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Top 5 Game Changing Makeup Products


Beauty products are getting all sorts of weird and wonderful, and the innovative products which are like nothing else before are always great to try. They stand out, they perform well and they generally change the makeup market. So I thought I would show you the makeup products that I love and that have really changed the makeup game for me.

1. Starting off with tools, the Beauty Blender is the best tool when it comes to makeup application. I cannot live without this thing. I've tried other beauty sponges but the BB just knocks it out of the park and I just love it and trust it 100%. I did a review/comparison of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Beauty Blender which you can see here although at the time of writing that I do recommend the Beauty Blender more, as I just don't think anything can compare, but if you haven't tried using a makeup sponge to apply your makeup then getting the cheaper alternative first is a great idea so you don't spend £15 or so for something you don't like and can't return.

2. Last year I discovered possibly the best brush line I have ever used, the Look Good Feel Better Brushes. Nothing has been able to beat the quality and performance of these brushes, not even Real Techniques. These brushes are so soft, they're super affordable and the story behind them is incredible. If you want to see my review on these (my most popular post ever on my blog) then you can check that out here. The Blending Brush, Powder Brush, Multi-Task Brush and the Duo-Fibre Brush are my favourites but too be honest, they're all great.

3. Next up is the Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water and there are others on the market from the likes of Skindinavia and Smashbox, but this is a great affordable option and it really does hydrate my skin and makes my foundation and base products go on so smooth and seamlessly that it's worth the extra step. I am also a massive fan of setting sprays which I wanted to mention in this post because how they lock in your makeup, settle any powder on the skin and either give you a matte or dewey finish is just great and I recommend trying out the L'Oreal Infalliable one for a drugstore choice (review here). I will be doing a review/comparison on priming and setting sprays so keep your eyes out for that as it will be coming very soon.

4. I've mentioned this product quite a lot since I discovered it and I think this was the best release of 2015. The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops were a welcomed addition to my makeup collection because it meant that those foundations that didn't quite match my pale ass skin would now be put too good use and I have discovered some of my favourite foundations thanks to this product. This is actually the second most popular post on my blog so if you want to check out my initial review then click here
5. Finally is the Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes. I currently own 3, Cocoa Blend, Naturally Yours and Rose Golden, but I have more on the way and I am absolutely obsessed with these palettes. The quality, the pigmentation, the longevity and the range of palettes and shades is just impeccable and they are definitely my favourite eyeshadow palettes in my collection (sorry Lorac Pro, you're still my top 5 though). I love how they blend, the pigmentation, I love that they're great formulas and easy to blend whether they're matte, satin or shimmery/metallic. They wear through the day without creasing and they just look incredible. I have had so many compliments when wearing these eyeshadows and I plan on expanding my collection this week with their new Nude Spectrum Palettes so when I have those, I will be doing a review/swatches and makeup looks, plus I am getting the blush palettes too so will see if they perform as well as the eyeshadows. If you have any Zoeva recommendations then please let me know. For the review/swatches of my current palettes, see here

I hope you liked this post. Beauty products are being released left right and centre with innovative technology and performance so if you have any game changing beauty products then I would love to try them out too. I have done a post of my most unique beauty products which you can see here

What are your game changing, nothing can beat them makeup products?

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  1. Excellent! I have wanted to try the body shop darkening drops I think I will.x


    1. Ahh yes you definitely should. It's such an innovative, incredible products :) thanks for stopping by :) x

  2. No problem I enjoyed your post:-) x


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