright - Shimmering Chocolate Brown
Rusty Petals - Metallic Rusty Brown with Pink Shimmer
Foil - Foiled Golden Metallic
Just a Rose - Rose Gold
Golden Rule - Metallic Gold
Harmony - Matte Charcoal
Wonder Full - Dark Matte Chocolate

All of these shades are so ridiculously pigmented, and I love that some are duo-chrome-esque too, gives even more versatility to it. Even though there are very rosy shades in this palette, they're still wearable and flatter any non-pink-shadow-wearers.

Bitter Start // Sweeter End // Warm Notes // Subtle Blend // Beans are White //

Pure Ganache // Substitute of Love // Freshly Toasted // Infusion // Delicate Acidity // 

The Cocoa Blend Palette is inspired by warm truffles, delicate nougat shades and shimmering Marzipan. A great palette for all makeup junkies.
You can see the Makeup Look I did Here

Bitter Start - Pale Matte Nude
Sweeter End - Shimmering Duo Chrome Nougat
Warm Notes - Glittering Cranberry Purple
Subtle Blend - Metallic Deep Bronze
Beans Are White - Deep Cocoa Matte Brown
Pure Ganache - Luxurious Metallic True Gold
Substitute For Love - Toffee Brown with Subtle Shimmer
Freshly Toasted - Rich Mahogany Brown
Infusion - Dark Matte Brown with Golden Glitter
Delicate Acidity - Berry Toned Brown Shimmer

This was in my 2015 favourites (which you can see here) because I love it that much. The shades were slightly out of my comfort zone but after playing around with them and trying something new, I have fallen head of heels for it.

The Review:
Now is the time where I score these palettes out of 10, and see just how good these palettes are.
Packaging: 8/10 These palettes lose two points for not having a mirror. Why would you not have a mirror in an eyeshadow palette, in any kind of palette. But the slim palette is great for travelling.
Price: 10/10 For the quality, £15.50 is a crazy good price for these. Plus the shadows are a really great size so will last a long time, especially as they're so pigmented.
Formula: 10/10 These shadows are pretty soft so they are really easy to blend, but they don't have much fall out, they're not powdery, more creamy in texture.
Shade Range: 9/10 They have matte, shimmery and metallic shadows, and each palette has light shades for a daytime look, and there's darker colours to transition into an evening look and to smoke it out.
Overall: 9/10 The mirror thing really does lose these palettes that tenth point. Who doesn't need a mirror in an eyeshadow palette. 

I'm a massive fan of these palettes and I still have more Zoeva palettes on my wishlist which I'm sure you will see very soon.

Have you tried anything from Zoeva?

*Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored by Zoeva to do this post, they don't know who I am or that I am reviewing these products and there's no affiliate links included. 

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